Antonio Brown Unretires (Again)

While it should not have been expected Antonio Brown‘s latest abrupt retirement announcement would be final, the headline-generating free agent changed his mind barely two days later. He indeed wants to play again and is calling on the NFL to help him do so.

Earlier this week, Brown re-retired, appearing to cite COVID-19 concerns. But he now wants answers from the NFL regarding its lengthy investigation into his off-field conduct. The 32-year-old wide receiver indicated he has complied with the NFL’s requests — including turning over his phones and seeing a therapist the league, per Brown, requested — and wants the investigation over so he can speak to teams about resuming his career (Twitter link).

Brown’s latest non-retirement retirement came after he backed out of settlement talks with Britney Taylor, with Jeremy Fowler of tweeting Brown threatened to retire the last time he and Taylor could not agree on a settlement. Taylor has accused Brown of sexual assault. This is one of three main components of the NFL’s investigation into Brown. He was hit with three charges involving an alleged assault on a delivery driver in January, which came after a report of a separate alleged sexual misconduct incident led to his release from the Patriots last year.

While Brown has been loosely connected to the Seahawks, Ravens and Buccaneers this offseason, the investigation and likely suspension set to emerge from it has stalled his chances of returning to the league. But he has again made clear (sort of) he wants to play again.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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31 comments on “Antonio Brown Unretires (Again)

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        Agreed , this guy has taken a potential hall of fame career and completely destroyed his image. If he clearly has “ issues” ( I’ll let you all determine the issues yourself) … I hope he gets help. I personally think he is just an arrogant azz and has no idea how to be a professional.

  1. PapiElf

    What are the bets on when he will retire again and then how long it will take for him to unretire?

  2. madmanTX

    Maybe he needs to go get on whatever meds Kanye is being forced to take right now.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I think AB decided to unretire this time because he feared Terrell Owens might be planning a comeback with the Chiefs.

  4. jawn

    Stop giving this dude the attention he so desperately craves. Write articles on actual NFL players, which AB is not

  5. nentwigs

    Seriously, this guy should have his head examined.
    Both physically and behaviorally.
    Perhaps a few too many hits than his head could take.

  6. compassrose

    Seahawks are in red that means pay attention STOP do not sign this clown. Not sure what Wilson is thinking wanting this fool. You aren’t going to turn him in a year. You have Metcalf and Lockett that can take the top off of any D why sign a space commando to do what they do? Make those guys superstars and forget this loser.

    I think I took any doubt about wanting him. Lol

    • Hawktattoo

      Are you sure you don’t want AB? Lol….I just don’t get why Russ would want him either. I get the talent but how can he not see the issues with him. Guy tears a team and staff apart.

    • compassrose

      Had a snarky post but slammed a guy yesterday for a political post so erased it.

  7. dmarcus15

    How is this predator still in the league while guys that have weed issues are still kicked out.

  8. Dtownwarrior78

    Why do we still see articles about this moron on this or any other site? I cannot imagine outside of MAYBE a few members of his family and friends, but anyone else giving a shred of a care about this clown and whether or not he retires or re-retires or whatnot. This guy has serious mental health issues that need to be looked into b/c no one in there right mind would do the dumbest things that he does almost on a monthly basis. I will be so happy when this idiot is gone, for good. Can’t imagine others not feeling the same way. Good riddance and GO AWAY!

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