More Fallout From Matthew Stafford Trade

It’s been a week since the Rams and Lions completed the Matthew Stafford trade, but the fallout from that deal is ongoing. Here’s the latest:

  • We previously heard that the Panthers offered their No. 8 overall pick in this year’s draft, plus a later pick, for Stafford. According to Adam Schefter of (via Twitter), that later selection was a fifth-rounder, and Carolina also included Teddy Bridgewater in the proposal, so the Lions would at least have had a veteran signal-caller to take Stafford’s place while they groomed a younger QB. Plus, Detroit would have had the No. 7 and No. 8 overall picks in the draft, so it would have had a terrific chance to land a top collegiate passer and another elite prospect, or at least enough ammo to trade up for a top QB prospect.
  • What’s more, Bridgewater’s contract is much less onerous than that of Jared Goff, who ended up going to the Lions in the swap. But as Peter Schrager of the NFL Network tweets, the Lions didn’t just take on Goff’s contract in order to squeeze more draft picks out of the Rams. They actually wanted Goff and believe he can regain the form he displayed in the 2017-18 seasons, which is a key factor in evaluating Detroit’s return.
  • When negotiations with the Rams commenced, though, the Lions were interested in another high-profile LA player. As Schefter reports in a separate tweet, Detroit first requested DT Aaron Donald, a request that the Rams summarily dismissed. Donald just landed his third Defensive Player of the Year award, and he obviously would have gone a long way towards the Lions’ much-needed defensive rebuild.
  • Stafford’s presence is attracting free agents to the Rams, as Schefter writes. Already, players have reached out to Stafford to express their interest in teaming up with him in Los Angeles, and Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones — who is eligible for free agency — is one such player. However, the Rams are projected to be well over the new salary cap of $180.5MM, so it’s unclear how active they will be in the free agent market.
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28 comments on “More Fallout From Matthew Stafford Trade

  1. tigersfan1320

    Not sure which would’ve been better for the lions, the Rams trade they went with, or that trade the panthers offered

    • rondon

      I think short term, the Panther deal would’ve been better. Bridgewater actually WOULD be a bridge QB and they could get their QB of the future this year. With Goff, they took on a lot of salary and they still have the same damn team around him. Plus if he bombs, they’re stuck with him. This is their new gm’s choice… who came from the Rams.

  2. Tatsumaki

    Lions are pure delusion. In what world would you think Rams would ever trade donald for stafford? After that I would have not picked up their phone calls ever again.

    • tigersfan1320

      Why would you not ask? You have to get a baseline of what they would give. Of course you’re gonna at least ask if they would give up Donald. I doubt the Lions actually thought they could get Donald, but there’s no harm in checking first. Maybe you’ll get lucky

    • julyn82001

      Dare to dream but it does not hurt to ask for a prime player like Aaron Donald.

    • Ak185

      If Detroit offered the Rams everything the Rams ended up sending them, plus Stafford, I think the Rams would have talked about it. Especially if it also meant swapping Goff’s contract for Stafford’s in addition to a couple of extra picks in addition.

      Maybe they would have not taken that offer, but they wouldn’t hang up and refuse to talk about it.

    • barneyfifethelegend

      Apparently, you have no experience or knowledge of the art of negotiation.

  3. Ugogogo

    Derek Carr is next , Mariota is already in the house .
    I don’t think he’ll bring a eye popping amount , maybe a starter DL player & a 2nd , 3rd or 4th rnd pick , or combination of picks .

    Yugo don’t run !

      • Ak185

        No he hasn’t. He’s been good. And there is just no reason to trade a younger Carr after his play last year and the defensive woes that the Raiders have gone through. Gruden needs time for QBs to get acclimated to his style, and that’s pretty well known. Why would they start over, when the offense is the part of the Raiders’ team that actually works? This is nonsensical. Even if it does happen, it’s nonsensical.

        • ioh2710

          You’re a delusional fan. Give Carr a new start somewhere else so he can actually WIN.

    • Footballguy5

      This is CLEARLY a sarcastically ironic tweet..and I find it delightful. 1-no one is trading anything for Carr. 2-the Jags wouldn’t have even started Mariota this past season. He blows. Learn to take a joke guys..

  4. jay13

    Having back to back picks are only good if you have a guy dropping in the draft. With everything being virtual this could make the QBs go alot faster then thought. As of right now they have firepower and/or quality players to choose from in the next 3 drafts.

    Believe me, I am not sold on Goff being the reported answer. Unless Wilson or Lance are at 7, ride with Goff. Access that position in the next draft. You could have 2 picks if it fails miserably like the concensus says.

  5. tigerdoc616

    Not a fan of Bridgewater so that was not all that enticing. Not so sure about Goff, but he has won a SB. Got to feel that the Holmes connection to the Rams has as much to do with why they took that offer over Carolina’s. And going forward, Goff’s contract won’t be much of an issue.

  6. Joe Ferguson

    The Lions could have had Donald. But they drafted Eric Ebron instead. Detroit is the absolute worst sports franchise ever.

    • jay13

      Still to this day that selection haunts me as much as the Joey Harrington selection(I was Verbally against that pick, UGH waste of time).

  7. topherbrown84

    The trade to the Rams instead of the Panthers was out of respect for Matthew Stafford. That’s where he wanted to go. So, IMO, asking for Donald was raising the bar on what they wanted and they ended up with a still young decent quarterback along with 2 first rounders and a third round. Gotta remember, this is a rebuild for the future. Not this year

    • davpass19

      Excellent point about “not this year”! The sad truth in Lion land has not this year, not this decade!…maybe this Century? The new regime can hardly do worse than the previous regimes dating back as far as the Alex Karas era!! Hoping for credibility for Lions after having none for so long! Good for City & NFL if they move up!

  8. davpass19

    Rams are the schizophrenics of the NFL with wild men Snead & McVay! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! It is never boring or monotonous! Never saw a Cap Limit stop Snead! Never heard of a trade he won’t try to make! They are decisive schizophrenics if nothing else! Stafford is who they wanted for all their reasons…Goff is who they were done with! Should be quite interesting in Ram land once again from here on til the play offs! Fascinated to see it unfold!

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