Broncos Plan To Pursue Deshaun Watson, Not In Carson Wentz Mix

The Texans continue to insist Deshaun Watson is unavailable, but the three-time Pro Bowler has dug in on his plan to leave Houston after four seasons. If the Texans make him available, several teams will certainly push to acquire him.

The Broncos can be counted as a team that will pursue Watson if he becomes available, Troy Renck of Denver7 tweets. Amid this potentially historic offseason of quarterback movement, Denver does not plan to make a move for Carson Wentz, Renck adds. The Broncos were loosely connected to the Eagles passer last week, but thus far, only the Bears and Colts have been mentioned as surefire Wentz suitors.

Having started nine quarterbacks since Peyton Manning‘s 2016 retirement, the Broncos certainly make sense as a Watson bidder. They would join the Panthers and 49ers in that regard, with the Dolphins, Jets and others likely set to enter the fray as well. The Broncos exchanged offers with the Lions for Matthew Stafford but were not mentioned as one of the teams willing to part with a first-round pick. Would the Broncos make a real push for Watson, it would require perhaps three first-rounders.

With the Broncos not among the teams that have two first-round picks this year, a Watson pursuit could require the team going into its 2023 draft haul — or gutting its 2021 and ’22 drafts and parting with young players — and do so shortly after hiring a new GM (George Paton). Paton was reluctant to part with young assets for Stafford, though trading for a 33-year-old one-time Pro Bowler and 25-year-old three-time Pro Bowler are certainly different conversations.

Watson has the Broncos on his list of preferred destinations, with Denver safety (and ex-Watson Houston teammate) Kareem Jackson pitching the franchise to him on multiple occasions. That list, though, may feature the Dolphins and 49ers residing ahead of the Broncos. Miami and San Francisco have coaches nowhere near the hot seat; Vic Fangio is certainly there or close to it in Denver. A Fangio firing would likely mean OC Pat Shurmur exits as well. While Kyle Shanahan‘s standing as the 49ers’ play-caller is rock-solid, the Dolphins have featured instability here under Brian Flores. After having two offensive coordinators in Flores’ two seasons, the team now has a co-OC setup (George Godsey and ex-Broncos assistant Eric Studesville).

The Broncos have long been expected to add a veteran to compete with inconsistent incumbent Drew Lock. Watson or Wentz going to Denver would mean a Lock demotion. While Lock presently sits atop Denver’s depth chart, the franchise being consistently connected to QBs could change that standing soon.

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31 comments on “Broncos Plan To Pursue Deshaun Watson, Not In Carson Wentz Mix

            • DarkSide830

              that also doesnt mean they are of any interest in replacing him either

              • atuck_sfg

                Yet there are articles stating the only player they’d replace him with is Watson… so they’re definitely interested if it’s the right player.

              • hopper15

                Have you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks? They already made calls out on Stafford and Wentz. That’s a pretty giant hint they are looking to replace Garoppolo.

                • Ak185

                  Well, to be fair, replacing and upgrading are two very different things. They might want a guy who they think is definitively better for what they do, but they might not make calls for a guy who may be on the same level or worse for what they do. If you have a 350 and want an upgrade, you might be interested in a good deal for a 400, but you’ll probably ignore a great deal on a 305. You’ll roll with the 350. It’s upgrading versus replacing.

                  • hopper15

                    Yeah that’s a terrible analogy. Point still stands they would not be making calls on Wentz and Stafford if they were all in on Garoppolo.

      • tedtheodorelogan

        If he can’t stay on a football field more than half the time he isn’t really a fit anywhere.

        • DarkSide830

          isnt a fit anywhere? what does that mean? he’s a fit at QB, the most important position the game and the one he held for a recent NFC champion.

          • parx

            He closed his eyes on throws in the super bowl…but nfc championships are more valuable than the super bowl

    • amk1920

      Almost every team is a good fit for Watson. It’s going to take three 1st rounders just to get a conversation going. 49ers have proven to be very stingy with picks. Lynch won’t do it.

    • louwhitakerisahofer

      Makes to much sense to make it a three team trade with the Patriots getting Jimmy G, with their picks heading to Houston along with picks from the 49ers.

  1. markdavisbarber

    So with Watson having a no trade clause in his contract, he basically controls where he gets traded to. That would mean that Houston either takes what is offered from Watson’s preferred destination or they keep him.

    I would love to see Denver give up three 1st rounders plus….

    • I Beg To Differ

      Watson wants out.

      Trade clause is meaningless when there’s multiple teams he’s expressed interest in playing for.

      Houston can also allow Watson to sit down with a franchise and discuss what he wants out of them (convince him to waive his NTC if he is unsure).

      He’d veto a trade to Detroit and that’s about it.

      Are there preferred places? Sure.

      But this is how it’ll go

      Texans- we have an offer we like from x team

      Watson- I want to go to Jets.

      Texans- no, we like this deal. waive your NTC or we keep you for 3 years and come after money if you fail to report to camp. you can also opt to retire. final offer.

      Watson- I’ll waive my NTC and go there.

      Watson isn’t going to play the sit out 3 years game at 25 and miss out on another big contract for himself. Leveon played the sit out game and cost himself 18 mill.

  2. mgrap84

    Guess they aren’t as high on Drew Lock as i guess people were saying but can’t blame them for going after Watson. If you have a chance to get him then do it. He will definitely make your team better. Maybe Lock is involved with the trade.

  3. phillyballers

    Any team with a top tier defense needs to be in on Watson. Jimmy G, Trubisky, Rivers all reasons their team didnt win a SB.

    • wagner13

      Rivers had nothing to do with the Colts’ playoff loss. His team posted 450 offensive yards and committed no turnovers despite missing their premier left tackle. Blame the defense for failing to make a single stop

      • I think that’s what he’s saying. I think he’s saying that those three did/do not have a ‘top tier defense’, and that’s why their teams didn’t win the Super Bowl. I could be wrong.

        • wagner13

          I’m not entirely sure, but I was inferring it was the other way around based on the fact that Trubisky was included and Chicago’s defense certainly wasn’t the reason they lost to the Saints. On the other hand, I hadn’t even thought of it your way, so thanks for bringing that up

  4. MileHighFan

    Watson is over-rated. The Broncos should instead be working to get rid of some of their own over-rated clowns. Miller should be the first to go, as his salary is substantially more than his game-to-game contribution.

    • ThatGuy88

      Compared to Drew Lock? If that’s the case you are correct Watson is rated way over Lock. As far as Watson’s skills go he kept the Texans in those games last year and gave them chances to be competitive except against the bears. He’s going to cost the team trading for him a lot, but hopefully that team has a solid o-line and some mediocre receivers, because you saw what he could accomplish with the scrubs he had to throw to last year.

  5. Trojan7

    I can see fangio going after Trubisky cause he is in the hot seat and he knows him and wants to play conservative and win close games but they need better QB play or he will be fired after this season anyways

  6. Max Jackson

    Three 1st round picks is too much for any player IMHO. The one who gives up the farm for one player doesn’t often work out that well. In a game as physical as American football, it’s just too risky even for somebody as surefire as Watson.

    If the Texans get three 1st rounders, it might have to involve a 3 team trade.

  7. GF1964

    I hope they pass. I love Watson but it seems a waste to make the trade when you have so many holes to fill and after the trade, little draft capital to work with.
    Weird where the NFL is, you can’t win without a superstar QB but to get one (outside of the draft) will cost you most of the draft capital you need to build a team around them.
    Trading for Watson is worth the price if you are close to contending not rebuilding, especially with a significant drop in the cap coming soon. Guess politicizing football wasn’t such a great idea after all…..who woulda guessed.

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