Coaching Notes: Bieniemy, Texans, Falcons

With the Eagles requesting an interview with Eric Bieniemy, the Chiefs offensive coordinator is now 7-for-7 in meeting requests during this hiring period. However, the third-year OC has again run into issues on the interview circuit. Despite being Andy Reid‘s right-hand man during the most successful period in Chiefs history, Bieniemy may go a third cycle without landing a coaching job. It is trending in that direction, Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports tweets. Bieniemy did not interview well on the whole last year and has encountered similar issues during this cycle, according to Tony Pauline and Benjamin Allbright of

Although the Texans changed course and submitted a request to speak with Bieniemy, as they deal with a disgruntled Deshaun WatsonCBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora notes that interview is doubtful to commence. With the Chiefs’ bye week over, any team wishing to meet with Bieniemy going forward must wait until Kansas City’s season ends. If the No. 1-seeded Chiefs make it back to the Super Bowl, the remaining jobs may be filled by then. Three teams have filled their positions; the Lions are soon expected to hire Saints assistant Dan Campbell; the Chargers may be zeroing in on Bills third-year OC Brian Daboll. This would leave only the Houston and Philadelphia jobs available. Though Bieniemy not being his team’s primary play-caller makes him an atypical HC candidate from the offensive side of the ball, it would certainly be strange if he exited another offseason without landing a coaching gig.

Here is the latest from the coaching circuit:

  • Staying with the Texans, they will interview another Bills coordinator this weekend. They will speak with Buffalo DC Leslie Frazier on Sunday, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle tweets. Frazier, who has been Buffalo’s defensive play-caller, has re-emerged on the HC radar after four seasons as Buffalo’s DC under Sean McDermott. Support is building for Frazier with the Texans, La Canfora notes. Since the Vikings ended Frazier’s three-plus-year run as their head coach after the 2013 season, he has been a coordinator for two teams (the Bucs and Bills) and coached the Ravens secondary in between.
  • In hiring Arthur Smith, the Falcons almost certainly have their offensive play-caller in place. But they have identified a Smith right-hand man in Bears passing-game coordinator Dave Ragone. The Chicago assistant has emerged as an early favorite to become Atlanta’s OC, with’s Jeremy Fowler tweeting a Smith-Ragone partnership running the Falcons’ offense has a “good chance” of happening. Ragone has been with the Bears since 2016.
  • Now that Chuck Pagano has retired, the Bears are on the lookout for a new defensive coordinator. Defensive line coach Jay Rodgers and safeties coach Sean Desai stand to be the top internal candidates to succeed Pagano, according to’s Ian Rapoport (Twitter link). Rodgers served as D-line coach under John Fox in Denver and followed him to Chicago in 2015. Rodgers’ contract expires next week, and Rapoport notes he is expected to be a DC candidate for other teams as well in the coming days.
  • Marion Hobby will make a move to another AFC team’s defensive staff. The Bengals are hiring the veteran assistant as their D-line coach, Ben Baby of tweets. Hobby, who spent six seasons as Clemson’s co-defensive coordinator under Dabo Swinney, coached the Dolphins and Jaguars’ D-lines in the four seasons since. Hobby was with Jacksonville when the team’s “Sacksonville” D-line drove a run to the AFC title game.
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81 comments on “Coaching Notes: Bieniemy, Texans, Falcons

  1. Rocket32

    Maybe after interviews teams are thinking he’s more of a product of Reid and Mahomes? It wouldn’t be that surprising if it turns out to be true, he’s in a pretty great situation to be the OC.

    • Superbear29

      An OC who neither calls nor designs the plays. What exactly is he coordinating? Apparently he can’t even tell prospective GMs that.

    • qbert1996

      He also doesnt have the greatest history… check out his past crimes. I understand people change but a lot of teams don’t like that baggage

  2. Yep it is

    Once again all these coached being hired and black candidates all getting squeezed out. I just don’t understand how Bieneimy can be talked about all last offseason and halfway thru this season then all of a sudden reports “ start to leak” about his interviewing. White coaches with not the resume he has getting jobs. This will post will probably get pulled but it makes an 57 year old white guy wonder what is going on the NFL. What about Marvin Lewis and Jim Caldwell also. Something needs to change.

    • arthur blank_for owner

      Maybe…just maybe…it has nothing to do with his race? Can’t be possible I know, but ever think of that for a split second?

      • phillyballers

        Bieniemy’s problem, as stated here numerous times by myself and Benjamin Allbright, are poor interviews. It was an issue last offseason and is also happening again this year. 

        They reported the same thing last year. So… is he just bad at interviewing and better with the players in the OC position? It’s not like they go thru this process for other titles… Head Coaches hire their guys regardless. Can’t even recall a story about interviewing someone for a QB coach role or OC role. Just “promoting to” “bringing in” like it’s a done deal.

        • Yep it is

          Philly ballers once again how can he be the hottest coaching candidate around and suddenly the next year while he is the hottest he suddenly now can’t interview . Have you interviewed him? Do you know someone who has interviewed him or you going by what was suddenly put out there?

          • phillyballers

            It sounds like you interviewed him.

            That was a quote from Tony Paulines article. The only way they got a report is someone part of the interview process, an insider, leaked it. So? You’re either saying the reporter made the story up or calling the insider a racist liar.

      • Yep it is

        Arthur Blank ok then not Beineimey why not other black qualified coaches? Doesn’t anyone think it is interesting Joe Brady spend a year at LSU and Atlanta and now is getting interviews? What about Arthur Smith. Hangs around 10 years gets the QB and beast Running Back all of a sudden he is a genius? You are telling me he is more qualified then all the other black coaches? Wake up America. It is happening again and the Wide World of White Wonders Why Blacks take a knee.

        • wagner13

          Why not other qualified black coaches? Well, Robert Saleh just got hired if you were paying attention.

          Like jay13 mentioned, Bienemy does not call plays and gets to work with both Andy Reid and Mike Kafka. Smith had to work with Mike Vrabel, who know next to nothing about offense.

          Maybe consider that NFL coaches and managers have more inside knowledge than someone like you. Maybe he just isn’t a good interviewer. Why are you so insistent on playing the race card?

            • wagner13

              What’s laughable? I think Saleh’s a pretty good motivator and defensive schemer that could be a nice fit in the Jets’ lockerroom. Certainly a step in the right direction for a dysfunctional franchise.

              You were the one claiming minorities are always passed over and I gave you a counterpoint. Maybe Bieniemy just isn’t cut out for a head coaching position. That doesn’t mean all African Americans are overlooked

                • Ed "The Mythical One"

                  So the only POC and minorities that matter are black ones. Got it. So screw all the other races out there, just so black people get anything and everything just because.

                  He is an Arab Muslim, can’t think of too many of people with his background being head coaches. He’s even more of a minority than black coaches. But that doesn’t count to you. Why? Because you’re a racist.

                • Ed "The Mythical One"

                  So? Is it only about skin color to you? Is that the only qualification needed for a job in your eyes?

        • MoneyBallJustWorks

          Smith got the QB? He bloody saved Ryan Tannehill’s career. Bienemy has a ring with Pat Mahomes so your argument is moot.

        • fred311389

          If you think “blacks take a knee” because they want to change who is getting to coach in the NFL you’re about as dense as can be. To imply that their protests revolve around someone getting paid millions of dollars to tell someone how to play a game is ignorant and quite frankly irresponsible. Kneeling and protesting is about people losing their lives, not about people who are in a position that pays $2 mil instead of one that pays $4 mil or more.

          • Yep it is

            Fred if you don’t think that black coaches not getting hired isn’t about oppression AKA what the kneeling is about you are the dense one. Blacks being oppressed in any form is what it is about.

            • Ed "The Mythical One"

              Yes…oppression. Where the majority of athletes are black and are made millionaires. So, so, so oppressed. You and those kneelers are delusional.

      • kevincwilson

        Comments like this make you look awful, bro. No hate, just saying. You sound like a d*ck

    • MoneyBallJustWorks

      While I get this feeling with the hype he has received, a guy who doesn’t call the plays generally will have some skepticism. Also, his personal history likely is playing a part in some of this. It may be mostly in the past but that is a red flag to some GMs and owners.

      I don’t disagree some of the hires this year already are a little questionable but the fact is Phili and Houston have or will be interviewing multiple coaches of color and Houston is coming off an interim one.

      • cjb1125

        Something none of these articles bring up. I’m not sure that’s why he’s not being hired, but something someone should mention. He does have a history of some questionable personal life decisions, including arrest for assault and multiple DUIs/driving with suspended licenses. Maybe the lack of play calling, and perhaps a poor interview ability added to the history makes owners and GMs nervous.

      • Yep it is

        Moneyball all,of a sudden his past of 9 years comes up? Fact is many gems the last 2 years have interviewed minority candidates , yet none have been hired. Doesn’t this seem a little odd or is it just me?

        • MoneyBallJustWorks

          I’m not saying there aren’t teams abusing the Rooney rule. For sure there are, but you’re making it seems like this guy should just be handed a job because he is a minority who has buzz in the media.

          as for his personal history, those are things that are there. It’s possible after an interview he rubs people the wrong way, maybe he doesn’t have a good answer in an interview about his history of incidents. Again, I would assume, neither of us has been in an interview with him.

        • Ed "The Mythical One"

          There are a lot of other people of all races also interviewing for jobs and not getting them. I wonder why?

          Maybe because the owners of billion dollar entities don’t think they are the right person to do the job?

          Nah, gotta just be skin color.

    • jay13

      Bieneimy’s resume is better then some of the other hirings…. I’m sorry that is not true. He has been a RBs coach most of his career. In 2018, he got the OC job with Andy Reid. Andy Reid calls all the plays. To say he is the main reason for Mahomes meteoric rise makes me laugh because there is a damn good QB coach named Mike Kafka there as well.

      Some people are the best at what they do but have issues interviewing in person. Can we stop this race stuff already.

      • Yep it is

        Jay13 we can when we start hiring minorities. 12/12 teams the last 2 years and none black. Sorry if it bothers you and makes you uncomfortable but it is a fact.

        • tylerall5

          African Americans are not the only minorities.. Ron Rivera, Hispanic, and Robert Saleh are both minorities hired in the last two coaching cycles. Lions also just hired a minority general manager to accompany Saleh.

        • jay13

          Ok wait yep…. first off, none of this bothers me on a internet site talking sports. I come on to talk sports and see what is going on.

          So what you want is every front office to be comprised of minorities and only minorities. Isn’t that the same logic you are trying to stop? There has been plenty of change in all of sports. The fact you want it all done in one year is comical.

          • Yep it is

            Rooney Rule has been around a long time it still hasn’t changed. How many years does it take?

        • Ed "The Mythical One"

          And the fact is that black head coaches in the NFL are actually over represented than in total population in the NFL.

          Don’t hear anyone bringing that up.

          • Ed "The Mythical One"

            ^ that last part is supposed to be total population in the USA.

    • DarkSide830

      its just absurd to assume its race. if no one cares to hire Bieneimy then why do they all interview him and not just any random minority to satisfy the Rooney rule. It seems odd that he’s had so many interviews without getting a job, but other minorities have gotten jobs with less.

      • MoneyBallJustWorks

        Dark, it’s quite possible he interviewed last year, people felt he wasn’t ready to be a head coach, see the offense this year, interview him but realize he’s still not ready.

    • carlos15

      So if he’s black but interviews poorly it’s about race? Just make it a requirement that only black head coaches are permitted to satisfy people like you. If he’s had a ton of interviews but hasn’t been hired maybe he’s a bad interview. He still has a chance to be hired and other minority candidates have been hired.

    • arthur blank_for owner

      seen this jack leg Yep-it-is just posts stuff before about race then never responds to the replies…just looking for attention at the ripe ol’ age of 57 still smh

        • arthur blank_for owner

          lol only after I called you out…you do know we can all see the timing of comments right?!….5 days or 5000 days doesn’t change your idiotic comments. You got the attention, congrats! Hope you feel better, even after 5 days from now,,
          although hatred never really dies does it?

          • Yep it is

            I replied 2X before. Sorry you see it as idiotic when most see it as racism. Ask yourself about hatred you have enough for the world. I didn’t w at attention. I post very little because you get fennel minds like yourself. I only comment on what zi think needs to be changed and am passionate about.

            • Ed "The Mythical One"

              Most don’t see it as racism.
              What you think needs to be changed and what you are passionate about is irrelevant.

    • bucincharlotte

      Enough of the race card. The NFL owners want to win and if the coach is good enough they will he hired. Idiot comments like this don’t belong!

      • Yep it is

        Bucincharlotte sorry it makes you uneasy. It needs to be addressed. The idiot comment came from you

        • wagner13

          Guys, I have come to the realization that Yep it is knows all. CLEARLY, we are all inherently racist, along with all organizations across the NFL. The media is totally making up claims regarding Bieniemy’s poor interviewing skills and we have all bought into it. As the man himself said, our “fennel minds” are just too punitive to comprehend what’s going on.

          In all seriousness man, let it go

          • Yep it is

            I have an open mind. Sorry I posted in your cozy little room. Once again the the black coaches aren’t getting hired not just EB.strange how his poor interviews suddenly came out when the interviews started. Nobody said a word until the last 2 weeks. The last year he has been the poster child for hire. Yes you do have a febble mind if you think it is fair at all.

            In all seriousness man educate yourself on what is going on in society.

            • MoneyBallJustWorks

              you understand this was mentioned last year about his interviews and that new teams maybe thought he had gotten better after last year’s experience.

              but nope.. of course you don’t understand. This MUST be a race issue.

        • Ed "The Mythical One"

          It has already been addressed. People that think like you are the problem in this world and the useful idiots Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and BLM needs and loves to put wrong thoughts in your head so that they can make money.

          You like how it feels to be used by people that actually don’t care about you at all?

          • MoneyBallJustWorks

            Ed there is racism and injustice in America so let’s not push it.

            Hell I’m sure there is some racism in the NFL. But there is no proof of racism with Bienemy. Just this guy’s assumption

  3. JC1975

    How can the Texans interview Frazier on Sunday but not Beiniemy? Both are employed by teams still in the playoffs?

    • MoneyBallJustWorks

      because the bills play on Saturday and give their team Sunday off. the Chiefs unfortunately play Sunday so don’t have this luxury.

      If teams wanted to interview they should have reached out last week when he was on bye and interviewed for other openings. Houston let’s be honest is just a favor to try and make Deshaun happy. Phili… well they are dysfunctional.

      • Superbear29

        Why would Philly hire another Reid assistant one with a significantly worse resume then the one they just fired.

        • MoneyBallJustWorks

          I’m not saying they would. I’m saying they cod have interviewed him earlier of they had just canned Pederson 2 weeks ago.

          • Ak185

            Well, I think they were prepared to give Pederson the benefit of the doubt before he had his hissy fit in Week 17 just to show ownership who’s boss. Even if Pederson thought seeing what Sudfeld had was the right decision or that Hurts was playing badly, he obviously lost whatever remained of the players’ confidence. I think the Eagles may want the offense, without the man in Pederson himself.

  4. arty!

    Personally, I would hire EB for the Texans. And when he doesn’t pan out, you could point the finger at Watson saying ‘you might not be qualified to judge potential HC’s. A bit more required than skin color.’.

    • MoneyBallJustWorks

      if you’re going to throw your qb under the bus, just move your qb. in fact just blow the thing up, trade Watt and start a new.

      • arty!

        Watson started all of this. He could have easily said ‘I’m not interested in signing an extension at this time. I’m not a fan Hopkins trade and want to see where this team is prior to committing to the Texans’. Then he had leverage. But he all smiles when they threw that contract at him. Today he’s a sour puss?

        • MoneyBallJustWorks

          Again so you want to hire someone just to make your qb happy, then rub your nose at your qb who you are paying a ton of money too. That’s a weird management style

          • arty!

            Both sides look petty. But I’ll say Texans Brass looks far worse. Gave BoB complete control, he trashes a roster that was back to back division winners because he really didn’t like Hopkins (from what I have read). Then they tell Watson his input is valued and they would like to hear his lists of candidates. Then promptly thow his list away. That’s closing in on Jets/Lions/Jags territory for ridiculousness.

            But Watson went from ‘feeling out his teammates’ to never playing again for the Texans in under 10 days. He had planned this all along. If he simply would have said ‘No. I’m not signing the extension….’ That would have had much more impact to the Texans. Because now a top 5-7 QB is declining an extension, ‘Why’ would have been the reaction from the other front office and FA players. Basically the players would be ‘if Watson doesn’t want to be there, then neither do I.’

    • Sounds like a super smart plan, dude. Spite-hire someone your franchise QB likes while hoping it all blows up so you can play the blame game and then… what, exactly?

      • Ed "The Mythical One"

        Yes, just throw all your money away and then cost yourself years of money and further destroy your relationship with players you may need to move for whatever you can get instead of at peak value for one year of just “so there.”

        Sounds ideal.

        How about you hire the person you best think is capable of the job. Tell Waston to shut his pie hole and play for this team, or you’ll trade him to the worst team you can find, or he’ll ride the bench. Meanwhile if he keeps acting up he can sacrifice some of that new huge contract he had no issues signing in a conduct detrimental to the team case.

      • arty!

        So what are the Texans options; hire their own coach or hire the guy their QB wants?

        I’ve read a few articles that said EB simply didn’t interview well. I have no idea if that’s true or not. But an average of 6 jobs opened the last 2 years. Meaning 12 teams weren’t impressed with EB. That speaks more than Watson’s feelings.

        • MoneyBallJustWorks

          Of course you hire your guy. Of it rubs the QB the wrong way you explain why and if he’s mad and wants out you move on. it’s not ideal but as you pointed out, hiring someone you believe isn’t qualified just to throw it in your qbs face is stupid.

  5. Dtownwarrior78

    OMFG can we PLEASE just once not make this another race issue!??! Its NOT racial! If it was racial why would Saleh get hired by the Jets or the Lions hire Brad Holmes? Here is a logical idea. Maybe, just maybe he is not a guy that teams feel comfortable turning over their squad to??? You know that is a possibility. Perhaps it has NOTHING to do with race and just a little to do with the fact that he may not be someone they want to coach there team? Not one of us in this chat knows how Bienemy interviews. Maybe he is not to smart, or not one with words, or has no people skills? But if it’s because he was black then I have a feeling that the handful of black men that got HC or GM jobs this month would be a hell of alot smaller!

          • Dtownwarrior78

            LMAO! Love hour wrre idiot’s bc we don’t play the race card! Talk about lane ass idiot? Moron

      • Bernard

        Are you really forgetting about Brian Flores? Before that you had Anthony Lynn, Steve Wilks and Vance Joseph all as black head coaches. Each one of them now do not have a job because they were terrible as head coaches. Owners aren’t afraid to hire Black coaches but they have to perform well to keep their jobs

        • Ak185

          Ehhh Lynn and Wilks got screwed. Joseph was a failure. I don’t chalk it up to race-not wading into that quagmire-but I do want to say that Lynn was not abjectly terrible and Wilks really never got a chance because Arizona decided to mortgage their future to become a college team the next year.

          • rocky7

            Don’t know about Wilks, but how exactly did Lynn get screwed? He’s 12-20 over the last 2 seasons..

            • Ak185

              Mostly because I hardly consider the Chargers’ record this year entirely his fault. There were three games this year that definitively came down to special teams mistakes-returns and missed kicks. In their other games, more general special teams and defensive failures let the team down.

              The Chargers lost most of their games by one score, and now have a great young rookie franchise quarterback. If there were ever a time to be optimistic, it would be now, but Lynn was fired for areas of the ball that are not even his expertise. Now, I do understand and even agree that Lynn bears responsibility to fix that as a head coach, but those are issues that are solved either by hiring a new coordinator or providing better players on the roster.

              Lynn did have really bad time management issues, but his offense was excellent this year, despite missing several big free ticket free agents on the line and all of his running backs (who, despite Ekeler’s versatility, are not workhorse backs to begin with) and the players believed in him. We can provide convincing arguments either way to either support or conflict with his firing, that’s true. But Lynn wasn’t fired entirely for his performance, because you could make a pretty plausible argument that the Chargers would be possibly competitive next year by simply hiring two new coordinators.

              Lynn was fired because ownership got bored with him, so I do consider him to have been screwed. Again, he did have several major areas that Lynn did poorly. I don’t deny that, I really don’t. I just don’t think it was fireable for the reasons I listed. It was not purely his performance that cost the Chargers, but ownership acted as if it were.

  6. bucincharlotte

    Teams will hire the best coach to give them a chance to win! This country voted in a black president for two terms who I voted for because of ability not skin color. We now have a black VP!

    In the NFL Mike Tomlin will go down as one of the NFL”s best winning percentage coach ever. There are black GM”s and coaches. If someone has the ability they will get hired!

    Move on from racism it is no longer a factor!

  7. jay13

    Yep… I have enjoyed your nonsense. Stay in your tunnel vision because the people like you are going to be the reason the change takes longer.

    I’m sorry you are so pig headed on this issue that you don’t see logic. Some people whether they are black, tan, white, green or avatar do not do well with in person interviews. Eric Bieneimy has been that way for the last 2 years. That is why he is not getting these jobs.

    I hope you have a good day sir.

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