Jamal Adams: Adam Gase Isn’t “Right Leader” For Jets

They say that time heals all wounds. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the Jets and Jamal Adams. In an interview with Manish Mehta of the Daily News, the Pro Bowl safety slammed Jets head coach Adam Gase and GM Joe Douglas

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I don’t feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the Promised Land. As a leader, what really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building,” Adams said, in reference to Gase. “At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team,”. “If there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach address the team. If we’re playing s—-y and we’re losing, he doesn’t address the entire team as a group at halftime. He’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it.”

Adams hasn’t spoken to Gase since the end of the regular season and hasn’t received the extension offer he says he was promised in January. In February, Douglas told the world that he wanted Adams to be a “Jet for life.” The delay in talks could be attributed to the pandemic, but Mehta hears that the Jets front office was told to ease up on spending long before COVID-19 reached the U.S. In May, Adams says the Jets asked his camp to table talks until next year, so that they could monitor Adams and see if he was still committed to the game and the team.

It was very insulting,” said Adams, who has built a reputation as one of the NFL’s hardest working players. “You know I bust my ass for that organization every day. I work my ass off. For them to say that to me, I was like ‘Okay… Whoa! That was little bit too far.’”

If they would have just simply said, ‘You know what, Jamal — we’re not going to look to pay you this year, we want to keep adding players — I would have respected that more. I would say, ‘You know what? I respect it. As a man, I get it. I understand it’s a business.’ But for them to tell me that they’re going to pay me and then not send over a proposal after they said that’s what they were going to, that’s where we go wrong. And then for you to ignore me, that’s why I have a problem.”

Despite the animosity, Adams confirmed that he will report to camp on July 28th. Meanwhile, Adams says that Douglas is now open to trading him before the start of the season. After months of subtweets, pointed comments, and flat-out trade demands, the saga between Adams and Gang Green could be nearing its finale.

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60 comments on “Jamal Adams: Adam Gase Isn’t “Right Leader” For Jets

  1. jeb39999

    I think it’s funny that Jets thought he would be successful after his run in Miami.

  2. findingnimmo

    Just shut your mouth, and play out your contract, that you agreed to and signed, like a man. You are losing value with this cry baby, stuck up attitude. If you are the best and deserve more money and guarantees then just continue to prove it on the field and someone will notice.

    Jets, TRADE HIM PLEASE and get what you can because his value will only continue to drop the more he proves to be a head case.

    • findingnimmo

      Let’s hear from everyone else now: “the owners can cut him when they want so he can do this” “that’s racist calling him out like that if it was a white player you wouldn’t be doing that” how is his value going down he is speaking the truth” “he said nothing wrong, he is 100% correct” “he is totally in his right to be asking for a contract or a trade”. Let me know which ones I missed please.

      • Paul1989

        That’s racist, that’s racist, that”s racist, come on, that isn’t the answer to every single thing and you know it. Keep it up and it will ruin sports, most people watch sports to get away from the real world for a few hours. Man this gets old.

      • rocky7

        He’s already got a contract or did you miss that small fact when you say “he’s totally in his right to be asking for a new and better contract or a trade”!
        I guess its really tough to live these days on the $millions he’s already making/made!

        • nysportsfan

          You can’t compare what they make to a normal person’s income. Lol thats a joke. This is sports. They make big money. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. His dad played in the NFL and missed out on payday because he got injured. So to Adams its very personal and something he values. He is only making 3 million and he is the best safety…

    • nysportsfan

      How is Adams a head case? Jets told him in the beginning of the year he will get an extension offer…we’re now almost 8 months into the year and they told him they want to table discussions to next year so the Jets can “monitor if he is still committed to the game”….he said its what they said to him and how he felt disrespected. The head coach has no control in the locker room and the upper management is now in big trouble…

      You see 3 other stars in his draft class receive big extensions and two out of that 3 (Mahomes and McCaffrey) are at the top of their positions. Adams is arguably the best safety and he see’s those players “securing the bag” and to have that security is huge. This is their job, its a profession. When you put your body on the line day in and day out, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed in this sport. This is your income and if you’re the best at your job, you want to be paid like the best. It’s his final year now before the 5th year option so he is due for a major upgrade in salary and wants it and was told he will get it but nothing has happened…He knows the jets are trying to keep him as long as possible with paying as little as possible and he will be stuck underneath their demands with the franchise tag and stuff to hold players back. He wants to take control and he actually has all the leverage. Not a head case at all

      • rocky7

        Guess you missed the timeline of “almost 8 months” to include one of the single most devastating plagues that mankind has ever seen, at least in modern times which made the 2020 football season a question mark as to whether it would even happen…..I think this probably pre-occupied the team management rather than decending into the chaos created by a player already under a good contract that just wants to break his existing deal and sign an even better one….that’s right criticize the owner, team, GM, coaches….you’re really building up those points that make other teams really want to trade for you!

        • nysportsfan

          I’ll give you the point with the whole covid 19 outbreak but sports are back up now. Players are working out deals in all sports such as Mahomes monster contract and Mookie Betts 12 year deal with the Dodgers…Now not every team has that luxury and yes the Jets management told them before the outbreak to limit spending yet they told their best player they would pay him so yes it may put a bump in the road but the jets completely ignored him and disrespected Adams and thats why they’re in this situation.

          Now its his final year making 3 mill and he is playing next years fifth option and making 9 mill and that is still very underpaid and valued for his talent and being atop his position.

          As for management. Are you serious? Again the coach has no leader ship qualities and a terrible coaching history and the owner is in big trouble for making racist and sexiest remarks to employees in the organization.

          • Adams may be a very good safety, but he offers nothing like the value which a once in a half century talent at QB like Patrick Mahomes. The only equivalent in terms of talent at QB whom most of us have seen would be Aaron Rogers and he’s only about half as good as Mahomes.

            Silly comparison.

      • findingnimmo

        Adams isn’t a head case? I didn’t expect that one to come up. Thanks! I missed that potential comment in my post of potential comments.

    • “Shut your mouth?” Okay Donald.

      “If you are the best and deserve more money and guarantees then just continue to prove it on the field and someone will notice.”

      He was first team all-pro last season, at 24 years of age. He IS the best according to his peers.

      Are all Jets’ fans ding dongs like yourself?

      • findingnimmo

        Who says I’m a jets fan? And thank you for picking one of my possible comments potentials.
        Someone will notice and give him a big contract or trade big pieces for him and then regret it. Remember he is still under contract and the team doesn’t actually have to pay him more than that if they dont want to. They do have the option of keeping said contract or even getting rid of said contract to keep and or get multiple other positions of need covered instead one one position that can be filled by another cheaper option, likely not the same level but definitely serviceable enough. Ding dong.

    • thebluemeanie

      I’ll take Adams on my team any day. This is the last year of his rookie contract. He has more than proven he deserves a raise. Can’t fault the guy for wanting to solidify his future with either a new contract or a new home… or both.

      • findingnimmo

        He can definitely be faulted for the unprofessional way he is going about it.

        • thebluemeanie

          That’s your opinion. I think the Jets screwed this up. He has easily been one of the best safeties in the league since being drafted three years ago. The Jets’ answer to a new contract is “let’s see if he’s ‘really’ committed”. Talk about a slap in the face. I’d be upset and would want out too if I was him.

    • davidkaner

      They got a huge haul for him but unfortunately you still have a poor Jets organization making the selections.

  3. halofanatic

    Looking like Gase is going to be out of a job. I’d take Adams over Gase any day. If the Jets I said I’m trading him, I hope it’s to the Broncos. Pairing Adams and Simmons safeties? Good God.

  4. of9376

    Adams is going to force them to trade him. Jets messed this whole thing up from day one. They (reportedly) had an offer last year for a 1st and 3rd. That is and will be the best offer they ever get on him. No team is giving up multiple first round picks

  5. carlos15

    Gase isn’t the right leader, says a 24 year old kid with no leadership abilities.

    • nysportsfan

      Did you not read the article at all? First off, Adams actually has a lot of leadership abilities with this being his third year being one of the Jets team captains. Secondly, Adams stated how Gase doesn’t handle any situations and doesn’t address the players personally but lets various coaches handle them. Sounds like the head coach is a terrible leader and doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to coaching. So yea that 24 year old is right.

      • rocky7

        The only “leadership abilities” he has is to the almighty dollar making sure he gets what he believes is his more than fair share…..what a joke….you actually think, with the crap coming out of his mouth…that sounds like leadership to you? Delusional to say the least!

  6. GoChargers

    Jamal Adams would sure be nice to pair with Derwin James as a safety tandem.

  7. silversteel

    Adams is very talented yes. But he’s a safety and he wants to reset the market. He wants 16-17 mill a year. No matter how bad gase is as a leader/coach. You can’t pay a safety that much. Give me the top QB, pass rusher, Left tackle. Safety is like running back there are so many cheap great options out there. He doesn’t change the game. Look at his interception totals. He’s not worth the money he is asking for. That’s why there is no deal.

    • balloonknots

      No long term deal is fine but it does not change the fact that Gase continues to misuse players or not get the most out of them, can’t handle the profesional relationship aspect either and all leads to win and losses with the L’s piling up thru two afc east clubs now. Jets move on from Gase as soon as you can as he cannot lead a franchise

    • Highest paid safety for 2020 is Jackson at $14.6m. Adams is arguably a better player judging by his 1st team all-pro status, at 24 years of age.

      A team isn’t paying for past performance but future performance. If someone wants the best at a position, they will have to pay, simple law of supply and demand.

      $1.4m per year isn’t exactly a large gap considering salaries only escalate as time goes on.

  8. If the Jets made any mistake here, it’s in not shutting any extension talk down sooner, as early as last year’s deadline when his clown show started. Hopefully, this ends it. The guy is controlled for 2 years (plus 3 franchise years). If some team makes an offer commensurate with what he wants to be paid, fine. Otherwise, he should get used to green. He has zero leverage to force a trade for a penny less than full value.

  9. joeyrocafella

    Unfortunately he is right and he’s going to get traded. It stinks because the Jets NEED a Ayer like Adams! Gase is definitely not the right coach for this team. He is a “QB whisperer” (which is also a joke) so he’s strictly here for Darnold

    • mlbnyyfan

      Trade him to Dallas for Lamb and two number one picks. If Dallas doesn’t meet your demands then send him to the Eagles. Dallas main competition.

      • If the Jets are unwilling to pay him like the top safety in the game, why would any team in the NFL trade all of their draft capital for him?

        Put the bong down and get some fresh air.

        • @BG99

          Seahawks traded almost exactly what the guy you’re mocking said they would, so maybe it’s you who needs to put down the bong. Or pick it up.

          • Was it a wise decision?

            Dallas has some serious issues regarding roster depth. Does Seattle have the same?

      • bens04ter

        no thank you…so your saying he is worth 3 no#1’s and demand mega millions next year…let the eagles have him

  10. I would love to see the Eagles make a trade with the Jets and their former director of PP. Goedert and a 2nd/3rd round pick for Adams (maybe throw in another former Douglas draft pick).

    Adams picks up where Jenkins left off. No guarantee that Eagles can resign Goedert after this year with Ertz ready for another payday.

    • mlbnyyfan

      This why you never take a position like safety so high in the draft. No safety is worth 20M a year. More than likely he wants out because he’s tired of losing. Adams should be part of the solution to winning for the Jets and not part of the problem. Adams wants to get paid now because players like Zeke before him got paid well before it was time.

      • He was the 4th guy taken in the draft because he was one of the top players available at that pick.

        $20m is a bogus number floated out there by someone not associated with Adams nor his representation. They’re not paying him due to where he was drafted but expected contribution and value to the team.

        He wants to get paid because he’s a first team all-pro and the 25th highest paid safety in the game, in the last year of his rookie deal.

        Use your head.

      • rocky7

        More than likely he wants out because the Jets management won’t agree to being held up to pay a ridiculous salary demand by a player in the middle of a current contract….all this bull about being a man and just wanting what’s fair….yeh in his mind only. You’re reading too much Manesh Mentah from the NY Daily News who has had a hard on for the Jets from day1!
        And by the way I’m not a Jets fan….just commenting!

    • rocky7

      The Eagles seemingly have little to no money according to reports in todays nj.com to agree in essence to a trade getting Adams when they would have to pay him a Kings ramose (what he’s asking for long term), without stripping away team player assets they need to be successful in the division.

  11. crosseyedlemon

    I wonder if Adams gets whining lessons from Patrick Peterson? These guys need to get over themselves.

  12. andremets

    I honestly think Adams should be suspended for conduct detrimental to the team

  13. John Kimble

    Odds on if findingnimmo is actually Adam Gase? I’m going to say at least 50/50

    • findingnimmo

      I honestly don’t even like football. Mainly because of idiots like this. And when I found out jets hired tase last year I thought it was a joke too. Gase is terrible. And Adams is likely right. Doesn’t make it right for him to speak out like that if he wants to be taken as a professional. I dare you to speak out on your boss publicly and ask for a raise too!

  14. rusty.coqbern

    Who’s he kidding? He’d have complained no matter what they did (but he is right in this case; Jets front office is a horror show and Gace is a serial killer in denial which lead him to coaching instead)..

  15. hoosierhysteria

    Adam Gase is not a leader. The Jets issues begins and ends right there!

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