Broncos To Sign CB Kyle Fuller

Less than an hour after Kyle Fuller officially became a free agent, he has a deal in place. The Broncos will sign the recently released cornerback, Tom Pelissero of tweets.

This pact will reunite Fuller with former Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. The Broncos, who were expected to be interested, will sign Fuller to a one-year deal worth $9.5MM. Fuller’s 2018 All-Pro season came in Fangio’s defense, and he will join ex-Bears teammate Bryce Callahan in Denver. On this quickly developing deal, Fuller will collect $9MM fully guaranteed, per Pelissero.

The Broncos freed up some cap space by extending Justin Simmons on Friday. They now have three veterans in place at corner, with Fuller and Ronald Darby joining Callahan. While the Broncos had assembled a top-tier corner crew in the mid-2010s, their No Fly Zone troops are all now either retired or elsewhere. The team lacked depth at this position over the past two seasons but will now boast extensive experience here.

Fuller, 29, struggled early in his Bears career. Chicago did not pick up his fifth-year option in 2017, but after Fuller’s breakthrough 2018 campaign (NFL-high seven interceptions), they gave him the transition tag and matched a Packers offer sheet for him. However, the Bears cut him after seven seasons this week. Fuller made immediate sense for the Broncos, with Fangio having coached him for four seasons. Fuller has made two Pro Bowls — in 2018 and ’19 — and helped the Bears to three straight top-10 DVOA defenses, though Pro Football Focus rated his 2020 work just outside the top 50 at his position.

While the Broncos have three veteran salaries at corner now, none of the cogs are earning more than $10MM per year. Darby is at $10MM annually, while Callahan is going into the third and final year of his $7MM-AAV pact. Callahan played well when available last season, ranking as a top-five corner in the view of Pro Football F0cus, but the standout slot defender has missed 22 games since signing with the Broncos in 2019.

This signing lessens the Broncos’ need at corner, where mock drafters frequently have connected them with their No. 9 overall pick. GM George Paton has (understandably) said quarterback will be in play with that selection.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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23 comments on “Broncos To Sign CB Kyle Fuller

  1. Tatsumaki

    Broncos still are trash lol. Surprised chargers didn’t get involved

    • brave new world

      The Packers should have been ready to sign him, this is a missed Opportunity.

      • Tatsumaki

        Packers missed on watt and fuller. They have no cap space and havent done a thing about it, accept re-signing a mediocre back.

        • brave new world

          It’s an easy fix if they wanted to do it, just restructure Aaron Rodgers deal kick the van down the road a Year, and then when the cap goes back up next year you are in better shape. Just too easy not to do it.

        • beerncheese

          Agree. Wish Pack had signed Fuller. I liked him at 2 years 20 mil. 12 guaranteed.

          Disagree. Watt did not make sense for Pack IMO. Too much $.

    • frank858

      Someone’s salty, the Chargers were involved according to Ben Allbright. He just preferred Denver.

      • Tatsumaki

        Denver is the at best the 4th best team in division. Solely based decision on cash and head coach. Will build his value and then hit free agency next summer for max dollars

  2. MileHighFan

    It’s pretty clear Elway is giving Fangio all the rope he needs to hang himself.

    This team might be 1 or 2 games better than last year if all the injured players return, but they’ve got nothing on offense despite all the fan boy ravings.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Pretty sure they have a couple solid WRers, multiple decent RBs, a promising you TE and are said to be drafting a QB this year inside the top 10.
      So I wouldn’t say they got nothing on offence.

  3. papabear

    You might have heard that Paton is now Denvers general manager. Elway now schedules tee times and autograph sessions…Paton busy cleaning up his mess.

    • wordonthestreet

      I do not think he heard the news on who is making player decisions in Denver

  4. rondon

    Pace just created a hole in the only part of the team that was solid. Nice work, dumb A$$.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Broncos if they are smart should trade up from 9 to get a QB. Lawrence will go first overall, then the Jets will take one 2nd overall, Dolphins won’t take a QB so I’d target that third pick, Falcons might be keen in a Drew Lock plus 9th overall for 4th overall deal.
    Zach Wilson would make for a good franchise QB

    • The Broncos are well-positioned to pick up a top OL with that #9 pick, without giving up any draft assets. No point in having RB, WR, TE or a QB without a good OL to open holes for the RB and give the QB time.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Fangio has proven that he is one of the best defensive minds in the league so he will certainly find a way to use Fuller to full advantage (pardon the pun).

  7. U812

    If you combine all the injuries, a inexperienced QB, rookie WRs, a new offense and no off season you get a tough year. The Broncos will surprise some people this year.
    #not fanboy raving

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