Rams To Sign DeSean Jackson

Mar. 25: Financial details are in. Per Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic (via Twitter), Jackson’s one-year deal will include a $2.75MM base salary. D-Jax also has significant playing-time incentives, as he will earn $103K for each game that he is on the active gameday roster and an additional $1.25MM if he plays at least 50% of the Rams’ offensive snaps and the team “improves” (presumably, that means that LA wins more than the 10 games it won in 2020).

There are also $1MM in playoff incentives, so Jackson’s deal will max out at roughly $6.75MM. His cap number, though, checks in at $3.26MM.

Mar. 21: Sean McVay’s offense is adding another big name. The Rams are signing free agent receiver DeSean Jackson, a source told Mike Garafolo of NFL Network (Twitter link). It’s a one-year deal.

McVay personally reached out to help recruit Jackson, Garafolo notes in a follow-up tweet. Financial terms weren’t immediately available, and they’ll be interesting to see considering Jackson is now 34 and has only played eight total games over the last two years. As many were quick to point out, this fills a big need for Los Angeles as they had been lacking a speed receiver since trading away Brandin Cooks.

Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods are both very quality options, but neither of them are deep threat field-stretchers. Jackson’s presence, assuming he’s able to stay healthy, should now open up a lot of things underneath for everybody else. Matthew Stafford is going to have a very solid group of receivers to throw to in his first year with the Rams.

Jackson started his career with the Eagles in 2008, then had stops in Washington and Tampa Bay before heading back to Philly for the past two years. The three-time Pro Bowler could be a big addition if he’s got anything left in the tank, and as recently as 2018 with the Bucs he still led the league in yards per reception at 18.9.

The Eagles released him in a cost-saving move last month, and we hadn’t heard of any known interest in Jackson since then. He had 14 catches for 236 yards and a touchdown in five games last year.

The Cal product is certainly nearing the end of his career, but hopefully he can still make a few of his patented splash plays in 2021. With the moves he’s made this offseason, McVay’s offense is trending toward looking more like the exciting and electrifying units we saw in his first couple of years as coach.

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30 comments on “Rams To Sign DeSean Jackson

  1. Thronson5

    The guy can’t stay on the field. Seems to still have the wheels though. Not sure how it’ll work out for them, should be the type of deal where he has to actually play to really see any decent type of pay. Just don’t know how they can even afford it, last I heard they were over the cap lol

  2. Chassoo

    As a Ram I’m not thrilled with this signing. Too old and can’t stay healthy.

    • Brown Trout Fisherman

      You are a ram? They didn’t pay much for him. This is a good pick up for them with a little risk.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        lol … does make me wonder sometimes if players read these comments or even comment themselves sometimes.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Any comment containing the word “dope” can probably be attributed to Dez Bryant.

  3. rxbrgr

    The local synagogue will undoubtedly be throwing him a “Welcome to LA” party soon.

  4. Dingus

    Team will take a step back next year. Defense won’t be as good, especially in the secondary, and no draft picks to get impact players.

    • dussduss

      Dingus- you think they’re going to take a step back from 10 wins and be a 9 win team or less and not make the playoffs?

      • Dingus

        They’ll contend for a playoff spot. San Francisco will be healthier and may win the division again.

    • amk1920

      Just the opposite, Rams will contend for best record in the conference. McVay and Snead are excellent drafters and the players they lost were either later picks or UDFA. Made a massive QB upgrade and still have their core. People make the same ridiculous comments every year when the Rams lose their mid-lower tier free agents.

      • bravesfan88

        They better do a good job replacing those guys and hit on the draft then, because their DL and their secondary needs some help and depth…

        Akers will be a beast this upcoming season though, watchout!! If used as an every down back, he could be a top5 fantasy RB

        Either way, health is the name of the game for this division. If the Rams and 49ers can have their guys stay healthy, this division with the Seahawks and the Cardinals will be a real slugfest!!!

        • DODGER JR

          The Rams secondary will be just fine. They have a bunch of young kids just waiting for their chance. Johnson and Hill will be just like all the other busts that have left the Rams. Fowler, Cooks, Littleton, Zuerlein, Robey-Coleman, Gurley all have seen their careers so South after they left the Rams. It’s the system that makes the player not the other way around. Look at Floyd, he was on the downside until he came to the Rams and look what happened.

    • arty!

      I think Seattle is the team that’ll step back next year. QB vs HC fighting isn’t a way to build a winning team.

    • thenoise

      you mean 3-4 big games a year, and the rest duds. But the “overall numbers” look “ok”

      • rtr1redrockets

        I mean good luck keeping him on the field. injuries. injuries. injuries

      • cka2nd

        In his best years, he did better than “3-4 big games a year, and the rest duds:”

        2009 – five games over 100 yards, two more over 90 yards, and four more with fewer yards but a TD. That’s 11 productive games.
        2010 – four games over 100 yards, one over 90, one over 80, and one under 80 but with a TD. 7 productive games.
        2011 – two games over 100 yards, four with between 80 and 99, and one under 80 with a TD. 7 non-“duds.”
        2013 – five games over 100 yards, two more with 80 or more yards, and two with fewer yards but a combined 3 TD’s. 9 non-“duds.”
        2014 – six games with over 100 yards, and two with over 80 yards and a TD, each. 8 non-“duds.”
        2016 – five games with over 100 yards and one over 90, with one with less yards but a TD. 7 non-“duds.”

  5. real_ttebow_

    Really liking the team weve put together this year. Watching Goff play his mediocre, safe game week after week was tiring, but this offense has some serious potential. Hoping Jackson can stretch the field and help groom Jefferson into the deep threat jump ball receiver we need. The defense will likely take a step back, losing Brockers, Johnson and Hill, but we’ve drafted very capable secondary pieces in Fuller, Rapp, and Burgess, so I’m more worried about a suddenly thin d-line. I wish we had the cap space to retain guys like Brockers and Blythe, but I trust the draft success of Snead and McVay to cover up those holes.


      The so called experts said the same thing about the Rams Defense last off season when they lost Littleton and Fowler and how did that work out? They ended up with one of the top D’s in the league.


      It was Brockers fault he left as the Rams wanted him to restructure his deal and he refused. Donald, Ramsey, Kupp and Woods all restructured their deals to free up cap space and this guy refused so now he gets to go to Siberia to play for one of the 3 worst teams in the league.

  6. Simmons>Russ

    Rams gave up some of its elite defence for a better offence this offseason. I think they will still be good defensively and should be good offensively. 10 wins again.

    Stafford Kupp Woods Jackson Jefferson Akers Higbee that’s a good amount of skill.
    Not to mention Baltimore’s defence got worse, Atlanta sucks on defence and the Niners just lost Robert Salah, Richard Sherman, Solomon Thomas and Kendrick Bourne. Meaning the defence shouldn’t be as strong and they have a small hole with their receivers. Rams will be pretty good.

    Would love to see Jalen Ramsey reach out to AJ Bouye and try recruit him. They okayed together in Jacksonville and he would be a solid replacement even if it’s only for 1 year

    • bravesfan88

      49ers just have to stay healthy, and they’ll be just fine. They could definitely afford to add a safety to pair with Ward, a 3rd WR, and a slot guy, but if they fill those holes they are as complete as anyone in the West..

  7. Polish Hammer

    Congrats…hope he doesn’t pull a hammy walking to the podium or strain a muscle signing the contract. Guy just wants to be on a team and pull paychecks anymore..and sometimes actually play on Sunday.

  8. paulk-2

    Guy hasn’t been a factor in the NFL for 7 years but the name sounds good. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

  9. Polish Hammer

    “as he will earn $103K for each game that he is on the active gameday roster”

    Over/Under @ 5 games that he’ll “tweak” something and shut it down in the 1st quarter…

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