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Russell Wilson trade winds continue to blow, but this process may not reach that point in the near future. The Seahawks are not believed to be seriously listening to offers at this point, per Ian Rapoport of (video link).

The Bears’ rumored push for Wilson has yet to move the needle for the Seahawks, Rapoport adds, though it is unclear if an offer has come from Chicago. The Seahawks have received calls on Wilson since around Super Bowl LV, after which he took his concerns about his situation public.

While Wilson and Pete Carroll were viewed to be at odds at points last season, the two Seattle power brokers have spoken periodically this offseason, Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler of report (Insider link). This communication has not progressed to a sitdown meeting between the longtime coworkers, but it would back up talk about the Seahawks being uninterested in moving their franchise quarterback.

It would cost the Seahawks $39MM in dead money to deal Wilson before June 1 — by far a record dead-cap hit — and it would certainly be a major hit to the team’s contention hopes were it to unload the best quarterback in franchise history. Wilson has not formally requested a trade but has identified four destinations. Three of those — the Bears, Raiders and Saints — would remain viable, with the Cowboys having extended Dak Prescott last week.

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25 comments on “Latest On Seahawks, Russell Wilson

    • joeyrocafella

      With a Superbowl ring. I don’t know what team you root for, butnunless you’re a Chiefs or Packers fan I’d jump all over a deal for Wilson

      • wrigleyhawkeye

        He’s a prima-donna. He’s a good QB who rode the defenses coattails to a pair of Super Bowls. Now hindered by his salary cap they can’t afford to keep that defense around him and he’s not good enough to carry a B squad team on his back.

        • martevious

          He is a very good QB, actually. With a good line, and good receivers, he is arguably the best QB in the league. You obviously haven’t seen him throw the ball.

  1. UaintsGotsToLieCraig

    I hope everyone who wanted to enter this fever/pipe dream got what they needed…nothing more than an entertaining debate. It has and will remain incredibly unlikely the Seahawks would deal Russ this offseason.

  2. arty!

    Jags should offer the 1st pick straight up for Russ. Franchise QB for franchise QB (so they say about Trevor). Then use their 2nd pick on either OL or WR, same for their 2nd round pick.

      • arty!

        I have no idea if the Hawks would be game. It was just a proposal. Seattle takes the cap hit now w/ a rookie QB, whereas Jax gets an established stud w/ a HC most likely to bail by year 4 or 5.

        • larkraxm

          Lawerence might get you RW but it would take even more picks to pay for the cap hit. If Stafford is worth Goff and two first rounders than RW and a 40 million cap hit is worth 3 or 4. It’s why he won’t be traded.

          • MajorLeague79

            100 percent agree with you. It’s the only reason he doesn’t get traded.

      • fathead0507

        Seahawks would take the cap hit to get TLaw .. he’s gonna be worth that $39mill hit and then some over the course of the rookie deal

        • arty!

          That was my thought. Trade a bonafide stud for one that should be, but cheaper for 3 years.

  3. M Haworth

    Wilson isn’t getting traded this offseason no matter how much the media makes crap up. It’s just absurd that people believe this garbage.

  4. chawk12thman

    I’m with the Seahawks on this one. I’m not listening to rumors about trading Russell, either.

    • martevious

      I’m surprised they haven’t reworked his contract. Everyone else is doing that. I’m not sure Schneider/Carroll are very good businessmen. Sign a QB to $35 mil a year, but then handcuff him with the offense you run. If they want to be a run/oriented team, they shouldn’t be paying their QB like they have a pass-oriented offense.
      They need to trade Russell, or move on from Pete. Pete is starting to get a little stale.

  5. compassrose

    I don’t know I would think Lawrence would be interesting to Pete. He would fit the O scheme better. I agree it would take a bit more. Maybe next years #1 also. Russ could be open to Jax because turning them around and taking them to a SB or close would stroke his ego. Also if this comes out as a true scenario and Lawrence is clause to being as good as billed Pete would be destroyed.

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