AFC East Notes: Patriots, Gronk, Jets

On Super Bowl week, former Patriots star Rob Gronkowski explained just how dejected he was during his final season on the field.

I 100 percent lost a step (in my last year). I actually lost like three steps some games,” Gronk told Barstool Sports (Twitter link via WEEI’s Ryan Hannable). “I didn’t even want to be out there on the field. I was like, ‘Yo, I feel like complete ass. Coach, put Dwayne (Allen) in, I don’t even care.’ I was at that point.”

Gronk is retired, for now, but he continues to leave the door open, in case his motivation returns. The tight end’s latest comments shed some light on his mindset in his final games, however, so it might take a lot for Gronkowski to lace ’em up again.

Here’s more from the AFC East:

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5 comments on “AFC East Notes: Patriots, Gronk, Jets

  1. gozurman1

    Before he decides to hold out a season, Jamal needs to talk to LeVeon as to how much leverage that sitting out a year garnered him…..Not necessarily the best thing to do…..

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    That’s an interesting insight into Gronk’s mindset. The combination of him having felt that way towards the end and not playing for a year would make me think that it’s nearly a 0% chance he returns… If he gives a comeback a try, a couple of weeks of practice may bring back thoughts of how much less demanding it was for him to make money not playing.

    • joparx

      I haven’t heard or read anything gronk has said that seems at all like he’s interested in coming back, the dude could make tons of money just showing up to party’s, I highly doubt if he thinks he lost 3 steps his mindset is on a comeback, writers need writing material I guess

    • dynamite drop in monty

      Honestly surprised his mindset doesn’t entirely consist of dragging women to his cave and eating entire horses.

  3. madmanTX

    Bwady should retire and then he and Gronk can do a “Lurch and the Gronk” podcast.

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