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The Jets and Jamal Adams aren’t close to a new deal, Ian Rapoport of (via Twitter) hears. That doesn’t mean they won’t eventually come to terms on a new multi-year deal, but they are in a bit of a holding pattern due to the ongoing pandemic. Rapoport stresses that it’s “not an impasse,” so there’s no reason for Jets fans to panic just yet. 

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Rapoport adds that there’s no real traction between the Jets and the Cowboys on a potential Adams trade. The Cowboys have been connected to Adams for a long time now, but, as Calvin Watkins of the Dallas News reported over the weekend, they’re not pursuing him at the moment.

The Jets have dangled Adams in the past, but they’ve set a sky-high asking price every time. Talks heated up before last year’s trade deadline, but Joe Douglas stuck to his guns by asking for a first round pick and two second-round picks. That was too rich for the Cowboys blood; they countered with a first-round pick plus a Day 3 choice.

The Ravens also pursued Adams last year, and one has to imagine that they’d still like to have him, given their friction with Earl Thomas. However, they’ve got limited cap room and several players of their own to lock up, so Adams-to-Baltimore also seems unlikely. At this moment, it sounds like Adams will probably be a Jet in 2020.

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21 comments on “Latest On Jets’ Jamal Adams

  1. JJB0811

    I can see the Jags trading Yannick for Adams. 2 PO’ed players playing for bad organizations being traded for each other. Then both teams miraculously coming up with the dough to make them smile, for a year or 2.

  2. braveshomer

    “At this moment, it sounds like Adams will probably be a Jet in 2020″….Poor fella, my condolences! Seriously smh!

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Even if the Jets got a dozen picks for Adams they would probably waste all of them. They need to pay the guy rather than look for ways to shoot themselves in the foot.

  4. mlbnyyfan

    Do we even know if Adam’s wants to stay with the Jets for the rest of his career even if they meet his demands

      • rocky7

        Yeh, being the top rated deep passer…..the Cowboys must have won at least 11-12 games and went deep into the playoffs right????..NOOOOOOO they didn’t….they won how many…..8 games….you’re kidding right?

        • Afk711

          Look im not saying he is elite but Dak was on the bottom of the list as to why the Cowboys went 8-8

          • earmbrister

            Thanks to Adams, as well as Dallas not having both of their starting tackles, their WR1 (for most of the game) and their WR3.

        • earmbrister

          Just cause a label rolls of the tongue, like Dak and Dunk, doesn’t make it so. Yes, Prescott was rated the top deep passer in the NFL in ‘19.

      • Roll

        Ryan Tannehil was the best rated QB overall cut dak.

        Maybe if you offer Cooper Zeke and a couple of first round picks you might be able to pry Tannehill from the Titans.

        Lamar Jackson … Pat Mahomes … bench riders compared to Tannehill

    • wagner13

      Deservedly so. He’s one of the top safeties in the middle of his prime. I’d want my paycheck to match my talent level as well

      • GabeOfThrones

        I don’t understand this sentiment at all, because I let juvenile emotions influence all of my beliefs. I’d rather the owner of my favorite team buy another yacht instead of paying more to the people that are responsible for their accumulation of wealth.

  5. sportsfreak52

    Make your jokes, being an Eagles fan, what the Cowboys have done in free agency, the draft and players being re-instated, then IF they do add Adams, a lot of people on here will be eating their idiotic words on Dak and the Cowboys.
    A true football fan is realistic!
    Let’s see the Jets go to Big D and beat them again if Adams leaves NY smarta$$!!

  6. sportsfreak52

    Roll must be smoking his own butt nuggets and sucking Tannehills “member”!

  7. phenomenalajs

    The other rumor going around was a first rounder and Michael Gallup for Adams, but that’s not happening.

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