Jaguars Eyeing Tua Tagovailoa, Talking Trade With Lions

Could Jacksonville move up the board? ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets that Jaguars’ general manager Dave Caldwell “just” called Lions’ general manager Bob Quinn about tonight’s pick.

Jacksonville is currently in possession of picks No. 9 and No. 20, although that might not be enough to get Detroit to sacrifice the No. 3 pick. We heard earlier today that the Lions would only surrender the third-overall pick if they received a top-five pick in return.

Regardless of compensation, it appears that the Jaguars’ trade inquiries are part of an effort to select Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Talks of the signal-caller getting selected by the Jaguars continue to “linger,” writes’s Mike Florio. The reporter notes that Jacksonville has been mentioned as a suitor for the quarterback for several days.

Of course, it’s uncertain if the Jaguars would really select a player at that position before fully evaluating whether Gardner Minshew can be their franchise quarterback. On the flip side, as Florio notes, the organization passed on both Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson because of the presence of Blake Bortles. Ownership may be looking to avoid that mistake a second time.

If the Jaguars have their way, this might not be the only trade they pull off today. The organization has been shopping running back Leonard Fournette or defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, but they’ve yet to find a favorable trade.

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39 comments on “Jaguars Eyeing Tua Tagovailoa, Talking Trade With Lions

    • TheBlueMeanie

      Why? They’re not trading down unless they can stay in the top 5. At least then they still have a chance to grab Okudah or Simmons. I think both of them, and Derrick Brown for that matter, will be gone by the 9th pick.

      • Michael Chaney

        They could still probably get CJ Henderson at 9, and they’d get a lot more picks for doing so. I don’t think it would be a bad move for them.

  1. jeremy

    i know TUA a good QB but do they not like the guy they have? he did have a pretty good season in 12 starts being a late round pick . why give up on him and not build around him?

      • jeremy

        how is he a joke when he had over 3200 yards, 21 TDS , only 6 ints in only 12 starts and he was a 6th round pick!!

          • jeremy

            doesnt matter he a 6th round pick no one expect him to be drew brees. to not even give him a chance when he had a decent season i think not fair.

          • hOsEbEeLiOn

            Yeah I have and with the receivers he had he did an outstanding job. Completed 60% of his passes, averaged 11.5 y/c. There’s reason to like Minshew.

            Imagine what he could do with an elite receiver like Lamb or Ruggs to pair with Chark, Conley, and Westbrook.

            They invested in the line in Robinson and Taylor and Norwell.

            Get Minshew a #1, Ruff would be my vote, and pick up a replacement for Fornette in the 2nd, Clyde from LSU or Akers from Fsu

            Although taking Henderson would be a good storyline for the Jags.

          • Eatdust666

            Yeah, he did fumble 13 times, losing all but one of them, meaning that Daniel Jones wasn’t the only rookie quarterback that had double digit fumbles and fumbles lost, he fumbled 18 times, losing all but 3 of them, including 8 strip sack fumbles. Carson Wentz, Josh Allen, Kyle Allen, Jameis Winston and Sam Darnold also had double digit fumbles, they fumbled 16 times, 14 times, 13 times, 12 times and 11 times, respectively.

            • mstockw1

              Man that sucks. Nothing pisses me off, as a fan, more than turnovers (by your teams O). Peterman nearly killed me (since I’m a Bills fan) lol.

              • Eatdust666

                Yeah, it’s not something you want to watch, because you’ll likely have to score a lot of points to overcome the turnover problems, unless if the other team had a clown show of an offensive performance, so you might not have to score that many points, then.

      • Just let him play out this year. If he’s good, great, you have a new franchise quarterback. If he is total trash, then you can draft Trevor Lawrence next year

  2. JJB0811

    Jags thinking 3-4 years down the road, when Tua would want a new contract to see if the recoup a 4th for him!

  3. JD Candello

    Dont do it Jags

    Dont do it Mia

    Chargers…well maybe but it has more to do with finding a fanbase in LA (good luck) than football reasons-

    Det- 4 sure your doing this, and your dating the Jags to try and get MIA/Chargers attention finally….

    Smoke…….Hold tight Mia !!!!!!! Jags should draft all defense this year w a couple OL , trade down for profits if avail (even future picks) and go for Lawrence or Fields next year with an improved def and again a buncha great picks in the chest- This is a 3 yr rebuild here for Jax you dont take big swings here Mia knows this…I think

  4. playicy

    That would be stupid to draft a bum like tua me he isn’t even a top 100
    Prospect to me

    • Patrick N.

      Good thing you aren’t a professional then because that is the worst take I’ve seen all draft season.

    • PlayIcy –
      I agree 100% with Patrick N…I’m glad you aren’t running my favorite team…or any other team in the league

  5. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Is this leak designed to get the Chargers to up the ante?

    The Lions will still get whoever they want at #6. Trade #3 for #5 with Miami and then #5 for #6. Get a few free picks.

    And I’m far from sold on Tua, but no way you pass on a top QB prospect because some walk on had a few good games. Jags should try it.

    But, the Chargers should stop them. Even if he busts, they need a name to sell in LA. And passing on a top QB for Tyrod Taylor? How many times have teams said that about him right before drafting their next guy?

    • JD Candello

      Yes it is-

      Mia or Chargers….they should both just stay put and probably get what they want or a great alternative in Simmons-

      IF i was Chargers id draft Simmons sign Cam and roll out there for that all elusive 7 seed . Its never been done before !

      • jeremy

        well chargers have made it known they arent getting a vet. so most likely they will draft a QB

        • JD Candello

          Most likely yes, and most likely in the 6 hole but I take those words with a grain of salt…… if Cam looks good/healthy and they have the cap space they would have no problem taking the keys from TT in a NY minute if they could orchestrate it in a timely fashion

  6. RootedInOakland

    9, 20, and Yannick. Detroit actually got the cap to give him the deal he wants

    • JD Candello

      Too much for Jags but imagine adding Yannick Henderson and Jefferson (Wr) this year for Det fans by the time they hit the pillow ! Damn thad be a score

      I know Det has 4 wrs atm (Golladay, Jones Amen Allison but they are all FA’s after this year and its tough to find value outta that 20 spot…

    • wright0525

      This is the trade rumor in Detroit right now, and I think they would bite on that offer. They could potentially package the #9 pick with a second-rounder, and move up to 7 to get the Clemson LB or the Auburn DT.

  7. KevDrew

    As a jags fan I would hate this move. Need to trade back and draft kinlaw, then trade up and get jeudy or henderson. If they are talking trade though, below what I’ve been begging for:

    Lions trade Stafford & 3rd or 4th rd
    For Ngakoue

    Defensive minded Patricia gets much needed edge & drafts HIS QB of future or sign cam/Jameis

    Jax get vet QB to mentor Minshew & lead chark, eifert, jeudy?

    Pick comps age/salary since yann is 7 yrs younger and would still be a few mill cheaper per yr

    Great for for both teams and keep draft picks

  8. Rosstradamus

    #3 overall pick for #9 and #20 picks would be an EXACTLY EVEN match according to Draftek/Rich Hill trade valuation model! #3(2200), #9(1350) and #20(850) So could make sense if Jags aren’t buying into Minshew-Mania anymore!

    • Jwitt

      Lions aren’t looking for even deals while sacrificing that high of a pick. That pick could be a star.

    • Kolukonu

      I wouldn’t even do one of Yannick/Fournette with the picks for the 3rd.

      I would do Yannick and 9th for the 3rd. Keep the 20th.

  9. UberSTCrew

    All smoke probably leaked by someone in the Lions organization trying to drive up the price. Could also be just another media hack throwing out more nonsense. The Jaguars will give Minshew 2020 to prove himself. If he fails they will draft Trevor Lawrence next year. They will not trade up for a QB this year.

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