Ravens Sign 20 UDFAs

The Ravens’ class of undrafted rookies keeps getting bigger and bigger. This week, the Ravens announced the signings of six more UDFAs, bringing their official grand total to eleven, though they’ve actually agreed to take on 19 in total. Here’s the full rundown:

Huntley, a 6’1″ quarterback out of Utah, played against Lamar Jackson as a high schooler in Florida. With the Utes, Huntley started 33 games in total and finished 2019 with a 19/4 TD/INT ratio.

Rechsteiner, a hard-nosed fullback, is a natural bruiser – he’s the son of former WCW/WWF wrestler Rick Steiner and the nephew of Scott Steiner, a.k.a. Big Poppa Pump. At Division III Kennesaw State, he averaged 8.1 yards per carry. With the Ravens, he’ll face an uphill battle in making the roster with Patrick Ricard already occupying the position.

There are also a few notable guarantees in this UDFA class, including Wolf, who received $65K between his $50K base salary and $15K signing bonus (Twitter link via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle).

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12 comments on “Ravens Sign 20 UDFAs

    • phenomenalajs

      Yes, I knew it had to be FCS because I believe that is part of the criteria to be D-I in other sports. I know they’re the doormats of the A-Sun in men’s basketball, but it’s still D-I.

  1. nentwigs

    OL ADAMS to leave FAMILY to sign with Ravens !!
    Newly signed QB HUNTLEY looking forward to connecting with WR BRINKLEY !!
    Ravens new UDFA signing adds MOORE depth at WR !!
    Baltimore Ravens go out and land RIVERS !!
    Ravens add a real WARRIOR to the secondary !!
    Newest Ravens LB is WELCH !!
    Recently signed UDFA TE was actually a teen WOLF !!

    • bravesfan88

      Chauncey Rivers is actually a DE, not a RB..

      He was a UGA transfer, that once was able to show some flashes of promise. Hopefully he is able to live up to the promise he once displayed..

      Eli Wolf, is a very solid, versatile TE that I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see somehow either sneak on the roster, or at the least make the Ravens PS..He was extremely underutilized at TENNESSEE, and flashed once he gotnanfew more chances at UGA. He is just an extremely smart player that does his job well, play after play.

      Nigel Warrior is also a player that has shown alot of promise throughout his college career. Tennessee lacked talent around Warrior, and really just wasn’t able to get the most out of Warrior. I think with the correct coaching, Warrior could end up being a quality NFL Starter, with even a little more potential to develop into an above average starting safety/DB…

      This looks like a pretty solid haul for the Ravens, and I could easily see them getting some contributions from at least 4, to possibly even at the most 6 of these UDFA signees..!! Great job Ravens!!

  2. Polish Hammer

    John Daka is a beast and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he makes the squad.

    • abssamanta

      I thought so too, but that Vogel is a Punter, Justin Vogel. He was formerly the Packers’ starting Punter for one season and he last played in the XFL for the New York Guardians.

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