Jadeveon Clowney’s Best Multi-Year Offer Came From Browns

The Browns’ offer wasn’t good enough for Jadeveon Clowney, but it’s the best multi-year opportunity he’s gotten, according to Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. The Browns’ proposal was previously estimated to be somewhere in the range of $12MM/year.

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Earlier this week, we heard that the Browns would be willing to move their offer up to somewhere around $15MM/year. It’s not clear whether they’d be open to giving him that kind of money over multiple seasons or just for 2020, however.

The Browns have nearly $40MM in cap space, plenty of cash for summer upgrades. Besides, any deal for Clowney worth $15MM or less could be offset by the release of Olivier Vernon, who is due $15.25MM in non-guaranteed cash this year.

Clowney could effectively come as a package with a Myles Garrett extension. Both defensive ends are represented by Bus Cook, who is presently working to make Garrett the highest-paid DE in league history.

The Seahawks haven’t ruled out a reunion with Clowney either, but they’re limited by their cap situation. With just ~$14MM in spare room, they’ll have to get creative – and convincing – to bring the former No. 1 overall pick back to Seattle. For what it’s worth, they offered Clowney a ~$15MM deal earlier in the offseason, before they allocated most of their money elsewhere.

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23 comments on “Jadeveon Clowney’s Best Multi-Year Offer Came From Browns

  1. Sponge

    Clowney should take the deal. He’s getting near the end of his career. Contracts like that aren’t going to be coming as frequently as he would like to think.

      • Ak185

        Well, he will likely be able to do if he likes, but Clowney likely has one long term deal left in his future. That’s why he’s holding out, in the hopes of landing one somewhere before taking short term deals in his post-30 playing career. Unfortunately injuries are the question for him so Clowney likely wants that security now as it may end up being his best chance at a long term deal-especially if his next injury affects his decision to keep playing.

    • warwhatisitgoodfor

      I guess that’s why Kuechly retired cause he was so old…those late 20 year olds need to recognize their life is over

  2. jessaumodesto

    1 year deal to 49ers or Chiefs. Write it in pen and put it on the wall. It’s happening

    • wagner13

      The Chiefs have no cap room and the 49ers are loaded on the defensive line. Try again

  3. CursedRangers

    Why do teams compete against themselves. The Browns know they have the highest offer at $12M. Why raise it to $15M? No one else seems willing to beat their offer. If he doesn’t want to be let he go sign elsewhere for less.

    • Ak185

      Because $12 million is so below market value that Clowney would be better off taking Seattle’s one year deal at $15 million. Even with his desire for a long term deal, $12 million is very much below league average for his position.

      • padam

        Seattle doesn’t even have 15M to offer anymore. It was offered earlier in the offseason. He declined, they spent most of it. 14M in cap space, and not sure they’d spend the rest all on him.

      • No defensive end gets 12 million or more on a long term deal after a 3 sack season

        • Ak185

          They do after grading as a top five run defender for multiple seasons. Last season was shortened for Clowney due to injuries (and he still graded solidly according to PFF and Football Outsiders) but the two previous years Clowney was top five at least in the league in regards to run defense. He also does produce a lot of pressures, despite his low sack count, and can play standing up or with his hand in the dirt, inside in a 4-3 as well. So, yes, that’s why teams are willing to pay for him, and $15 million is an average contract for his position, certainly not high end.

  4. letmeclearmythroat74

    He will sign with a wildcard team not even mentioned … my guess is he ends up in Cincy with his pal D.J. Reader.

  5. meiertj

    The guy is overrated. A DE that plays the run is lucky to be offered $12M. He simply does not rush the passer. 32 career sacks in 6 seasons…

  6. flagsrup

    He’s been having trouble staying on the field the last few seasons. When is the last time he’s played 16 games for a season?

  7. bostonfan4life

    He should take the offer. The browns are going to be good this is year and he would play with Garrett. That would be pretty unstoppable.

  8. meat eater

    Players need to get life into perspective. If I had 1 year at 12,000,000, my life would be great.

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