Antonio Brown To Attend Combine, Wants To Meet With Teams

The NFL Scouting Combine is when the offseason truly starts to heat up, with all sorts of discussions being had by team executives. There’s a lot of wheeling and dealing going on, and Antonio Brown is hoping to use the event to jumpstart his currently derailed career.

Brown plans on attending the combine and meeting with teams there, he told TMZ Sports. He’ll “be out there ready to get things back on the right page,” the embattled receiver declared. Brown has been striking a more conciliatory tone recently, and he seems to realize that he has a lot of work to do to get back in the league. Even if he does go to the combine and is able to pitch himself to teams, he might not find that receptive of an audience. Brown had received “little or no interest” prior to being dropped by agent Drew Rosenhaus, a source told Mike Florio of

Florio also notes that Brown has yet to hire a new agent. Even if he manages to convince a team that he has turned a corner and is ready to put the past behind him, there are still several hurdles. The league’s investigation into a lawsuit that accuses Brown of sexual assault is still ongoing, and he very well could be facing a suspension for that.

He’s also currently out on bail after an arrest for battery and burglary. There’s very real potential for league discipline stemming from that incident as well. It’s hard to ever predict what’s going to happen with Brown, but it would be a surprise if a team signed him anytime soon.

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28 comments on “Antonio Brown To Attend Combine, Wants To Meet With Teams

  1. I really think he’s going to be struggling to find an opportunity. He’s made a career of being a complete bonehead under the belief that he wouldn’t run out of chances, but alas, he did.

    Teams can overlook weed issues, as it isn’t a PR nightmare. But they can’t overlook things like sexual assault and open criticism of employers.

  2. manos

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. 6 months ago his s*** didn’t stink, now he’s begging for a job.

  3. Tazza

    Even if he goes to the combine we all know he will put up amazing numbers. But that’s not the issue Antonio is what you do off the field is why people don’t want to hire you

    • Ramon Garciaparra

      Um, I don’t think he is going there to broad jump. He is going there because all the nfl decision makers are there and he is hoping for some face time.

  4. Polish Hammer

    Asshat, now go to the combine and be a distraction as well as steal the thunder from the kids that should be in the spotlight.

  5. TJECK109

    I’m sure the apology tour he was on last week had nothing to do with this…

  6. Rondon

    Trouble is that idiot just can’t keep his pie hole shut. Talk about being your own worst enemy.

  7. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    Unfortunately for Mr. Big Chest, Father Time never slows down. He’s well into his 30’s and now a couple of years removed from top production.

    Will a team take a chance on this guy being a complete nut on their team? Sure, but only at a vet minimum deal with incentives at this point.

    Will AB sign that? Nope – we know he won’t.

    By the way, the NFL isn’t letting him anywhere near the combine – he’s still delusional.

    • highplainsdriftr

      That to me is really the thing- teams would absolutely give him a shot on a minimum with no guarantees. But he’s going to want to get paid- and considering he took legal action to recoup money from both the Raiders and Patriots that he didn’t earn, I can’t see a team being that stupid.

  8. nentwigs

    I hope he pitches his tent and sleeps through the entire Combine due to a TOTAL lack of interest from anybody.

  9. smytds

    This totally reminds me of Jerry Maguire, when he tells Rod Tidwell to cruise the NFL Draft to increase his stock/visibility!

  10. crosseyedlemon

    I thought Brown had plans to go to MIT and become a nuclear physicist or something.

  11. Wise Old Owl

    He doesn’t need another team, he needs an education in real life, people and life’s real purpose. Right now his life is all about “ME”, and his own greed and self importance.

  12. Hawktattoo

    Typical AB…does he think he can just show up and go? He is not a employee of the NFL or a team. If he can go then we should be able to go.

  13. lucienbel

    I’d say there’s at least a 50 % chance he shows up there and does something stupid to get the spotlight on himself rather than the kids actually performing in the combine. I just have no faith that he’s able to sit down and have a civil conversation with a person.

  14. gozurman1

    Yesterday, the afternoon host on a local Pittsburgh radio sports talk show opined that the Steelers should sign him to a very strict rules laden contract that would allow the Steelers to release him if he broke any of the rules like being late for or missing meetings. He wouldn’t last s week and if the Steelers released him he would be causing all kinds of turmoil like he always has. He has had issues with following team rules since high school.

  15. He should sign with the XFL. Huge publicity for the league (people would watch just to see AB) and he could prove to NFL owners that he’s still a dominant force.

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