49ers Not Interested In OBJ Trade

A year after Odell Beckham Jr. was traded by a team that insisted it was not interested in trading him, the star wide receiver popped up in trade rumors again a few months ago. While Beckham remains on the Browns, standing in Cleveland may not be too far from where it was in New York circa 2019.

The 49ers engaged in discussions with the Giants for Beckham last year, but things worked out pretty well for them despite OBJ being dealt to Cleveland. Although Emmanuel Sanders‘ defection to New Orleans leaves San Francisco again in need at wideout, Jay Glazer of The Athletic notes the 49ers will not pursue Beckham this offseason (subscription required).

While the 49ers indeed “loved” Beckham last year, Glazer adds that the team is now trying to add draft capital rather than trade it for veterans. San Francisco did this upon trading DeForest Buckner to Indianapolis, and the first-rounder acquired (No. 13 overall) could well be used on a wide receiver.

It became clear early last season that Jimmy Garoppolo needed more help, so the 49ers added Sanders. They had wanted to retain him but did not bid higher than the Saints’ two-year, $16MM offer. The 49ers will almost certainly add a receiver with one of their early-round picks to join their Deebo Samuel-led corps. San Francisco has used consecutive second-round picks on wideouts, with Samuel following 2018 acquisition Dante Pettis. The 49ers have not used a first-round pick on a receiver since their disappointing A.J. Jenkins selection in 2012.

Beckham and Baker Mayfield struggled to stay on the same page during Freddie Kitchens‘ one-and-done season. The Giants eating all the dead money in dealing Beckham to the Browns would make the 27-year-old talent an interesting trade chip, and OBJ surfaced in trade rumors late last season. While the three-time Pro Bowler’s long-term status in Cleveland probably isn’t stable, he remains in the Browns’ 2020 plans for the time being.

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14 comments on “49ers Not Interested In OBJ Trade

  1. GMB 883

    Not an easy contract to trade for. Then it’s about what you need to give up and what is OBJ going to be like in the locker-room. Seems like he’s grown up some but it’s hard to forget him hugging the kickers nets on the sideline. Lololol

  2. bumpy93

    Eagles bound! I would love to see it but not sure Howie wants to bring in a trouble WR like OBJ. I do think Howie is going to pull off a major trade to move up in the draft for Juedy or Lamb. God that would be sweet!

  3. goldenmisfit

    You lose your top receiver to a conference rival. Yeah, why aren’t earth would you want one of the best receivers in the game to help your young quarterback who is yet to prove he can be elite LOL

    • rocky7

      Lynch realizes what a pariah OBJ is both in the locker room, on the field, and of course and especially a PR nightmare off the field…..that’s why!
      His ability vs those negatives is the issue….Lynch is smarter than to watch his team descend into locker room and on field tantrum chaos!
      Its all about him and nothing but nothing in his game is about TEAM!
      And I’m a Giants fan and very aware of what he can do in an offense if that’s the only thing you care about which seems to be what you are looking at.

      • OBJ wants to stay with his boy Landry. It’s his only chance to play together with Landry and it’s probably possible to impose sanity on OBJ. Although watching “Building the Browns” last year (the “pre-Super Bowl” sneak peak at last year’s team), it didn’t look like he had matured.

    • claude raymond

      Uh, let’s see Golden. You traded a star defender to acquire a soon to be drafted top wide receiver and you have cap issues. I guess you missed that minor detail…..EL OH EL! Jeez

    • bowserhound

      He’s pretty good, but his negatives outway the positives most times than not.
      Jimmy G could have 4 Jerry Rice’s and still would not be a great QB.

      • yanks49erswolves

        You make him sound like he’s the second coming of Rick Mirer or present day Baker Mayfield.

        He’s 7-0 in fourth quarter comebacks. Threw for almost 4K yards with the number one rushing offense. He only did what was asked of him and blame the play calling for losing the Super Bowl- he never needed to throw 31 times to win.

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