Bengals Won’t Look To Sign Veteran QB

The Bengals aren’t looking to sign another veteran quarterback to play behind No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow, head coach Zac Taylor says. “We’re set,” Taylor said. (Twitter link via’s Ben Baby). 

After the draft, the Bengals parted ways with longtime starter Andy Dalton after months of fruitless attempts to trade him. For months, Dalton said that he was focused on playing as a QB1 in 2020. He eased up on that stance this spring, but it’s not clear whether he was willing to take enough of a pay cut in Cincinnati to make that work, or whether the Bengals even made him a realistic offer. Ultimately, Dalton found a vibrant market for his services once he was let go – the Patriots, Jaguars, and Jets all considered the veteran before he joined up with the Cowboys (while he backstops Dak Prescott, Dalton says he’ll be aiming to start in 2021).

For now, the Bengals have Ryan Finley and 2019 UDFA Jacob Dolegala as the backups behind Burrow. Finley, a fourth-round pick last year, posted a dismal 47.1% completion rate with an average of 5.4 yards per attempt in three starts. After that, the Bengals turned things back over to Dalton, who at least got to leave Cincinnati as a first-stringer in his final game.

Burrow – who completed 76.3% of his passes for an NCAA-record 60 touchdowns last year with only six interceptions – will be expected to carry the load in his first pro season.

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46 comments on “Bengals Won’t Look To Sign Veteran QB

  1. playicy

    I think bengals messed up by letting dalton go, because now if burrow goes down this season could go south real quick in a division led by the ravens, uprising browns and the always dangerous Steelers

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      If Burrow goes down they would be best suited to try and lose as many games as possible and get a better draft slot. The only reason they should have kept Dalton was as a mentor.

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      Sure. Which is why you let Ryan Finley play this year. They suck and get better draft picks in 2021.

      • playicy

        There not a bad team, but is burrow guy that’s something we will have to see

        • qbert1996

          They’re pretty bad man. The offense might be a bit better but their defense is swiss cheese and they didn’t get that much better this offseason.

          • letmeclearmythroat74

            They brought in 4 solid free agent defenders and on the surface the draft looks solid with good linebackers … I see somewhere from 7-9 to 9-7 ….

            • I give no fox

              A 5-7 win improvement in that division with a rookie qb going into a season without a real offseason program? I think that’s overly optimistic. A more likely scenario is the bengals make some strides but are still picking in the top 10.

              • I’m kinda nervous for burrow, I think he had the best college football season ever, but is he ready to put the Cincinnati Bengals on his back?

    • Jcool90

      The browns? Really? No threat! Not scared of em one bit Steelers more with big ben. Baker is a BUST!!!

      • wagner13

        “Bust” Baker outplayed Lamar in his rookie season by measure of QBR, y/a, and completion percentage. I’m not saying he’s elite, but he’s also not Josh Rosen. I wouldn’t count out a rebound in 2020

        • hopefully baker learned his lesson and has been focusing on working out this off-season instead of commercials. most qbs have a down 2nd year

          • playicy

            They need to run the ball, because baker has one reads and can’t read a defense at all! Maybe they should’ve picked up brady and they would see their first super bowl, but don’t count out cincy

        • letmeclearmythroat74

          Baker makes the top 25 QBs … not bad for 32 …. he’s a bust considering he was number 1 overall but when it’s all said and done he’s Derek Carr at best for a career IMO

          • jkoms57

            I agree Baker is at best Derek Carr.

            At worst hes Matt Leinart, which he resembled last year.

            • wagner13

              Are you guys watching the same QB? Leinart couldn’t hold Mayfield’s jockstrap

  2. hOsEbEeLiOn

    Great they’re going to get Carson Palmer 2.0

    Let him sit a year. Trade green at the deadline. Build the oline to protect him. Get early draft picks in 2021 to help him.

    • wagner13

      Except Palmer sat his first year out to learn under Jon Kitna. Palmer was actually a very promising quarterback until Kimo Von Oelhoffen destroyed his knee in the playoffs

      • hOsEbEeLiOn

        Exactly my point. A lot of promise that’s going to get ruined by an injury. Burrow should sit a year.

        • DarkSide830

          how long should he sit then? after how many years on the bench does he become immune to i injuries?

          • hOsEbEeLiOn

            Me: he should sit a year
            Me again: he should sit a year
            Darkside: HoW lOnG ShOuLd He SiT tHeN?!?!?

            Idk man, based on my last two comments maybe a year? Just a wild guess.

            Realistically he should sit until they find a decent replacement for 4/5 their starting oline. Starting dudes who graded out below 65 should not be protecting your rookie franchise QB.

            When do injuries not become an issue? When they build the oline better.
            Hart was 57.7
            Hopkins was 62.4
            Sua graded out at 60.1
            Jordan graded out at 43.7

            You seriously think starting burrow behind them would be a good idea? Please explain why. What good will come of it?

  3. natsfan3437

    They should have kept dalton and waited for an injury to happen and try and get a later pick. Just to be clear I do not wish injury on anyone but it is just a fact someone normally goes down in preseason and he would be a good trade chip. One of the very few the bengals have.

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      Not at his prior contract. No contender would have had the cap room for him.

  4. wagner13

    Why not sign a veteran mentor to help Burrow transition to the pros? It doesn’t have to be anyone expensive or even remotely talented. Mark Sanchez thrived in the coach/4th-string role. I’m sure someone like Flacco would be more than qualified

  5. afsooner02

    Poor guy is gonna get killed behind that line….never had a chance. Good job cinci.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Looks like a sensible approach to me. Bengals on a rebuild that is likely to take a few years so get young guys that can bond together. Mentoring isn’t always a great idea either. It can lead to information overload for a young QB who already has the HC and a QB coach giving him instructions. With Dalton gone, Burrow’s confidence should soar, knowing the coaches have faith in him to stand on his own. Now the Bengals should focus on getting an OL to protect Burrows.

    • steelcurtain

      With Dalton gone, Burrow’s is gonna find out just how bad the offensive line really is.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Well, he was going to find out that eventually anyway, just like Haskins in Washington. Experience is always the best teacher.

        • Chris Lee

          Ask David Carr about that. You can get the competitive fire beaten out of you behind a bad line. I’m not a Bengals fan, but I can tell you that letting Dalton play early in the year, then try to flip him when a competitor needed a QB at the deadline, was the way to go. It may have been hard to move that contract, but a smart veteran like Dalton would have had a market. Let Burrow learn for awhile before throwing him into the fire.

          • crosseyedlemon

            I see a major flaw in your proposal. If the OL is terrible isn’t Dalton going to get even a worse beating than the younger Burrows? He wouldn’t have any trade value at the deadline if he had a concussion and multiple broken bones. Not all rookie QBs need a year of mentoring…ask Dan Marino.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Joe Burrow had an amazing college season last year but that’s his career peak. I think next year he stays fit and goes 4-12. The Bengals such, that defence is Swiss cheese and going up against the Ravens stacked offence, Big Ben Juju and the Steelers and the Browns with a stacked offence is just going to be consistent Ls.

    Bengals should’ve traded out of 1 for multiple first, maybe 5 and 19 with the Dolphins.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s a major problem for a lot of teams. Many young QBs are going to be overly criticized even though the real problem is that OL in front of them.

  8. forwhomjoshbelltolls


    Why have a veteran QB who has seen it all before like Joe Flacco there to mentor your young prodigy?

    Just toss the kid to the wolves with only Ryan Finley to lean on.

    Very Bengals.

  9. Dtownwarrior78

    I personally think letting Burrow get absolutely MAULED this year behind a terrible line and so-so talent around him is the worst thing they could’ve done. Yes,Burrow has a great year last year at LSU. But he was surrounded by SO MUCH TALENT that even a sub par QB could’ve put up decent numbers. I’m not trying to take anything away from him b/c I think he’s going to be a top 10 QB eventually. But risking him getting destroyed not only physically but also mentally is something I would’ve tried to avoid by keeping the Red Rocket one more year, and getting more skill position talent around him in the 2021 draft.

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