Latest On Chargers’ QB Tyrod Taylor

We already knew that Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor would be unavailable for the team’s contest against the Panthers this afternoon, and Adam Schefter of reports that the veteran signal-caller will also miss next Sunday’s game against the Bucs. Rookie Justin Herbert will continue to get the call in Taylor’s absence.

Taylor, of course, suffered a punctured lung at the hands of a team doctor last week when the doctor was administering a pain-killing shot for Taylor’s rib injury. Schefter reported a few days ago that the NFLPA was looking into the matter, and Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports elaborated on that point this morning.

According to La Canfora, the union is seeking clarity on the timeline of events, whether there was any negligence or malpractice on the part of the doctor, and whether Taylor is now more susceptible to long-term injuries as a result of any such negligence. The investigation will also focus on how Taylor’s future earning potential might have been impacted.

Indeed, while the Chargers continue to insist that Taylor will be reinstated as the starting QB when he is healthy enough to return, that will be a difficult sell for HC Anthony Lynn if Herbert continues to play well. The rookie nearly pulled off an upset over the division rival Chiefs last week, and according to Schefter, his teammates already view him as a strong leader. So Taylor could point to the medical mishap as the turning point in his fortunes with the club.

On the other hand, the plan was always for Taylor, who is eligible for free agency next year, to serve as a bridge to Herbert. So as long as Taylor’s punctured lung did not cause any lasting damage, it seems as if the team would have a good chance of defeating any earnings loss claim that the union might bring on Taylor’s behalf.

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18 comments on “Latest On Chargers’ QB Tyrod Taylor

  1. saluelthpops

    This is terrible for Taylor. No doubt. But “future earning potential” being impacted? How much impact could there be for an aging, journey-man QB who was just a place-holder? Unless this is career-ending I can’t imagine they have much of a case.

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      He was going to use this year to show he can still start and stay healthy. This totally robs him of those opportunities. If he has to take a pay cut next year, then I think he has a strong case.

      • crosseyedlemon

        And with QBs now playing past the age of 40 the window for “future earning potential” has expanded.

      • bradthebluefish

        Totally agree about future opportunities being impacted should Tyrod Taylor be unable to regain the starting role this year.

      • hersch

        Isn’t this forgetting that he did sustain a rib injury previously??? The concerns about his ability to stay healthy are real.

        • bitteroldman

          Sore ribs don’t really equate with an injury. I’d imagine half the qb’s in the league will take a painkilling injection for them during this season. Dr. Nick dun goofed here big time

  2. imindless

    Mediocre minority qb and here we go again with the rhetoric about “future earnings” as if he was the next pat mahomes. Guys a bum and the doctor accidentally stuck him and he misses a couple games he still gets paid to sit. Sports is becoming unwatchable.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      “Mediocre minority qb and here we go again…”

      Where have you gone, Jackie Robinson?

    • whitecollarnomad

      Wow, did you really just say that? Very uncalled for, and beyond classless.

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      Old racists are old and racist.

  3. nutznboltz

    Herbert has thrown for 300+ yards twice in two games. Taylor has one 300+ yard game in 47 games.

  4. MileHighFan

    Taylor has no potential for improvement. You’ve seen everything he’s got to show you. Might as well play the rookie in order to gain experience and timing, as this team is a couple years away from playoff contention anyway.

  5. Jox Gee

    93.0 QB rating before this year with NO WR’s in Buffalo (except Sammy Watkins) and Cleveland.

    Wouldn’t YOU play poorly w/ cracked ribs in Game 1 vs Cinci?

    Give him one more chance with the weapons he has bcuz he still the weapons in KA, M Williams, Henry, Ekeler etc…(best he’s ever had).

  6. GabeOfThrones

    The lung puncture is of course accidental, and of course unfortunate. That out of the way, the chargers will absolutely put Taylor back in the starting lineup once he is medically cleared, because if not, they will be sued for impairing future earnings, and the case is a slam dunk. Being a consistently classless organization, they will play him just to prevent that, regardless of what it means for the team’s outcome, or how Justin Herbert feels about it, since he’s under contract for another 4 seasons after this one. It’s a lose-lose situation, so the Chargers will definitely choose the cheaper solution. Bet on it.

  7. nutznboltz

    If Lynn puts Tyrod Taylor and when he’s healthy all it’s gonna do is delay Herbert’s development. Herbert looks way more comfortable in his third game then he did his first or second game. He is obviously the quarterback of the future and if Lynn puts Taylor in he should be fired on the spot.

    • nutznboltz

      If he puts Taylor in when he comes back then somebody’s got something on somebody.

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