Bills Sign HC Sean McDermott To Extension

The Bills have signed head coach Sean McDermott to a multi-year contract extension, the team announced. Per Adam Schefter of, McDermott’s new contract will be for a six-year term, keeping him with the team through 2025 (Twitter link). As is typically the case with head coach contracts, no financial details were disclosed, but it’s likely that the William & Mary graduate received a sizable pay bump.

McDermott, 46, broke into the NFL coaching ranks in 2001 as an assistant with the Eagles, and he became the club’s defensive coordinator/secondary coach in 2009. He moved on the Panthers’ DC job in 2011, and his performance over his six years in Carolina — his unit finished in the top 10 in overall defense from 2012-15 — helped him land the Bills’ HC job.

With the Bills, McDermott has compiled a 25-23 regular season record and has guided the team to two playoff appearances in his three seasons at the helm. Buffalo had not qualified for the playoffs in any of the 16 years prior to McDermott’s hire.

Under McDermott, the Bills’ defense has become one of the best units in the league. And, given the offseason acquisition of Stefon Diggs, along with another year of development for QB Josh Allen, Buffalo is a trendy pick to snap the Patriots’ streak of 11 consecutive AFC East titles.

Earlier this year, we learned that McDermott was worried that the issues with workplace culture the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres were facing could impact the Bills’ own culture — the Bills and Sabres are both owned by Terry and Kim Pegula — but apparently those worries have been assuaged.

In a statement, Kim Pegula said the following: “Sean’s leadership on and off the field has been nothing but genuine and transparent, qualities we appreciate as owners. He is the same great person to us, the players and everyone across all our organizations. We will never forget how impressed we were during his first interview. Sean’s attention to detail was apparent back then and his process driven approach has brought great stability to our organization. We are happy to extend his contract and keep him in Western New York for many years to come.”

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Bills Sign HC Sean McDermott To Extension

  1. Alex Cardoza

    Well deserved! The Carolina Panthers haven’t been the same since he left to be the Bills HC.

    • mstockw1

      As a Bills fan I’m pretty damn happy to see that done. McDermott completely changed the culture in Buffalo, has 2 playoff appearances (which we hadn’t had one of since 1999), and was a finalist for Coach of the Year last year. Dude has earned his respect in Buffalo. Now for an extension of GM Brandon Beane!

  2. JJB0811

    2 games above 500 and gets an extension? Wreaks of desperation. On par for that franchise.

      • JJB0811

        ‘With the Bills, McDermott has compiled a 25-23 regular season record…’ 2 games over 500. Pretty clear to me.

        • sports is life

          Again you don’t follow football but only read bits and pieces

          If you knew anything you would realize that the Bills have 88% returning starters from a 10 win season. You would know that the Bills have acquired a top 10 receiver and other free agents say it is because of the coaching staff.

          So keep showing your ignorance and go with the though guy act, both are entertaining

          • JJB0811

            0-4 SB baby. 1995 was the last time you won a division title (see that 0-4, that’s your SB record). So shut up and play. But my money is on Bill still owning the AFC East.

            • mstockw1

              ‘Cause that SB record has anything to do with new owners, coaches, and players? Lol. You proved a lot of points here today.

              • JJB0811

                Terry P bought the Bills 6 years ago and still no division titles; ha! Keep paying premium tickets for a lackluster franchise.

                And his NHL Sabres have never qualified for playoffs. GREAT ownership there!

                  • JJB0811

                    Enjoy blowing your money on owners who clearly don’t care about winning. 9 years failing in the NHL & 6 in the NFL. But keep buying season tickets!

                    • sports is life

                      You just babble dumb ass little snippets you here from announcers who don’t know anything about the Bills

                      Who’s your bandwagon team this year? You are that guy who changes teams to try to act cool and fit in but still not invited to any party

                      • JJB0811

                        I seem to know about the (new) Bills ownership more than you.

                        No I’m not a bandwagon fan. My old team was the Redskins, but Danny boy killed that spirit decades ago. So now I enjoy watching the game in general and follow all of the teams.

                        Like, I know Jon Gruden is afraid to draft a QB & would rather complain for 3 years about Carr he inherited. I know Seattle goes out of its way not helping Wilson. Still refusing to draft linemen. I know the Titans well over paid a mediocre QB that had around 60% of a good season. And I know that Bill is by far the best HC in the AFC East (and NFL) & paired up with Cam, they’ll compete & win the East title yet again.

      • mlbnyyfan

        Why give him an extension now. Does he deserves one? Let’s see Bills win the division first now that NE doesn’t have TB

          • wagner13

            Considering how unsuccessful the Bills have been recently, McDermott’s leadership looks all the more impressive. He totally transformed the organizational culture and made Buffalo a player-friendly destination. Do you really think athletes like Diggs, Morse, Addison, and Beasley would’ve joined if they didn’t believe the team was headed in the right direction?

            Beane has also done a terrific job finding studs like White, Singletary, and Edmunds in the draft. I’m not a huge Josh Allen fan, but he’s the best Buffalo quarterback this millennium. Just because ownership sucks doesn’t make this team a joke

  3. jscout33

    Good call, he’s done a good job turning the team around and getting them back into respectability

  4. Michael Chaney

    I honestly think that McDermott is one of the best coaches in football. His overall record isn’t great, but he’s made them competitive every year even when they really didn’t have much talent on those rosters.

    Now their talent stacks up with just about anyone’s, and their defense alone has been good enough to win games. If Allen can keep improving as a passer (which isn’t a sure thing), they’ll be scary. Even if he’s plateaued as a starter, they’re still good enough to win the division.

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