NFC East Notes: Giants, Eagles, Haskins

Barring a major surprise or trade, the NFL Draft should kick off with the Bengals selecting LSU quarterback Joe Burrow at No. 1 overall and the Redskins taking Ohio State defensive end Chase Young with the second pick. Then, at No. 3, many expect the Lions to tap Buckeyes cornerback Jeff Okudah as a replacement for Darius Slay.

When the Giants pick at No. 4, however, things could get interesting. The Giants could be a prime position to trade down and load up in the later rounds. If they stand pat, GM Dave Gettleman could be tempted by one of his beloved “Hog Mollies,” an imposing tackle to help fortify their offensive line.

However, in his latest mock draft,’s Todd McShay predicts that the G-Men will take Clemson outside linebacker Isaiah Simmons. The versatile defender could help slow down the run, put pressure on opposing QBs, and help turn around a defense that allowed more than 28 points per game in 2019.

Here’s more from the NFC East:

  • Further down in the mock draft, McShay anticipates the Cowboys selecting a cornerback at No. 17 to help replace Byron Jones. In this scenario, he has them going with Florida’s C.J. Henderson, a player who is getting more and more buzz for his reported sub-4.4 40-yard-dash time. At No. 21 overall, he has the Eagles taking LSU inside linebacker Patrick Queen, even though many see the Birds targeting wide receivers, including Queen’s teammate Justin Jefferson.
  • Count’s Tim McManus among those that see PHI going WR. The Eagles watched big-name receivers fly off the board in March, even as Nelson Agholor moved on from the Raiders. With Alshon Jeffery still working his way back from Lisfranc surgery, the Eagles have to at least consider one of this year’s many talented targets. Jefferson is one possibility; Baylor wide receiver Denzel Mims, Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk, and Clemson’s Tee Higgins could also be available when the Eagles select at No. 21.
  • The Redskins haven’t ruled out a return for Alex Smith or a significant role for the newly acquired Kyle Allen. Still, head coach Ron Rivera expects rising sophomore Dwayne Haskins to be the team’s starter in 2020. “That’s what we’re going into camp believing, but they’re going to compete,” Rivera told WFNZ (via Peter King of NBC Sports). “We really like what we have in terms of our young quarterbacks. Kyle is a young guy who has a live arm, understands the game, understands how we do things, so I’m excited about what the potential could be.”
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15 comments on “NFC East Notes: Giants, Eagles, Haskins

  1. dugdog83

    Bob Quinn is gonna shock the world and do something good before he gets fired at the end of the year and trade out of 3. Hopefully still get Okudah at 5 or 6.

    • TheChampIsHere

      Yeah, there really is 0% chance that we stay at 3 and take Okuduh. McShay and Kiper don’t project trades in their drafts, but they still anticipate the Lions taking him, just after a trade down.

      • dugdog83

        If Quinn stays at 3 Martha should fire him before Round 2.

        Who do you think is more likely to trade up with us… Miami, Chargers, or another team?

  2. Eagles won’t have the chance to draft Queen in that spot. He will be gone. But if he is there, they cannot pass him for a WR.

  3. mlbnyyfan

    Giants need to trade down with a desperate team wanting Tua. I still wished they tanked more so they could of drafted Chase young. Now Giants fans have to deal with him sacking our QB for the next decade or more.

  4. Puxatony phil

    There is absolutely zero chance the birds take a lb. No one devalues the position as much as them

    • htbnm57

      I was typing my comment before yours appeared. Totally agree, ridiculous mock pick .

      • phillyballers

        Yup. They don’t even keep their decent LBs. They just cut them even if they have zero depth.

  5. htbnm57

    There is no way the Eagles take a LB in the 1st Round. They see LB as the least important position. WR or bust.

  6. Dtownwarrior78

    Good call on the fact they Kiper and McShay never have trades on their mocks. The chance of the Lions staying at 3 is at or near 5%. Tua WILL NOT make it past the #3 pick, it’s just a matter of who wants him more. I saw a ridiculous mock that had the Lions trading with Miami for their #5 and then only the #35 pick. If that’s all that Miami is willing to give then I will say it will be LAC getting TT. Most likely for their #6,there 2nd rounder this year and 1st rounder next season which seems bout right. And the great part of this package is we get fair compensation for that kind of trade and still get Okudah who is going to be the next P. Peterson! The Giants and Miami both splurged on CB in the free agent market and WILL NOT be taking Okudah. If this is what happens, it’s a win for Bob Quinn and crew!

    • crb15

      Why would LAC or MIA trade up for 2-1st and a 2nd? Who is going to jump them for either of those QBs? They might as well stay where they are at then pick Tua and Herbert. MIA seems to like Tua & LAC has appeared to like Herbert. Also, Okudah is not going to be the next Peterson (Geaux Tigers).

      • Dtownwarrior78

        Now that I realize you are a Todd McShay in hiding, answer me this. Did you watch a single OSU game outside of the playoffs? Have you SEEN Jeff Okudah’s numbers against a very strong Big 10 schedule chief? Jeff Okudah is going to be an All Pro, and because YOU know all about him please feel free to give me multiple reasons why he won’t be a great CB? Please and thanks

        • crb15

          Very strong Big 10, ha. What QBs were in that conference? What WRs was he covering? Not to mention he had the best pass rusher in CFB last year, making his job that much easier. I never said he wouldn’t be good. I simply said he will not be Patrick Peterson.

      • TheChampIsHere

        Someone will 100% trade up to 3. Even teams like Chicago two years ago, that were at 3, traded up to 2, when SF had no chance of taking a QB, to draft Trub. And it’s trading one first rounder, since you are giving your 5 or 6 to get 3..

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