Packers Inquire On Texans’ Will Fuller

The Packers are among the clubs showing interest in Texans wide receiver Will Fuller, according to Aaron Reiss of The Athletic (on Twitter). Nothing is imminent at the moment, but things could pick up between now and Tuesday’s trade deadline.

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Reiss also hears that the Texans are not interested in a full-on fire sale, though many observers are skeptical. Their firing of head coach/GM Bill O’Brien seemed to signal the start of a revamp, and they’re not playing for much this year with a record of 1-6. They’re also in the midst of their bye week, which would give them extra time to acclimate post-trade.

Fuller, who is playing on a $10.16MM fifth-year option salary, profiles as an interesting rental option for contenders. Through seven games, he’s been Deshaun Watson‘s favorite target, catching 31 passes for a team-high 490 yards and five touchdowns. The Texans could parlay Fuller into draft capital, but they seem to be telling teams that they’d rather keep him (and Brandin Cooks) for the long haul. For what it’s worth, interim head coach Romeo Crennel has been telling players not to worry about getting traded.

With this situation, it might be more on their mind this year,” Crennel said when asked if the issue is a potential distraction. “I’ve talked to them and tried to reassure them that I’m not looking to trade guys.”

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15 comments on “Packers Inquire On Texans’ Will Fuller

  1. jacobsigel1025

    Emmanuel Sanders was acquired for a 3 and 5. Pats traded a 2 last year for Sanu with an additional year under contract before they cut him. Fuller is UFA this offseason but he should still fetch a 2.

    • Oooof

      I love Fuller as a player and I’d love to see him play with Rodgers, but a second round pick is very rich for not just a rental, but a rental of a guy who never stays healthy long.

      • jessethegreat

        Packers would be better off keeping the offense they’ve been working with (plus Lazard is back practicing with the team and should be playing again soon) than giving valuable picks for a rental player that will not be resigned in the offseason (they have Aaron Jones, Baktihari and starting corner back Kevin King due as unrestricted free agents in the offseason and limited cap space).

        IF the Packers were to make a move for one of the Texans wr’s, cobb and his history with rodgers or Cooks at a lesser asking price than Fuller would be better moves IMO

        But if a move were to be made, they’d be better served in finding a defensive lineman to help stop the run and provide some needed pass rush.

        • brave new world

          If they can get him for a 3, then it is worth it. Me personally I go to the jets & put a package together to get Quentin Williams & Jamison Crowder. Maybe 2,3,4,7 for both.

          • Oooof

            You can’t trade away that much of a draft. You certainly shouldn’t do it for a slot receiver and a defensive tackle. I realize Quinnen has more upside than just filling their run stuffing needs and Crowder is a very good slot receiver when healthy, but it doesn’t make sense.

            • HailRodgers12$

              Gute won’t trade half his draft..unless hes getting someone else’s entire 8-10 selections, plus the rights to at least 3 UDFA’s that team might sign afterwards.
              I highly doubt he’d even give up a mid rounder for fuller..and thats if he was actually signed beyond this season.

              • brave new world

                Remember they have extra draft capital this year due to comp picks, for Martinez, Bulaga, and Fackrell. 2 4ths and a 6th. So you are moving a 2 & 4 for Williams , & a 3 & 7 for Crowder. It’s not terrible. Plus Williams will be here for 3 more years, and crowder for next year but with no guaranteed money. It’s a win win deal.

                • HailRodgers12$

                  I just think Gute values his draft picks more than he values a proven commodity in most cases. Especially if that commodity is on an expiring deal, or hasn’t lived up to his own draft status.
                  Obviously both the guys you mentioned aren’t expiring, but again Gute loves draft picks. Plus, they’re generally cheaper..there is not a lot of cap room going forward, and a bunch of his own guys expiring that he either needs to re-sign or replace. Bak, Linsley, King, Jones and Williams. I think only 2 will be back, and he’s going to use the draft picks to plug the other holes.
                  Long story short, I don’t see him going “all in” or anything close to that for a 1 year shot at a SB. He could have gone for it this year and built for the future with the last draft, but he skipped the immediate needs and went for the future.

              • HailRodgers12$

                Stubby, please explain how they can fit Watt’s salary under the cap? Not just this year but for the whole remaining length of his deal.

    • In his career, he’s averaged around 4 catches and 55 yards per game, plus he can never stay healthy. No way he fetches a 2nd.

    • Mr Goodkat

      I actually think the (late) 3 & 5 that Sanders fetched is about right.

      If the Texans hold out for a 2, I don’t expect to see anyone bite. If no one offers more than a 3 they’d be better off keeping him and getting a comp pick or working out an extension. So a 3 and a 5 sounds about right, just like it did for Manny.

  2. jessaumodesto

    They “Will” be a “Fuller” team with him on the roster. Pun intended

  3. Not a Texans fan, so my opinion may not be a good one, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t have a ‘fire sale’. They’re set at QB, have JJ Watt, and in the NFL, you can turn a team around in a season or two. Trade any asset (aside from Watson or Watt unless you get an insane haul) you have for picks to replenish what BOB did to the team.

  4. norcal73

    @jacob…Denver traded Sanders and their high fifth round pick to Niners for a third and low fourth round pick. I think the difference between the fourth and fifth round picks was like ten spots. So Niners traded their third round pick and moved back ten spots from their fourth round pick. I believe…

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