Browns No Longer Pursuing Jadeveon Clowney?

Now that the Browns have reworked the contract of defensive end Olivier Vernon, Cleveland is likely out of the Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes, a source tells Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk.

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The Browns are one of several teams known to have actually offered a contract to Clowney. Cleveland reportedly was willing to pay Clowney up to $15MM on a one-year deal, and also gave the veteran pass-rusher his best multi-year proposal.

Instead, the Browns will now retain Vernon and play him opposite Myles Garrett at defensive end. Cleveland isn’t interested in signing another veteran like Everson Griffen or Clay Matthews, so the club will likely roll with internal options such Adrian Clayborn and Chad Thomas in reserve.

With the Browns bowing out of a pursuit, Clowney’s market continues to dwindle. Once though to be assured of landing a hefty multi-year pact, Clowney will now almost assuredly have to accept a one-year offer.

The Raiders and Titans have both made offers to Clowney and could still sign the former No. 1 overall selection, and a return to the Seahawks isn’t out of the question, although Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reported the Seahawks won’t offer the $15-16MM they once were proposing.

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17 comments on “Browns No Longer Pursuing Jadeveon Clowney?

        • seattlesuperfan

          Or that good honestly. Yes he’s fast and explosive but dude has played in 16 games in one season in his career has never gotten more then 9.5 sacks a season or above 60 total tackles. You can pay clay Mathews a 1/16th of what clowney want and hell out perform him cause he has always

  1. wagner13

    Over/under $10 million for Clowney’s final deal? (assuming he actually signs a contract)

  2. Ramon Garciaparra

    Just waiting for Sunday night when Patriots announce Clowney signing incentive laden one year deal with a $1 million base.

    • jkoms57

      Sorry to break it to you, but no one wants to play for the Pats anymore.

      If he takes a 1 year smallball deal then itd be with the Buccaneers, the actual superbowl contenders

      • Ramon Garciaparra

        Patriots have finished first in their division 16 of the last 17 years. Tampa has been last in their division 8 of the last 11. Patriots replaced a soon to be 43 year old qb with one of the top 10 in the league. Tampa now has that 43 year old qb. There have been 4 43 year old qb’s in the history of the game, all backups.

  3. echozulu88

    This is like like my commitment to getting a 6-pack. I keep saying I’m going to get off my butt & stopping eating pizza but I’m reality nothing happens

  4. getoffmylawn

    Thank God my Browns have decided to move on from Clowney. I never wanted him in the first place, let alone for whatever absurd asking price this guy has. Going back to his days at South Carolina this guy has been living off potential, but doesn’t produce to the level many expect of him, in part because he’s often not on the field, whether by choice or by injury. He took plays off and sat out at South Carolina to protect his draft value, and seems to have continued this practice in the pros, while nevertheless still expecting top tier compensation because GM’s and coaches still drool over his potential. I think this guy has finally overpriced himself out of the league, perhaps for good. What a diva.

  5. Polish Hammer

    Finally! It was getting painful watching their pursuit like some nerdy boy chasing the cheerleader and getting rejected numerous times yet still chasing after her in a public way. Have some dignity, make an offer and walk away once you’re disrespected.

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