Antonio Brown Retires (Again)

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. On Monday, Antonio Brown announces his retirement from the NFL. This marks at least the third time Brown has publicly called it quits since September of last year. 

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At this point, the risk is greater than the reward,” Brown tweeted. “Thank you [to] everyone who [has] been a part of this journey. I sincerely thank you for everything!”

Brown, of course, isn’t the only player who is concerned about the risk involved with playing this season. Still, it remains to be seen whether his latest farewell will stick. Less than three weeks ago, Brown was lobbying the Seahawks to pair him with friend and workout partner Russell Wilson. There were also rumblings of AB and Tom Brady getting together in Tampa Bay, but the Buccaneers weren’t interested in the drama that comes with the controversial wide receiver.

Brown, 32, remains under NFL investigation for multiple incidents, including two alleged acts of sexual misconduct. His own safety concerns aside, there was little guarantee that a team would take on the risk of signing him. Brown’s availability for the coming year was also highly questionable.

If this is truly a wrap for Brown, he leaves the game with a complicated legacy. Over the course of his ten-year career, Brown tallied 841 receptions for 11,253 yards and seven Pro Bowl appearances. Before things turned ugly, Brown was a surefire Hall of Famer and regarded as one of the game’s most dangerous offensive talents. Now, (we think), he’ll focus on other endeavors, while untangling some of his off-the-field matters.

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29 comments on “Antonio Brown Retires (Again)

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      I’m wondering what the Vegas over/under is for “how many days will AB stay retired?”

    • He only did this because his name hasn’t been brought up enough in the news lately. Oh yeah…and probably because no one is interested in this circus freak show anymore

  1. jeterleader

    2022: Antonio brown unretired and is interested in signing with the chiefs.

  2. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    The Pats ended up paying him $5 million or so to settle the grievance.

    He’ll unretire in about 3 months after he’s spent it.

  3. mbgutt

    It’s a real shame how it all ended. One of the greats. Million dollar talent, ten cent head!

  4. Julio Franco's Birth Certificate

    Mike Tomlin might be a terrible Gameday coach, but he is Coach of the Decade for dealing with this nut.

  5. natsfan3437

    What he was just in was retirement but he just didn’t know it yet. Welcome back to reality.

  6. earmbrister

    It’s funny that Mr. Pond Scum is retiring presumably due to the Corona virus.

    Don’t let the door hit you where the Lord split you.

  7. dodgersvictoryagain

    While all are laughing and making jokes it seems this mans mental health is truly an issue. Hope he gets the help and or NFL provides some guidence. As a Raider fan I’m not fond of his antics but this is beyond bizarre. Hope if doesn’t end as sad as it looks like it could

  8. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Today I’d also like to simultaneously announce my retirement from NASA and Harvard University. I’m not actually employed at either of these places- but if AB can retire from a job he isn’t employed at, why can’t I?

  9. Pats Fan Biff

    Guarantee once his name is no longer a whisper, he will suddenly “unretire”

    Drama queen

  10. luvthedayankees74

    Brown resign with the Steelers…one day contract and apologies to the organization…and they resign him to a multi year deal with behavior

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