Jeffrey Lurie Wants Eagles To Prioritize Jalen Hurts As QB1

Rather than the Eagles using their No. 6 overall pick to bring in a potential future franchise quarterback, Jeffrey Lurie wants his team to operate with a Jalen Hurts-centric mindset this offseason.

The longtime Eagles owner would prefer the front office build around Hurts, per Chris Mortensen of, rather than bring in true competition for their 2020 second-round pick. The Eagles were expected to attempt to add competition for Hurts; the franchise’s focus may be shifting.

Following last month’s Carson Wentz trade, the Eagles were linked to potentially adding a first-round quarterback. Hurts started four games as a rookie, and while the ex-Alabama and Oklahoma standout provided a bit of a boost for a slumping offense late in the season, he completed 52% of his passes and struggled in his final two outings. Hurts does provide a rushing component that the Eagles did not have with Wentz, however.

Philadelphia’s quarterback situation has changed dramatically in recent weeks. The Eagles’ hiring process is believed to have taken on a Wentz-centric tone, with team brass then prioritizing a coach who could revive their since-traded passer’s career. After dealing the quarterback they once traded up for and then extended in 2019, the Eagles may well make a legitimate attempt to determine if Hurts is the answer.

Adding a quarterback at No. 6 would create true competition, but the Eagles may now be in the market for a later-round backup or veteran insurance behind Hurts. Philly could opt to add a wide receiver in Round 1 for the second straight year or auction off its pick to a QB-seeking team.

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16 comments on “Jeffrey Lurie Wants Eagles To Prioritize Jalen Hurts As QB1

  1. amk1920

    Zero faith in Roseman’s judgment of picking a WR. He’ll take some reach again.

  2. wildboys

    The Eagles are taking Kyle Pitts at #6
    It’s a no-brainer. Especially, if Ertz is gone. Pitts is a monster and will be a mismatch all over the field for opposing defenses

  3. CoachWe

    LOL. That kind of talk is for the MSM. The Eagles will NOT take Hurts seriously bc he is not a serious QB candidate long term. Great guy, great athlete, but not a serious QB for the future.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Seems rather pointless to use your top draft pick to create a QB competition when the OL is in a shambles.

    • phillyballers

      Except Penei Sewell will be gone before #6. So don’t be surprised if they trade back, take Pitts, Chase, or Smith.

  5. Now the last year plus makes sense…Lurie has a huge distaste for Pederson/Wentz.

  6. MileHighFan

    It is interesting to see the near constant rise and fall of NFL franchises. The Eagles are now on their way down and will likely take another 3-4 years to recover before they can again contend for their division.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Ironically, the “Circle of Life” seems to apply to everyone but the Lions who may never be kings.

  7. bumpy93

    the Eagles will take Chase, smith, or waddle with the number six overall pick or trade down two number nine with Denver pick up an extra second rounder and draft pitts

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