No Progress On Jamal Adams Contract Talks

We heard at the end of January that the Jets and star safety Jamal Adams were beginning contract talks, but as Rich Cimini of writes, those talks have been tabled for the time being. If Adams does get a new deal from Gang Green, it will not happen until after this month’s draft, and perhaps not until closer to the start of the regular season.

In the meantime, a trade is still a possibility. The Jets made Adams available in advance of the trade deadline in October, and while their asking price was too rich for a rival club to pull the trigger, we heard that a trade could still come together before the 2020 season gets underway. The Cowboys were negotiating with the Jets in the fall — they reportedly offered a first-round pick and backup corner Anthony Brown — and Cimini says there are rumors that Dallas is planning to make another run at Adams before the draft (though the club did add Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in free agency).

However, it does not sound as if the Jets have reduced their demands. They were asking for a first-rounder and two second-rounders at the deadline, and Cimini reports that it would still take an “extraordinary offer” to convince New York to deal Adams. After all, the LSU product has already established himself as an elite safety, and he won’t turn 25 until October.

The Dallas native previously indicated he would love to join the Cowboys, so if Jerry Jones‘ outfit does swing a trade, Adams would surely be receptive to a long-term pact. But whoever gives him his next contract will need to be prepared to make him the highest-paid safety in the game. Adams stands to land a deal paying him at least $15MM per season with upwards of $45MM in guaranteed money.

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16 comments on “No Progress On Jamal Adams Contract Talks

  1. mlbnyyfan

    Jerry Jones get on the phone. Make a difference this off season. Adam’s best safety since Woodson for you

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      I’d love to see it happen too, the problem is Jerrah will get fleeced in the trade like he always does, then put the team in further salary cap hell with a ridiculous contract like he did for Lawrence, Cooper and Prescott (most likely). Dallas would have top 3 paid S, DE, WR, and QB salaries on their books. The window is closing fast.

      • lone_star

        A lot of truth here. They will lose good young players in the future because they paid past production from older players with big contracts. Probably a little too late but gotta stay disciplined and not make it worse.

      • earmbrister

        Yeah Jimmah, Jones really got fleeced in that Cooper trade. Keep the wisdom coming.

        • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

          I’d trade Cooper today for $20M in cap relief and a 1st round pick. That’s what that trade cost us Earm. But I guess it was all worth it because of all our postseason success since the trade right?
          Joey Galloway, Roy Williams, and now Cooper. Great deals. It’s too bad Dallas needs to trade for talent at the WR position to raise the level of play of the QB, but sad truth is he doesn’t raise the talent of people around him because he’s not elite.

          • earmbrister

            Yeah, you touted the Frank Clark trade as a big win for Seattle. Seattle got a supposed big draft pick haul (so far little to show for it), while KC “only” got Frank Clark, who they had to sign to a big new contract. KC won the Super Bowl, but in your mind Seattle won because they got a few draft choices and salary cap space. Wow.

            I’d rather have Cooper, who has been selected to the Pro Bowl in four of his five seasons, than a first round draft choice and some cap space. Even with ankle and knee injuries last year, he put up Pro Bowl numbers.

            • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

              There you go again Earm. Don’t compare a trade the SB Champs made to a trade Dallas/Oakland made. If you want to compare trades, maybe compare it to the NYG/NYJ trade for Leonard Williams. Four teams making trades just chasing their tails. Oh that’s right you’re the “SB don’t mean crap” guy. Maybe you’re into the Pro Bowl? You sure do mention it a lot.

              • earmbrister

                I didn’t bring the Frank Clark trade up, YOU did in making the exact same argument as to why Dallas should trade Prescott for a “big draft pick haul”. Now your making that argument in saying that we should trade Cooper. Why in the world would we trade a perennial Pro Bowler for a first round draft choice? In the hopes that maybe, maybe if were lucky, that draft choice will turn into a Pro Bowler, maybe in a few years? Makes total sense.

                You say you’d “love to see” a Jamal Adams trade to Dallas, while saying the Cowboys need more cap space out of the other side of your mouth. Jamal Adams, while I love the player, makes no sense for the Cowboys because you’re not going to trade a first rounder and then not commit to signing Adams to a new deal past 2020. Try to find a S in the draft AFTER you find a RDE, CB, WR, & perhaps another CB. You pay top dollar for a QB, DE, LT, WR, CB, and then, if you have the $, positions like FS and then SS.

                • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

                  Here we go again Earm….
                  1. NOBODY is going to give Dallas “a haul” for Dak Prescott. Nobody. I never said that. Now do I wish they’d have tried to move him? Hell yes. There’s a sucker born every minute, and you’d have to be a sucker to trade for him, pay him about $40M per, and try to surround him with tons of talent with your remaining $ because he’s not a difference maker. The only sucker out there I (believe) is Jerrah. I have no other reason to explain why he’s about to make this guy the NFL highest paid when I look at his lack of any postseason success.
                  2. I was using the word “trade” in a literal sense referring to Cooper, a first round pick, and cap relief. He cannot be traded Earm, (I mean I guess he could but that would probably be an NFL first). That’s what Dallas did trade for Cooper. A first round pick, and 20M per year in cap space.
                  3. I’d love to see Adams on the Cowboys but it’s not realistic when you look at their cap situation.
                  4. You want to talk about talking out both sides of your mouth… in the same sentence you just said “I love the player, makes no sense for the Cowboys”. ?Actually he makes perfect sense, when was the last time Dallas had a safety of his caliber? Woodson? Unfortunately the cap (most likely) makes it unlikely. The Cowboys have been looking for a safety in the draft for 20 years, and I’m still waiting.

  2. rocky7

    Don’t do it Jets….trading an established, top talent for draft picks who may or may not work out….This guy anchors the defense and will for years to come….just doesn’t make sense and I’m not a Jets fan.

    • earmbrister

      Doesn’t make sense for either team. And yes, trading stars for draft picks is fools gold.

  3. jetup12

    Who makes this stuff up? The Jets didn’t offer him around. They said if someone called on anyone it’s their obligation to listen. Slow news day.

  4. padam

    Jets need to sign him. Can’t keep rolling the dice on picks and at the same time sign FAs and think you’re going to be competitive. Need to commit to the strategy, whatever it may be.

  5. king beas

    Media is blowing this out of proportion cause it’s anything to make the jets look bad it’ll get done

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