NFL Draft Rumors: Lions, 49ers, Giants

The Lions (No. 3) and 49ers (Nos. 13 and 31) appear to be the most aggressive teams when it comes to trading down, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports hears (via Twitter). He also hears that the Lions aren’t getting much in the way of enticing offers, whereas the Niners could have possibilities for both picks.

We know that the Dolphins want Detroit’s No. 3, but they’re trying to pry it loose without sacrificing their No. 5 pick. That could mean a package including their two other first-round picks, plus more from their significant stockpile. The Lions, understandably, are not jumping at any offers that take them out of the Top 5.

Meanwhile, the 49ers’ pick at No. 13 could fetch a big haul, especially if they hold until this evening and wait for one of this year’s stud wide receivers to fall.

Here’s more from Robinson, with all links going to Twitter:

  • There’s talk of the Dolphins eyeing an offensive tackle with their No. 5 pick, but the teams surrounding them in the draft order don’t believe that’s the case (link). Most of Robinson’s sources seem to think that pick is destined for Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa. No matter what happens at #5, you can expect Miami to target tackles early on, especially since free agent pickup Ereck Flowers has been slotted for the interior.
  • Robinson isn’t sure what the Dolphins are going to do (same goes for everyone outside of their front office), but he senses that the Chargers are higher on Herbert than Tagovailoa (link). Robinson hears they like his makeup – Herbert has a cannon for an arm – and they’re skittish about Tagovailoa’s surgically-repaired hip. For what it’s worth, the Dolphins passed the Alabama star on his physical at the combine in February.
  • Assuming the Giants stay at No. 4, Robinson believes the conversation is down to Jedrick Wills Jr. and Tristan Wirfs (link). Some evaluators think Wirfs is better suited for guard, but the Giants believe that can be a strong tackle at the pro level.
  • With the draft drawing near, the Jaguars still aren’t getting any good bites on running back Leonard Fournette or defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (link). The Jags have been shopping Fournette for more than a month now; they might have scale back their asking price if they want to get a deal done. The Ngakoue market also seems pretty weak, though that has more to do with his contract demands. The Raiders touched base with the Jags on the franchise-tagged defensive end this week, but nothing’s brewing at the moment.
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17 comments on “NFL Draft Rumors: Lions, 49ers, Giants

  1. hOsEbEeLiOn

    Dolphins don’t need to trade up.
    Been saying it for a few days now.

    You either take Tua or Herbert.


    You build the team for Rosen. Oline, RB, Receivers and either Rosen proves he’s a franchise QB or he sucks and Dolphins are picking early again next year

    I’d pick option B cause either they improve with Rosen and can improve in 2021 or they suck with Rosen but have pieces in place for their QB in 2021 say Fields or Lawrence.

    • Lars MacDonald

      I completely agree. A trade-up is short sighted and a panic move. I’d prefer they trade down vs. trade up. They need to fill so many holes and the drafting hit rate is around 50% for most teams, so grab all the top level talent you can.

      • victorg

        i agree with both of your guys takes…. also case could be made that you keep your picks or trade back to pick up another pick and draft well and sign a QB if Rosen does stink it up …

    • JJB0811

      If they were going to build around Rosen, then why not play him all season last year? They hate that trade, simple as that. They lost a 2nd for a career backup.

  2. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    If they don’t get too greedy, the Lions can pick up extra picks to move down to #5 and then down to #6, if they play their cards right.

    I have no recollection of the Lions ever doing that, but…

    • davidkaner

      Lions never trade down and clean up. However, if the Dolphins offered two of the lower 1st round picks & 2 2nd rounders, that would work. Lions could take CB & WR in the 1st round & QB, S, DE with their three second round picks.

  3. oneiblnd

    I could see Fournette in Indy. Although I don’t see the Colts giving up that much.

  4. jeremy

    i always been one to say 49ers need to do a trade with either first. since they cant just stay put and not have a pick day 2.

  5. Armaday

    The Lions will still get their guy with the 5th or 6th pick, so I can’t see them not wanting to trade with the Dolphins or Chargers.

  6. password is tacko

    Phins need to trade 5,39,a 4th rounder to the Jags for 9&20, Fournette and Yannick. They’d be instant threat to win the weak AFC East

    • Yep it is

      Why would they do that when they could take players better than those 2 in the draft and still have the 4th.

      • Jeff Zanghi

        Not sure I agree with either of you guy’s logic… I don’t think they can draft better NFL-ready players than Fournette and Yannick with 5 and 39 but I also don’t see any reason the Jags would make that trade. All they get out of it is moving up 4 spots in the 1st, going way back from 20 to 39 and gaining a 4th? For 2 “star” (I’m using that term pretty liberally here but for arguments sake) players? Idk I just don’t see why the Jags would be interested at all — unless there’s someone at 5 they REALLY want and know he won’t be there at 9

  7. Tact238

    The Dolphins should have just played Rosen all year to see what they have , which is a career backup. Then they would probably be picking 1st this year.

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