Poll: Will The Buccaneers Regret Signing Antonio Brown?

Bruce Arians said it would never happen. Tom Brady never stopped pushing. Ultimately, the future Hall of Famer got his way — the Buccaneers inked Antonio Brown to a one-year deal this week, equipping Brady with the most talented group of targets he’s ever had.

He looks fantastic,” Arians said of Brown, following his first practice in Tampa (via ESPN.com’s Jenna Laine). “I think we had really good conversations today, he and I. He was in the meetings and everything. And he’s working with…the strength staff. He looks in great shape. Yeah, [he’ll be] ready to go next week.”

The Bucs are hoping that Brown can quickly shed the rust as Chris Godwin recovers from finger surgery. Godwin might not be available for their Week 9 contest against the Saints, setting the stage for Brown to make an impact in his return game.

At the same time, many feel that Brown’s volatility will ultimately backfire on the Buccaneers, who currently lead the NFC South with a 5-2 record.

“Mark my words, it’s going to be a problem,” said one anonymous executive who has worked with Brown. “You have no idea the stories we could tell you about this guy. Everything is a struggle. … There were plenty of valid reasons why [Arians] didn’t want anything to do with him a year ago. Unless this guy has completely reinvented himself, and done a complete turnaround, this is going to get ugly.”

Will Brown’s baggage ultimately outweigh his upside? Vote in PFR’s latest poll (link for app users) and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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30 comments on “Poll: Will The Buccaneers Regret Signing Antonio Brown?

  1. M Haworth

    I voted no as it’s only half a season and it’s make or break for Brown. If he goes off the rails, it’s over. If he balls out he will get someone to pay him.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Unfortunately, that assumes rational thinking on Brown’s part. While I don’t believe it’s entirely his fault, I also don’t believe he’s rational.

      • Mr Goodkat

        He seems to have been able to keep a lid on things the past few months. I think he actually realizes he needs this half season to work.

        Bless the heart of whatever team gives him any significant amount of guaranteed money next season though…

  2. itslonelyatthetrop

    From a football standpoint? No. If he fails to perform, they’ve more than enough receiving depth to compensate.

    From a team chemistry standpoint? Possible. But, unlikely.

  3. Sponge

    I voted “No” on this poll. Maybe I’m hoping that he’s changed. Maybe I’m thinking he’ll stay in line as long as Brady is there. Let’s hope he’s learned a thing or two.

  4. SportsConversationOnly

    I expect by now that AB has learned his lesson. This is his last chance on showing he has the skills and the chemistry to fit in with an organization. If he plays well the remainder of the season, he stands to land a decent contract. If he displays the character that got him sidelined from playing, then he’s done. I don’t think he will be allowed another opportunity after this chance. From a football standpoint, I would love to just see him play at his best level and help Tampa win. The verdict is still out.

    • frank858

      The other thing is that he’s still under investigation and may not be able to finish the season if found guilty.

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Absolutely and emphatically yes. He may perform fine on the field. It’s the off the field stuff, the chemistry issues and just the general headaches he brings.

    Also- and this is tied to more than just Brown- Tampa has no easily become one of the more dislikeable teams in the NFL.

  6. Kwflanne

    List the teams who have NOT regretted having Brown….. there’s your answer

  7. jonnyzuck

    The link for app users didn’t work for me but I would vote that yes they will regret signing Brown.

  8. Sick of Losing

    There is so much media distraction with this “virus” that AB is a small news story at this point. Easy answer. No, the bucs will not regret signing him. This dude will help them shock the world and win the chip. Get ready, it’s about to be a wild ride.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      There is no way TB beats KC. Chiefs are going back-to-back so long as Malhomes stays healthy.

    • Ak185

      Not that wild… Tampa signed every Pro Bowler available. Not hard to predict that they’d be successful.

  9. riffraff

    My best guess – 3 weeks from now he breaks covid protocol for so stupid reason ( AB gonna be AB ) – fail the test, shut down the team, postpone a game etc etc. So its a definite yes even though I think he will perform well enough on the field

  10. hersch

    I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. He’s a world class athlete and his desire is to win and be successful. Yes he’s a nutcase but so is half the NFL. Many of you act like he’s being released into a church choir and he’s going to disrupt the righteous and good in our society. His desire to win along with a desire for another big payday will keep him in line. And if any issues pop up I’m sure TB will get Gisele on the job.

  11. Stat

    I’m going yes from a chemistry standpoint. If you’re Evans or Godwin you gotta be disappointed your QB feels the need to add another WR whose going to demand touches

  12. goldenmisfit

    No and here is why, apparently the way Tampa does business is if Tom Brady screams loud enough stamps his feet loud enough hold his breath enough Tampa will just give him whatever he wants. As far as on the field production it’s hard to say he has been out of the game for a while now but regardless I don’t think they will regret it because apparently the last thing Tampa ever wants to do is get Tom Brady mad LOL.

  13. driftcat28

    Nope, great signing by the Bucs. 1 year deal, AB will absolutely be on his best behavior. Hate to say it but the Bucs are going to the super bowl

  14. letmeclearmythroat74

    Bell and Brown were a product of Pitt offense and Big Ben. Neither will or have ever done anything since. AB completely lost his mind in the process.

    • Yep it is

      Yes Big Ben probably taught AB how to treat and abuse women and No really means Yes. Big Ben is PURE SCUM

  15. crosseyedlemon

    It’s a pure PR gimmick that’s costing the owner next to nothing.

  16. bradthebluefish

    Anonymous executive needs to state the reasons WHY it won’t work out. Probably someone from the Raiders.

  17. bradthebluefish

    Tom Brady and Antonio Brown will work this out for the sake of the kids. <3

  18. Ak185

    As much as I want to say yes, I don’t believe that Brown will break the Bucs. I think he knows what the significance is of this opportunity and Brady does as well. Was it the “right” thing to do? I don’t think so. Will it help the Bucs on the field? Yes. Do I lose even more respect for Tampa because of how blatantly they’ve bought a super team? Certainly.

    But with all of that said, I think Brown knows that he has to build his reputation back on the field as a player. His personal reputation likely will never recover, but I think he will wait until he satisfies his goal of proving his value to act up in a major way. Whether that’s having a big game or two or winning a Super Bowl is the real question to me.

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