Vikings Trade WR Stefon Diggs To Bills

We’ve got our second major wide receiver trade of the day. Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports (via Twitter) that the Vikings are trading star wideout Stefon Diggs to the Bills. ESPN’s Adam Schefter has full details on the swap (Twitter link):

  • To Minnesota: 2020 1st-round pick, 2020 5th-round pick, 2020 6th-round pick, 2021 4th-round pick
  • To Buffalo: Diggs, 2020 7th-round pick

A Diggs trade has felt inevitable for some time, as the wideout has bounced in and out of trade rumors. In fact, earlier today, the wideout hinted that “somethings going to happen” and “it’s time for a new beginning.” That led to whispers that the Seahawks and Vikings were discussing a trade. Well, after months of social media hints, it appears that the receiver finally got his wish.

During each of his five years in the NFL, Diggs has hauled in at least 50 receptions and at least 700 receiving yards. He finished the 2019 campaign with a career-high 1,130 receiving yards and six scores on 63 receptions. The 26-year-old still has four seasons remaining on his contract with a base value of $45.1MM (per ESPN’s Field Yates on Twitter).

The Bills have been hunting for a big-name wide receiver to pair with quarterback Josh Allen for more than a year. Last offseason, it sounded like the team was set to acquire Antonio Brown, but the star ended up squashing that deal. Instead, the organization watched as John Brown reemerged into a 1,000-yard receiver, and Brown will team up with Diggs to form one of the top receiver duos in the league.

The Vikings will open up a chunk of cap space, which is (ironically) relevant after the team extended quarterback Kirk Cousins earlier today. The team will now move forward with Adam Thielen as their clear-cut, number-one wideout in 2020.

Earlier today, the Texans shocked the NFL when they sent star wideout DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals. In exchange, Houston received a package highlighted by running back David Johnson and a second-rounder.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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62 comments on “Vikings Trade WR Stefon Diggs To Bills

    • JD396

      He was out driving his Lambo in the snow here this winter… during a storm. Got stuck, cops had to help him out and give him a lift to the gas station while the tow was coming. True story.

    • christianponder

      Yea hope they like someone who runs their twitter fingers too much. Seeya diggs you won’t be missed.

  1. madtitan

    Sorry but Diggs isn’t worth all of that.

    Without Thielen Diggs is not exactly elite

    • jeremy

      so bills did not have a 1000 yard WR in brown last season? add diggs to that offense and it alot better

    • All that? It’s basically a first and a fourth because rounds 5-7 are generally worthless.

      • Atlas Shrugged

        Vikings fan here, just my opinion, but…. good trade for both teams. Stefon is a fabulous receiver, and I’m sad to see him go, but he better get the ball lots or he’ll be a problem on the sidelines. The Vikings got a good haul for him, I like the trade for both teams. By the way, Stefon Diggs was a 5th round draft pick for the Vikings…. hardly worthless.

      • Junkyard dog

        Yeah seems silly to say 5-7 round are worthless when the main subject of the trade Stephon Diggs himself was a 5th round pick.

        Antonio Brown was a 6th rounder, Tom Brady 6th rounder, TJ Houshmandzadeh 7th round, Matt Birk 6th round, Robert Mathis 5th

        List can go on & on with Pro Bowl players drafted in the late rounds.

        • crosseyedlemon

          With late round picks you get an occasional hit among many misses. Yes, the Vikings scored a hit with Diggs but you have to backtrack many years to locate their other modest late round successes. (Troy Waters 5th rd 2000 or Terry Allen 9th rd 1990).

          • pdubs2907

            Bisi Johnson was a 7th round pick just last year and he’s already contributing (though 7th rounders usually don’t); Odenigbo was a 7th, Weatherly was a 7th, Jayron Kearse was a 7th, Shamar Stephen was a 7th. That’s five guys that had real roles last year or the year before. Don’t get me wrong, late round picks are less valuable than early ones, and the Vikings have had most of that late round success more recently, with the guys that I named, but you can hit on a player late in the draft

    • bryzzo_2016

      Not even sort of. Diggs is ELITE. A late first rounder and some window dressing. Cousins was mediocre to begin with, he just got a lot worse. Diggs is in his prime under a team friendly contract. Love this deal for the Bills.

      • Crycket

        Rofl so let me guess…you somehow think JOSH ALLEN is a better passer than Cousins? Give me a second here…


        Dear god that’s precious. And Diggs being elite? The same receiver that barely put up two 1000 yard seasons back to back, and never double digit TDs? With Cousins, one of the best statistical passers in the league during that span? That is elite? Man, you are going to have to give me another second here…


        Oh dear baby jesus, you must be a troll. I hope you are a troll. I hope you arent that stupid.

        • jyosuckas

          Except Allen hasn’t reached his full potential and Cousins has already peaked. Cousins was just an above average and very over paid QB who can’t take a team to the Super Bowl

          • Crycket

            And you think Josh Allen can lead a team to the SB? Man, you are going to set me off on one of my laughing fits again. As a true passer, Josh Allen’s ceiling is still lower than that of Cousins. Better hope that mobility is a true difference maker while Josh still has it.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        DIggs is not elite. Allen will consistently be off target and frustrate Diggs. Allen will start to run everywhere he can. Diggs doesn’t have the supporting cast around him. As I said and stand behind …. Huge over pay. I think he’s more like Tyler Boyd while in Buffalo … he wasn’t elite for Vikings … M Thomas , D Hop , Julio … that’s elite

    • bryzzo_2016

      A late first rounder and some throw in picks for an elite receiver in his prime under a team friendly contract. GREAT value for Buffalo, Diggs is a stud.

  2. phenomenalajs

    Looks like the Vikes are trying to recoup the picks they lost in the Herschel Walker trade.

  3. snake120

    Bills got fleeced. Wwwwwway too much for a receiver in a draft that has lots

    • jeremy

      yea but how many will be a 1000 yard WR. diggs is a proven player a rookie not

    • Fleeced? It’s a mid-20s pick in the first round and a fourth for a good receiver on a good deal. You can almost ignore the fifth and sixth rounders as they’re generally worthless.

      • Stillers12

        Dude. Stop saying the same thing on every comment. Plenty of great players come out of later rounds.

      • monymgr

        Good value for the Vikes.
        Watch Minny use those 5/6th picks to move up and around in the up coming draft . Should be exciting for Viking Fans !

  4. bryzzo_2016

    Damn, basically a late first rounder for Diggs?!? Still 4 years of control at team friendly money, GREAT fleece job for Buffalo. Well done!

  5. Hannibal8us

    I wanted a 1st but I wasn’t expecting all this. Huge win for the Vikes, removing a malcontent and getting a haul. I’ll miss Diggs talent but definitely not his attitude.

    • ‘All this’? Make sure you write down the names of whoever they draft with those picks in the late fifth and sixth rounds this year because I guarantee they won’t be on the roster in a year or two.

      Anyone who thinks the Bills were fleeced have almost no conception of what a fifth and sixth round pick is worth. They’re lottery tickets, nothing more.

      • Hannibal8us

        Considering the Vikings success with late round picks such as Mr. Diggs himself I’ll take my chances with a haul of picks over a malcontent WR. Also considering the lackluster return for a superior WR earlier in the day with Hopkins I’m blown away Diggs got this much.

    • pdubs2907

      I do love the Bills fans saying that a 4th, a 5th, and a 6th aren’t worth anything, when Diggs was a 5th round pick.

  6. tank62

    A late 1st round pick and 2 late round picks they got for guys they were going to cut in Teller and Bodine
    Nice move Beane

  7. mstockw1

    As a Bills fan, I’m happy with this. Late first and some change for Diggs under a good contract, win in my book. Beane will still be fun to watch, he’s got a history of wheeling-and-dealing.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Great deal for the Bills who really needed a good WR to unlock that offence.

    Sounds like a step back for the Vikings extending Cousins to a huge deal and letting Diggs leave atleast they got a good return.

  9. Thronson5

    Thank God for the NFL! While all sports have been dead the NFL saves us from boredom! The start of this off season has been insane and I feel there is more to come. Julio Jones and AJ Green as well as OBJ all could be on the move I. The next couple days I think

  10. crazylarry

    Wow the Cardinals ripped Hopkins compared to this. Steve “ I will have another “ must of done the trade before Happy Hour.

    • There will be better receivers drafted this year after that Bills first round draft pick. Not much confidence in their own drafting in Buffalo. First round picks come on much more team friendly five year contracts. Own goal by Buffalo.

      For a second round pick, the trade could make sense.

  11. crosseyedlemon

    Looks like a win/win deal to me. Bills need to add offense while they still have a top flight defense. Vikings have been hamstrung by bad cap management and this will give them some relief in that regard.

  12. Wade Herbers

    Wait til Diggs doesn’t get enough touches ( in his mind) and he starts his pissing and moaning. Glad he’s gone. Hope we can use those late picks as filler’s to trade up a couple times thru out the draft days to get the guys they want. Cousins was FAR more accurate than Allen. Over under on Diggs acting like a little 6th grader is about game #5. These twitter heads don’t last in MN. Not under Zimmer.

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