Ravens Won’t Rule Out Antonio Brown

Maybe Lamar Jackson will get his wish after all. When asked about the possibility of signing Antonio Brown, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters that he’s willing to “look at any and every player” and Brown is “no exception,” (Twitter link via Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network). Then, in reference to Brown’s murky status with the league office, Harbaugh addressed the obvious.

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I don’t think he’s available right now,” said the coach.

Jackson and Marquise Brown (AB’s cousin) would love to welcome Brown to Baltimore. Ditto for Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson. The NFL, it seems, is less than interested in bringing the controversial wide receiver back to the game. Brown’s investigation has dragged on for months and the league office has yet to provide his camp with meaningful status updates.

Brown, of course, has given the NFL a whole lot to sift through. Between the ugly allegations, legal entanglements, social media outbursts, retirements, and un-retirements, it’s hard to make sense of his situation.

The 32-year-old has tallied 841 receptions for 11,253 yards over the course of his career, which includes seven Pro Bowl appearances. At this moment, he’s aiming for a return in 2020, despite previous concerns about the health “risk [being] greater than the reward.”

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11 comments on “Ravens Won’t Rule Out Antonio Brown

  1. TJECK109

    He will be suspended till mid season and by then the team will be tired of him

    • @powerplay7

      Agreed. He’s a headcase who rly will do nothing. The chemistry that he and Lamar have been forming over the offseason would be helpful tho. And having Hollywood and his cousin would be nice

  2. wagner13

    Speaking of the Ravens, can we discuss how Lamar Jackson is somehow a better player than Patrick Mahomes according to the NFL top 100? What a travesty…

    • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

      Better QB talent? No.

      Had better production than Mahomes in 2019? Yes.

      The list is based off stats.

      Jackson led his team to the best overall record

      had more total TDs, 43 vs 28

      had roughly the same total yards, around 4300 each between passing and rushing .

      had roughly the same completion rate and number of ints.

      Jackson’s ranked higher simply because his TD is so much higher than Mahomes.

      • wagner13

        That may be so, but Mahomes is asked to do much more on offense and doesn’t have the benefit of a deep backfield and elite defense like Jackson. Sure, he has more talent at wideout, but he can’t ground and pound to win games like Jackson. Keep in mind Mahomes was also injured for about half the season, limiting his mobility. I understand Jackson had more touchdowns, but I’d much rather have Mahomes as my signal caller and I think most people would agree

        • LordShade

          Uh…what? Lamar was the entire offense last year. Mahomes has both the one of the best WR and the best receiving TE in the entire league. How was Mahomes asked to do more again?

        • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

          Completely disagree there.

          Mahomes had 484 throws and 43 rush attempts in 14 games.

          Jackson had 401 throws and 176 rushes in 15 games.

          Overall jackson was asked to do more for his offense. Jackson roughly quadrupled Mahomes rushing attempts and had slightly less passing attempts.

      • Ak185

        The list is based entirely and completely off of player votes, not stats. The players who come in to NFL Network are told to name the best players and they ask them about a couple. It’s not scientific in any way. The more votes a guy gets, the higher he rises. Nothing more than that.

        It’s not all at once, either. It’s done over the course of the season. And NFL players are not immune to media hype either. They’re not all focused on tape of teams that they may not actually play during the season. Not arguing for or against any specific player here, just that Top 100 is utterly useless and just an offseason time filler.

  3. leefieux

    Nothing more than standard coachspeak. Tomlin says something similar.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  4. Any team that signs Antonio Brown at this point DESERVES every single piece of drama he creates and the circus side-show that he is. How stupid can an NFL GM be?

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