Extra Points: Cam, Robinson, Slay, Olsen

We’ve got more details on Greg Robinson‘s recent arrest. NFL.com’s Tom Pelissero passes along (via Twitter) that the offensive lineman was busted with approximately 157 pounds of marijuana.

Robinson was arrested alongside former NFL wideout Quan Bray, who served as a return man for the Colts between 2015 and 2017. If the duo is convicted of possession with intent to distribute, they could each face up to 20 years in federal prison. The two were traveling with a third passenger, who was not arrested (although Robinson reportedly tried to bribe the passenger to take the fall).

The soon-to-be-free agent re-signed with the Browns on a one-year, $7MM deal before the 2019 season. Robinson struggled throughout the campaign, and he temporarily lost his starting gig. We learned earlier today that Cleveland won’t be pursuing another contract with the former second-overall pick.

Let’s check out some more notes from around the NFL…

  • Teams will be allowed to do their research on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton before committing to a trade. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com writes that a team can give a physical to a potential trade acquisition (with the permission of the incumbent team). Considering the former MVP has suffered a long list of injuries throughout his career, this will be an important hurdle to overcome during negotiations (especially, as Florio notes, if Newton is looking for a brand-new contract).
  • A league executive believes it’d take a second- or third-rounder to pry cornerback Darius Slay from the Lions (via Ryan O’Halloran of The Denver Post on Twitter). Of course, that same executive believes the three-time Pro Bowler will also command a contract that’s worth at least $15MM per season. We recently heard that teams have inquired on Slay, and the cornerback may be looking for a fresh start.
  • Whenever Greg Olsen retires, it sounds like he won’t struggle to find a new job. The veteran tight end had discussions with multiple networks regarding a “high-profile” television gig, reports Joe Person of The Athletic (via Twitter). Ultimately, the 13-year veteran decided to sign a one-year, $7MM deal with the Seahawks.
  • Nate Ebner has spent his entire career with the Patriots, and the special teams ace (and impending free agent) would like to stick with New England. “That would be the best thing, I think, when you consider my entire career has been here,” Ebner told reporters (via NESN’s Zack Cox on Twitter). “I’ve got some true friendships here. … But right now it’s out of my hands, so we’ll see what happens.” The former sixth-rounder has won three Super Bowls during his eight years in New England, and he also earned a second team All-Pro nod in 2016.
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20 comments on “Extra Points: Cam, Robinson, Slay, Olsen

    • compassrose

      f you do the math it is only 50lbs a person. The other one was not involved so that 50lbs is dead weed for this year. Then divide that over 3 years and it comes out roughly as 17lbs a year. Yep he is screwed anyplace in the US.

      • compassrose

        The I in if read the story thought 50lbs dead weed I am in. Then jumped in Cheech and Chongs van for a road trip man.

  1. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “You were caught with 157 pounds of weed” comes from the Latin for “don’t make any plans for the next little while.”

  2. Tazza

    Darius Slay to the Colts for a third and Chad Williams.

    Colts have the cap space to pay him next offseason if he continues to perform well.
    Slay would be a good for helping develop Rock Ya Sin and if you resign Ebron and draft a WR like Ceedee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy your offence with be solid. Your could even pursue Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers or Dak Prescott for a QB upgrade

    • diller1340

      Slay won’t play this season without a new contract. He will hold out on the lions or on any team until he gets a new long term contract and is the highest paid CB in the league. He is 29 years old and very easily could be on the decline and that’s why the lions are interested in trading him. They would be fine letting him play this last year on his deal making 10mil but he will hold out. So better be ready to pay the man if you trade for him

      • Stat_head

        He won’t hold out because he’s not that type of person and that would seriously damage his chance of getting the contract he wants in FA.

        • diller1340

          He already publicly stated he is not going to play next year without a new contract. So I don’t know why you think he won’t hold out when he has already said that he is 100% going to.

          • Stat_head

            He’s keeping it a great secret since apparently you are the only one he’s told.

  3. dkcsmc1991

    Well 157 pounds is a different story. Glad to see he was investing his money.

  4. Stat_head

    If a 2nd or 3rd was enough return for Slay he would have already been traded. It’s absurd to say he’s worth $15 million a year in 2021 but not worth a better trade package this year when he’s only being paid $10 million.

    • diller1340

      He is only worth a 2nd or 3rd because whatever team gets him knows they have to pay him because he said he will hold out until he is the highest paid corner. He WILL NOT play for the 10mil he is owed next season.

    • dynasty in boston

      In the words of Cousin Vinny, “I’ll be honest, I haven’t been in prison for a while.”

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