Ravens Offered T.Y. Hilton More Than Colts

After a report emerged indicating the Ravens out-offered the Steelers for JuJu Smith-Schuster, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com notes the team also submitted T.Y. Hilton a better offer than the Colts did (video link).

Hilton agreed to stay with the Colts on a one-year, $8MM pact. All $8MM is guaranteed, with the Colts including $2MM in incentives. The 31-year-old wide receiver has spent his entire career in Indianapolis and will now team with a fourth starting quarterback in four years, agreeing to become perhaps the centerpiece target of a Carson Wentz-led attack.

The four-time Pro Bowler said he was on the cusp of becoming a Raven, being dissatisfied with a Colts offer as late as Wednesday afternoon. A Jim Irsay call helped influence Hilton to stay in Indianapolis.

I was almost gone. Five seconds away, man. That was it,” Hilton said during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show of his prospects of joining the Ravens (via Fox 59’s Mike Chappell). “I’ve been talking to (the Ravens) the whole time. They came in and made a great push at the end and they wanted to get it done.”

Baltimore’s offer may have exceeded Indy’s by a notable amount, with Hilton saying he would have “made more money the day I signed (with the Ravens) than my whole contract with Indy.” Hilton committed to picking a destination Wednesday and said he was set to move on after hearing what may have been the Colts’ penultimate offer.

I’ve been texting Chris Ballard the while time,” Hilton said. “By 2:30, I’m like, ‘By 3:00, I’m signing somewhere. Wherever it’s at, I’m signing.’ Then 2:55 I got off the phone with Chris and I’m like, ‘Are we going to get this thing done? How can we get this done?

… I’m like, ‘It’s all right. I guess it’s good for me to go to this next team. As soon as I close his message, Irsay texted me.”

It is unclear how big the gap between the Baltimore and Indianapolis offers was, but Hilton’s decision represents a win for a Colts team that featured a void at receiver. As a result of the Colts’ 11th-hour push to keep their nine-year weapon, the Ravens’ receiver deficiency remains.

The Ravens were not expected to be aggressive for a No. 1 wide receiver, but their actions have shown they want a veteran to join their Marquise Brown-led group. They pursued Kenny Golladay and offered Smith-Schuster $9MM, with $4MM through incentives. That offer topped Pittsburgh’s. Both players committed elsewhere. Sammy Watkins is also on Baltimore’s radar, having visited last week. Watkins also visited the Colts but remains a free agent.

Baltimore has missed out on most of the big-name targets. It should not be considered a surprise that veteran receivers are not especially eager to become part of the NFL’s run-heaviest offense. John Harbaugh said in January the Ravens would love to add at this position but indicated the team’s winning culture, not its propensity (or lack thereof) for helping receivers to big numbers, would be what drove wideouts to Baltimore. So far, this year’s top available wideouts have been unwilling to sign on.

Since the Ravens retooled their offense around Lamar Jackson, they have made the playoffs three times and re-established themselves as an AFC power. However, their passing attack ranked last in 2020 and 27th in 2019. While Brown did improve in his second season, compiling 769 receiving yards, the team has sought bigger-name players to join him. The Ravens, as they did when they acquired Brown and Miles Boykin, may need to look to the draft to upgrade at receiver. In addition to Watkins, Golden Tate, Adam Humphries and Dede Westbrook are some of the names available. Antonio Brown, Marquise’s cousin that was connected to the Ravens last year, is still unsigned as well.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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28 comments on “Ravens Offered T.Y. Hilton More Than Colts

  1. imindless

    Jackson isn’t a good qb, more of a taysom hill type player. Wonder how long ravens sit there before realizing

    • OhthePossibilities

      if you watched the Ravens on a regular basis, you’d realize you’re spouting nonsense

      • Black Ace57

        Jackson isn’t Tayson Hill bad, but he is a good stats in the regular season guy. It reminds me of the San Jose Sharks in hockey or a team in the NBA that is great in fast break, but struggles in the half court offense game. As long as Jackson is healthy and mobile the Ravens will do well in the regular season, but they will always struggle come playoff time.

      • bearsfan49055

        Then why won’t any of the good FA receivers sign with Baltimore? Because Jackson can’t throw for s&@t.

        • OhthePossibilities

          No, it’s because Greg Roman schemed offenses devalue the WR position by design. You’re too caught up in listening to talking heads that get paid to make hot taeks. If Jackson couldn’t throw, he wouldn’t have led the league in TD passes in 2019.

        • higgy5220

          Haha as a bears fan you aren’t aloud to comment on other teams quarterback situations

          • dray16

            it’s “allowed”, if you’re going to rip on someone try not to make yourself look dumb

  2. Black Ace57

    The Ravens and Jackson remind me of the Colorado Rockies. Colorado always has issues convincing pitchers to sign with them thanks to the altitude they play at and how it hurts pitching numbers. As long as they play this style it is in no WR’s interest in being a Raven.

      • Black Ace57

        That could be true as well. I guess we would have to see how Jackson does with a different OC.

        • OhthePossibilities

          Or you could just look at Roman’s past offenses… generally one WR and one TE will get theirs and then everyone else gets the scraps.
          2011: Crabtree 874 yds, Vernon Davis 792 yds, next is Josh Morgan w/ 220 yds
          2012: Crabtree 1105 yds, Davis 548 yds, Mario Manningham 449 yds
          2013: Boldin 1179 yds, Davis 850 yds, Crabtree in 5 games 284 yds
          2014: Boldin 1062 yds, Crabtree 698 yds, and then Davis gets 245 yds that year
          2015: Sammy Watkins 1047 yds, Robert Woods 552 yds, TE Charles Clay 525 yds
          2016: Woods 613 yds, Clay 552 yds, then Watkins in 8 games 430 yds, w/ Marquise Goodwin putting up 431 yds in 16 games
          2019: Marquise Brown 584 yds, Mark Andreews 852 yds and then Hayden Hurst, Nick Boyle and Willie Snead all around 350 yds
          2020: Brown 769 yds, Andrews 701 yds, Snead 432 yds (in a season where all missed a few games due to COVID)

          The trend is there though. Generally only 1 WR and 1 TE can thrive in a Roman scheme because of the passing game he designs.

          • californiatribesman

            Precisely. His passing offense is subpar and players know this. I wish Lamar would speak up about this issue. We all know what the real problem is.

    • They need blocking WR’s. Better to get them big, young and hungry. Spoiled old veteran prima donna receivers want to catch footballs, not block linebackers.

  3. dalton2green22

    I think of the ravens as a web run maybe 1 or 2 times in 3 downs. Jackson does not look like a true passer and receivers know that. If your talented enough to be a receiver and popular you want to be in an offense that has a true throw first win

    • jasonpen

      TYs problem is he’s constantly double covered. That’ll change next year. I expect 70/1100/8. Big rebound year.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Maybe he considered $8 million to be money after he factored in his own contentment?

  4. kevincwilson

    I figured he was more comfortable in Indy. There’s a human element to this. Guys can wanna stay out simply because they’ve been in one place for their entire careers and would rather be loyal to the team that originally took a chance on em. Have a home there, family being built in that city, kids are in school there, etc

  5. mgraub00

    I hope Irsay didn’t go over Ballard’s head with this one. Sounds like that might have happened. At least it’s only one year. Good deal for the team and the player.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m not sure how an owner can go over the head of an employee but it’s abundantly clear the Colts FO understands much better than many teams how important extending respect to veteran players is.

  6. calvinisthobbesian

    TY may end up regretting his decision. As a Colts fan I’m happy he’s staying, but I’m certainly not sold on Wentz as the quarterback answer. I really think that TY would have a better Super Bowl shot with the Ravens over the next 2-3 years than he will with the Colts. Jackson may not be the world’s greatest passer, but he sure had a better 2020 than Wentz.

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