Russell Wilson Had Input On OC Hire, Wasn’t Happy With Earlier Candidates

Russell Wilson raised a lot of eyebrows with his comments on The Dan Patrick Show earlier where he said he didn’t like getting hit as often as he has been, and that he’d like to be more involved in personnel decisions. There was also a sourced report that Wilson has grown frustrated with the Seahawks’ inability to build an offensive line around him.

While Wilson certainly didn’t do anything to tamp down the recent speculation on Patrick’s show, it does sound like he had the input he’s seeking on at least one big recent decision. Wilson was “involved in the hire” of Shane Waldron as offensive coordinator, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter video link). Interestingly, it sounds like Wilson may not have initially been happy with the search, which was known to be wide-ranging.

Rapoport says there were “some choices kind of midway through he wasn’t pleased with,” which will be fun to speculate about. It’s impossible to say for sure who Wilson was concerned about, but there were some controversial big names thrown out in the initial search after the firing of Brian Schottenheimer.

Polarizing figures like Adam Gase reportedly spoke with Seattle brass about the OC opening. In the end though, it sounds like Wilson got his guy in the former Sean McVay protege. That would seem to indicate the Seahawks are intent on keeping Wilson content, and have no intention of going the Texans/Deshaun Watson route of freezing out.

Of course, Rapsheet points out that all this comes against the backdrop of the recent report that teams had inquired about trading for Wilson. While he emphasizes those trade advances were rebuffed by Seattle, Rapoport also adds that it’s “noteworthy” that teams “thought there might be something there, that maybe they could get him.” We’ll continue to monitor the situation.

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17 comments on “Russell Wilson Had Input On OC Hire, Wasn’t Happy With Earlier Candidates

  1. arty!

    What were Russ’s thoughts on trading two 1’st for a safety? Certainly doesn’t help building the offense up.

    • That safety killed it this year so I would imagine Wilson is fine with the trade…..

      • arty!

        I hope so. My comment wasn’t meant at any negativity towards the trade, just curious.

  2. tank62

    As if these players need more entitlement. Him Wentz Rodgers all of them. Stick to playing. Be a coach or GM when you retire

    • Chief Two Hands

      Awww…but we lost and I want to point my finger at other people and whine now…It’s called “pulling a Rodgers.”

    • greenbowlpacker

      I think Wilson has earned the right to have input on offensive coordinator at this point in his career. I see a big difference between that and these young players demanding trades.
      I also think Russ finally saying something about the 9 year beating he has taken is good. Plus he is right about o line …

      • paindonthurt

        I agree with this. However, the way to get a line and still have a super bowl caliber team would be to restructure his mega deal.

    • Rocket32

      Guys like Wilson and Rodgers definitely deserve to have some input on things, and the reality is the Seahawks need Wilson much more then he needs them. Without him they’d be irrelevant, without them he’d quickly land a new starting QB job elsewhere.

      • Lou Evil Slugger

        That’s all true, but Wilson needs to understand that he alone is taking up 17.6% of the salary cap. The Seahawks don’t have the cap room to accommodate all his demands. They would have to start gutting the defense. No Pete Carroll team is going to do that. Russell was in this same situation when he negotiated his current contract, he knew the situation. A big reason Tom Brady has been to all those Super Bowls is because he has consistently taken less than top dollar. Let that sink in, Russell.

        • GabeOfThrones

          I agree the QBs salaries become prohibitive to building competitive teams around them. The reason the Seahawks got to those Super Bowls was because Wilson was on his rookie contract. Another reason the Patriots were so successful, though, on top of modest pay cuts Brady was willing to take were because they essentially exploited a market inefficiency in the rookie contract system, and constantly traded down to acquire more mid-round picks, in addition to picking where they wanted to pick all along, at the bottom of the first round. That gives you the 5th year option at a much more affordable rate than a higher pick, then of course extra picks, which they’ve always invested in blue collar players. They would also constantly trade players on rookie contracts before they had to extend them for more draft picks, thereby churning over the middle of the roster. Add in a few veteran bargains from the free agent market, and some older stars that are chasing that ring, and they were able to assemble great teams that were outplaying their contracts top-bottom.

    • I Beg To Differ

      Lumping Rogers in with them is pretty stupid.

      Rogers made it known and fans have known they need a complimentary receiver to Davantae Adams. Everybody knew except GBs front office and coaches.

      Green Bay didn’t address that issue, at al, in the draft or free agency.

      Instead, they traded up and traded away picks to grab Love.

      Imagine if Green Bay draft Aiyuk instead of SF. Imagine if they signed Robbie Anderson instead of CAR.

      At 37ish Rogers is at the tail end of his career and for the franchise he’s carried for years to not give him the help he needs instead opting to stand pat at receiver and draft a rb in case Jones and/or Williams leaves was stupid. Of the disgruntled QBs Rogers has the most reason to be. Followed by Wilson.

      They’ve earned the right to complain considering they’ve dealt with their respective issues for years and finally had enough of it not being addressed.

      • Gary Porter

        That was not a problem spot this year. It’s fast linebackers. Rodgers led the HFL touchdowns

    • DarkSide830

      yeah, to be honest, I think at this point in his career he’s deserved some input.

  3. j_butte

    Matt Ryan loved Dirk Koetter and wanted him back after Sark left. Sometimes what you want isn’t what’s best.

  4. BuckarooBanzai

    Gase reached out for another job in the NFL?

    “Delusional” just doesn’t seem sufficient

  5. larkraxm

    Every O-line is horrible if you hold the ball to long. Plus no adjustments at all ever all year. When the protection isn’t holding up you bring in another blocker, run the ball, short passes, mix in some QB options, move the pocket,etc. The Seahawks did none of that. They kept hoping that the next plow was the one the line would finally hold up to get the ball down the field 30 yards. I hope Russ saw a boring Tampa Bay offense control the ball and dominate the Chiefs in the most boring game of the year.

  6. peterdipersio06

    Now Russell Wilson wants what Tom Brady has in Tampa! More say in personnel! Russell, let me give you a word of advice. Tom Brady is. 7 time Super bowl winner, 10 time super bowl participant, 5 time super bowl MVP ! Russell Wilson, you are no Tom Brady!

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