Bears Did Not Make Offer For Carson Wentz

One of the two known Carson Wentz suitors during this trade saga, the Bears do not appear to have presented legitimate competition to the Colts for the former Eagles quarterback.

The Bears did discuss Wentz with the Eagles, but Jay Glazer of Fox Sports tweets the team did not make an offer for the former No. 2 overall pick. Chicago backed out of the trade talks recently, according to Adam Caplan of Sirius XM Radio (on Twitter). The Colts concluded the race by sending a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-rounder to the Eagles to land Frank Reich‘s former pupil.

Regardless of the Bears’ finishing position in the respective sweepstakes for Wentz and Matthew Stafford, they remain in search of a quarterback. Chicago does have a first-round pick for the first time since the 2018 draft, but thanks to the team’s late-season resurgence, that selection sits at No. 20 overall.

The Colts, who pick 21st, secured Wentz and will not be in the market for a major trade-up maneuver come April. Although other QBs may well be available for trade in this action-packed offseason, the Bears will be connected to a first-round trade-up going into a crucial year for the Ryan PaceMatt Nagy regime. Nick Foles remains under Bears control for the 2021 season, on an easily manageable salary ($4MM), but the team will almost certainly bring in a starter-caliber passer via trade, free agency or the draft.

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34 comments on “Bears Did Not Make Offer For Carson Wentz

  1. Chief Two Hands

    Doesn’t sound like there was much demand for Wentz. Given the combination of his contract and injury history, that is not surprising, though.

    • Superbear29

      Why would you believe they had made an offer. The only information was coming out of the bozo Philadelphia organization who was trying desperately to get Indianapolis to overpay for Wentz.

      • bumpy93

        chicago don’t have room to call ANY organization a bozo organization. at least Philadelphia bozos have a super bowl win in the last 25 years. a franchise that hasn’t won a Superbowl in approximately 35 years don’t have a right to call any other organization an embarrassment

        • Superbear29

          Congrats on 1 title you have a GM who will not ever be fired no matter how much he sucks. Bears have won a hell of a lot more titles then the Beagles have.

          • Spike1122

            I hate our GM, but our gm won a super bowl for us. What has yours done for you?

            • Superbear29

              Congrats. That’s the only thing that any Eagle GM has done. He also let go the SB MVP and signed the prima donna always injured QB to a big money contract and traded him for almost nothing. Pederson won the SB despite the crappy GM. You fired the wrong person. But hey one title in 80 years is awesome. Ours will be fine after this season, yours won’t go until he croaks.

  2. rondon

    As a Bear fan I have to say, Wentz was not gonna be the answer for them. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure anyone short of a QB the caliber of Watson would make that much of a difference. (The irony that Pace could’ve had Watson is almost poetic at this point.) I don’t know how you can trust Pace, who put them in this hole, to fix what’s been broken for years.

    • dray16

      I already have more confidence in Pace based on them not making an offer. He has to get this choice right or he’s done, he’s done a good job with Chicago just not at the most important position.

      • rondon

        He’s done ok with mid round picks but his first round picks have bombed. Kevin White? And choosing Mitch Trubisky over Watson and Mahomes? He’lll never live that down. He way overpaid Mike Glennon in ’17 and Graham this past offseason. And he completely overlooked the o-line for the last 2 years which cost them dearly, especially last season. No, he has not done a good job.

        • dray16

          guess .comparing to past GMs, he’s one of the better GMs they’ve had. I don’t trust ownership to find anyone better

  3. JUUUUUUST a little bit less of a return than the Eagles were initially expecting LOL. Seems about right, though

  4. midway_monster85

    Thank god the bears weren’t in on him. I was just waiting around to hear that the bears did something stupid like trade multiple 1st rounders for Wentz.

    • frank858

      The Bears didn’t make an offer. That’s why the Eagles made the trade with the Colts. It says this in the 3rd to last paragraph.

        • adkuchan

          Doubt Watson goes anywhere. Bears will likely dive into the Newton, Garappolo(?), Bridgewater, re-tread bin & try to improve the roster in other places.
          Maybe a guy like Mac Jones slips through to 20, but I doubt it.

  5. Hannibal8us

    I’m not saying Wentz is the answer but I don’t know how Bears fans can be happy going into next season with Foles as the starter. Might as well begin the rebuild if they’re not going to try to bring in a more capable QB.

      • Hannibal8us

        Not many upgrades out there, they’re not getting Watson and everyone else is barely better than Foles.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    The good news is the Bears didn’t pursue Wentz. The bad news is they probably have Mike Glennon on their radar again.

  7. msqboxer

    Always felt the Bears couldn’t handle the salary cap consequences of this trade less alone the questions marks on his true ability. I telling you right now that they are waiting for Alex Smith to be cut and they will go with a Foles/Smith tandem and draft a QB to develop and put out on the practice squad. The owners aren’t going to let Pace screw up salary cap space for a new regime.

  8. thebare54

    CN we try this time for super man from Patriot s Cam Newton. If we can’t get Houston QB Watsons but not for are first pick .No team can survive 3 years with no 1st rounder.

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