Seahawks Speak With Adam Gase About OC Opening

Could Adam Gase be back running an NFL offense in 2021? The recently fired Jets coach has spoken with the Seahawks about their offensive coordinator vacancy, a source told Jeremy Fowler of (Twitter link).

Gase is one of the most polarizing coaches in recent memory, and this news will surely have some Seattle fans fired up after Gase’s disastrous tenure in New York. But prior to his time with the Jets, Gase was widely respected in league circles for his work with the Broncos and then as head coach of the Dolphins, so this news isn’t too surprising all things considered.

Bill Belichick also raved about Gase’s abilities toward the end of the season, and there’s been speculation that he could join his staff in New England, potentially as quarterbacks coach with Jedd Fisch departing or even as OC if Josh McDaniels landed a head coaching job. Fowler also notes the Seahawks plan to speak with Chiefs quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka about the opening.

Kafka, only 33, has been on the receiving end of some buzz in recent years as a quick riser. We heard when Doug Pederson was fired that the latest Andy Reid protege could be a candidate for the Eagles’ head coaching job.

Whatever the case, Gase and Kafka are far from the only two candidates to replace Brian Schottenheimer in Seattle. They’ve also been linked to fellow recently fired head coaches Anthony Lynn and Pederson. Clearly, as Fowler notes, they’re casting a wide net.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 comments on “Seahawks Speak With Adam Gase About OC Opening

    • arthur blank_for owner

      bwhahaha this would be hilarious!…the entire team would demand a trade once he’s hired. Pete Carroll can’t be serious…at least I hope not smh

  1. Thronson5

    Oh please do it hahahaha this would be the stupidest thing this team has done in a long time. Can’t even be life they’d be interested in him

  2. ChristianRocker

    Didn’t Jamaal Adams have issues with him while he was with the jets?

    • Lars MacDonald

      It’s why he demanded to be traded.
      A lot of his ex-players hate Gase for his coaching and communication style.

  3. bradthebluefish

    Don’t count out Gase. Jets beat the Rams #1 defense with a bunch of nobodies.

  4. Lars MacDonald

    “But prior to his time with the Jets, Gase was widely respected in league circles for his work with the Broncos and then as head coach of the Dolphins, so this news isn’t too surprising all things considered.”

    Respected for his work with the Dolphins? Huh?
    He was universally despised by Phins fans after the first year and when the Jets hired him, it was a total shocker after seeing what a train wreck he was in Miami.

  5. padam

    I don’t get it. This guy gets praise for failure and inability to connect with players. Unreal…

  6. compassrose

    I went over to the baseball side to comeback to this. I was hoping I nodded off for a nap and it was one of those terror naps. Nope it is still here.

    The biggest reason this can’t be serious is they gave away a ton to get Adams they need to resign him to make it worth it. What are the chances he signs if Gase is in the same locker room? I go under at 10%.

    I also understand they can have minimal contact but just seeing the guy in the same room could feel like betrayal.

  7. MileHighFan

    The guy people should be speaking with is Jay Gruden. He failed as a head coach, but his offensive schemes were solid. He just lacked the talent at quarterback to execute them.

  8. JT19

    Has any one coach/coordinator ridden the coattails of being paired with a HoF player like Gase has with Manning? I’m sure Gase is at least halfway decent offensive mind, but we keep hearing praise for his work in Denver as if he turned a cast of nobodies into a record breaking offense.

    Occassionally you even see him get some praise for his one year in Chicago. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Chicago’s offense that year about average?

    I mean he was touted as a QB guru/whisperer when the Jets hired him. For what? One record breaking season where he just happened to have a first ballot HoF QB throwing the ball for him and for helping Jay Cutler throw only 11 picks? And its not like he did anything special with Tannehill (who actually did better before Gase just going off the stats). Like there is a short list of people who don’t really deserve a decision-making role as a HC/advisor/coordinator and Gase has to be close to the top…yet continues to get opportunities.

  9. crosseyedlemon

    The Seahawks are trying to establish themselves as the Salvation Army of the NFL. If you can’t rescue a lost cause like Josh Gordon you go after the next guy on the list…Adam Gase.

  10. yourmomsbox

    this is so Seahawks… would love this and watch how mature Jamal is about this news, given how he’s handled everything else

  11. larkraxm

    Josh Gordon is the NFL’s scapegoat. They have no problem with Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, Antonio Brown or any other domestic abuser, but get caught with a joint and the NFL will ruin your career. If only Gordon was only on video tape beating women then he could still play.

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