Contract Details: Anderson, Pennel, Alexander

A handful of contract details to pass along:

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10 comments on “Contract Details: Anderson, Pennel, Alexander

  1. cybrpete

    I want hair like that. If you stare at his face, it looks like a sci-fi monster has latched on to his skull.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    With the Jets needing WRs now and Brandin Cooks coming out and hinting for a trade maybe there could be something their.

    How about
    CJ Mosley for Cooks and a fifth round pick

    Rams are desperate for LB and Edge and Moseley who had a down year last year would be a huge upgrade and if he can get back to form would be great along side Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey in an expensive defensive trio. Plus they have Woods and Kupp at WR, Cooks wouldn’t be a big loss.

    Jets get back Brandin Cooks who is a nice young receiver who also had a down year last year but you’d expect him to bounce back and have a solid year with more receptions. Cooks replaces Anderson who the Jets let leave. By getting Cooks the Jets also clear Moseleys huge contract but will have to extend Cooks. This deal would create about 8mil in cap space aswell as giving them a pick.

    • myaccount

      I’m not sure why you think we would be so eager to clear Mosley’s salary already. He was clearly going to be our best defensive player last season.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Cause he hasn’t lived up to the 18 mil. You could trade for Cooks and a dress the WR issue and grab a pick them sign Clowney and hope he performs better

        • myaccount

          He played 2 games and was the best LB in football during those 2 games. He completely changed our D when he was on the field

    • theeterps

      You’re wrong about two things. The Jets wouldn’t have to extend Cooks, unless you think he’s taking a pay cut. He’s under contract for four more seasons, which leads to the second wrong point. His cap hit over the next four years ranges between $16.8MM and $17.8MM. Moseley is under contract for four more seasons as well with a cap hit ranging between $16.0MM and $17.0MM. So I don’t see how that deal would clear $8MM in cap space.

    • jdawgz17

      Mosely didn’t have a down year. He didn’t play much due to injury. The little time he did play he was dominant. Cooks had concussions which is a lingering issue that will never fully go away. Mosley is also historically more dominant than cooks at a position that at least this year in the draft will be easier to replace. That trade is awful for the jets.

  3. letmeclearmythroat74

    I’ll just say it because no one else will. Mr Anderson , your head looks insane ! I can’t take that guy seriously walking around with his hair like that…. looks like Medusa… why someone close to him in his life doesn’t say WTF… fix that crap

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