49ers Notes: Garoppolo, Draft, Kinlaw

After Jimmy Garoppolo struggled in the Super Bowl, many wondered whether the 49ers would explore quarterback options this offseason. Ultimately, they did not bite on Tom Brady or any of the other big-name passers. As far as teammate Kyle Juszczyk is concerned, the talk of replacing Jimmy G was overblown.

I think people like the headlines,” Juszczyk told KNBR’s (h/t NBC Sports). “Jimmy G is a popular character out there, so if you can include his name in anything, I think you’re going to get a few more readers, a few more viewers that are going to check it out..I really, truly don’t understand why Jimmy gets [scrutinized] so hard. I think the guy had a phenomenal season, and I think anyone in our building will tell you that.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan and other Niners officials have made similar comments to support Garoppolo. Meanwhile, we’ve heard that the Brady-SF connection was a bit overstated, even though the QB saw a potential match.

Here’s more on the Niners:

  • Looking ahead to the draft, the 49ers are looking at offensive tackles who could be available late in the first round or early in the second round, Matt Barrows of The Athletic writes. They currently hold Nos. 13 and 31, but their other leanings suggest that they’ll look to trade back. For example, they’re doing lots of homework on middle-round tight ends, Barrows hears, even though they do not have any picks in Rounds 2-4 at present. They also have versatile defensive linemen and speedy wide receivers on the radar, Barrows hears. Strong safety is also on the to-do list as Jaquiski Tartt enters his walk year, but Barrows writes that it’s not one of the top priorities.
  • If the 49ers stand pat at No. 13 overall, they could be tempted by South Carolina defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw, Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports writes. Kinlaw is green, but he also offers tremendous potential. In time, he could be the kind of player the Niners need to replace the impact of DeForest Buckner up front.
  • California governor Gavin Newsom isn’t optimistic about the 49ers, Rams, and Chargers being able to host fans in their stadiums by September. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is pushing the NFL to start its 2020 season on time.
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26 comments on “49ers Notes: Garoppolo, Draft, Kinlaw

  1. jeremy

    you cant blame jimmy g for what he did in the super bowl. this was his first full season and he had one of best the season any 49ers QB had. it not like he blew the superbowl for us the d didnt help much either. plus this has alot to do with shannaon to because this wasnt the first time he blew it in the second half. why should they throw it all away for a older QB who at best has 2 years left in them. jimmy g not even 30 yet.

    • Thronson5

      Agree! Was a team effort on top of the refs blowing some bad calls and non called mixed in with the young and inexperience showing up by them acting like they had the game already and were trying as hard or executing like they were all game. Jimmy has a solid game up until midway through the 4th. Whole team did. But they just collapsed in every aspect. Good thing is Kyle is a great coach and we have damn near the whole team coming back too so we are good especially since Jimmy will be another year removed from his ACL injury.

    • Ironman_4life

      Jimmy g didnt lose the game. 49ers defense was top notch. Chiefs are just a bit better.

    • Afk711

      He’s in his 6th year in the leauge and he got a huge contract. He shouldn’t have growing pains at this point.

      • yourmomsbox

        Moron, he doesn’t even have 2 seasons worth of starts. It doesn’t matter how long he sat on the bench as a backup, you need game time to grow. Do your research before you just throw some stupid comment out there

        • cka2nd

          “Moron” was uncalled for, but you’re right. 10 starts over the preceding three years, and two more years on the bench, meant there were going to be at least some growing pains in his first full season as a starter.

  2. sportsfan101

    Your outta your mind to say he had one of the best seasons a niners QB ever had considering young n Montana. Like he is not even close to there level yet dude chill the eff out like wow I legit cannot believe you said that.

    • jeremy

      one year remove from a big injury, this being his first full season. im not saying he had the best season as a 49ers QB but one of the best. just a year ago the team didnt even look like a playoff team. dude had almost 4000 yards 27 TDs and only 13 ints.

      • rocky7

        In todays’ age, if you don’t throw for 4000 yds and 20+ TD’s you are considered lower tier as far as QB’s…..
        In a totally different league and game, Marino was throwing for those stats 35 years ago in continuous seasons….let’s see if Jimmy G can repeat his success before we anoint him to a notch below the almighty Montana and Young.

    • atuck_sfg

      If you compare his stats to those of Montana’s and Young’s in single seasons then his statement is actually not that crazy, and Jimmy didn’t have the greatest wide receiver of all time to throw to, in his first full season as a starter… give the guy some time to build his career.

      • rocky7

        NO sorry, can’t agree….when comparing different era’s in pro football, his 4000 yds and 27 TD’s aren’t far enough and away good enough to say other than Montana and Young, he’s had the best season…Title, Brodie, etc. all had very comparable years running the team albeit not the same stats or potentially results in wins and the climb into the Super Bowl…..With Garapolo, only time will tell….the 49’ers made it as far as they did because of their defense.

        • atuck_sfg

          Defense didn’t beat the cardinals twice or the Saints. Yes that defense is easily the best in the league, maybe second. He’s also rated in the top 10 for just about all stats, all I’m saying is the guy has played ONE full season and he gets a bad rap, definitely be able to see who he is over the next two years.

        • cka2nd

          I’m not even a Niners fan but I am a history geek, and Jimmy G – even after a very fine 2049 season – has a lot of ground to cover to catch the Niners’ best QB’s: Montana, Young, Tittle, Garcia, Brodie and even Frankie Albert, who put up a passer rating of 102.9 in the old All-American Football Conference in 1948 (I read somewhere years ago that Albert was a Fran Tarkenton-style scrambler long before Tark, too)!

  3. Yep it is

    Huge Chiefs fan here. Jimmy G played an awesome game. He missed an wide open pass late. It happens. Shanahan lost that game with his play calling plain and simple. Let’s run on first down for 5 yards with a lead and then pass?? How many coaches can blow 2 Super Bowls like he did. Maybe he should coach all year until the 2nd half of a Super Bowl.

    • tedtheodorelogan

      Spot on. Clock management isn’t something that fully registers with Shanahan.

  4. kylewait89

    Wait, how are people defending Jimmy for the SB loss? He went 3 of 11 in the fourth with one of his two picks and a sack. Both killed drives.

    Shanahan clearly plays a role here but how Matt Ryan and Jimmy G have avoided criticism for epic collapses is incredibly strange.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Miners should use the 13th pick to grab a WR to pair with Deeboo Samuels. Ceedee Lamb and Samuels would be a great WR duo.

    To adrenaline the IDL I would trade Solomon Thomas and a 5th rounder to the Bengals for Geno Atkins. Thomas the third overall pick in 2017 would be a another young building block for the bengals and Atkins would be a solid DL for the 9ers to replace Buckner.
    Contract wise there’s only about 4 mil difference between the two defenders.

    Atkins Ford Armstead Bosa Alexander Ward Sherman that’s a really tough defence

  6. crosseyedlemon

    A GM might dump a kicker after one bad game but he isn’t going to do that with his starting QB. The depth behind Jimmy G is rather suspect which makes it even more likely he’ll be in a Niner uniform for some time to come.

    • rocky7

      Don’t think that Jimmy G is in line to lose his job but the 49’ers depth at QB is pretty solid with both Mullins and Bethard sitting behind him…..

      • crosseyedlemon

        Mullens has averaged 1 interception per 17 completions in his 8 starts so I don’t think he can win you many games. Beathard has a 1-9 record and 74.6 passer rating which doesn’t inspire much confidence either.

  7. bowserhound

    Niners were crazy to give Jimmy G that contract, when many of you here mentioned, he didn’t even play a full season yet. He’s just not that good, and nothing points to him getting better. He’s the single player responsible for that super bowl, but his coach didn’t help him at all.

    Chiefs are just a superior team, and as a Raider fan I acknowledge that.

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