Seahawks Release Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon officially won’t be returning to the NFL with the Seahawks. Seattle has released the embattled wide receiver, as Tom Pelissero of NFL Network tweets.

It’s an expected move, especially after we heard last week that Gordon was planning on playing in the startup Fan Controlled Football League that’s affiliated with his close friend Johnny Manziel. Gordon is still only 29 and could theoretically always return to the NFL one day, but clearly Seattle doesn’t have any intention of waiting around any longer. Back in January, the league rescinded Gordon’s reinstatement and he’s now suspended indefinitely again.

Gordon appeared on the verge of taking the field for a while, and was activated to the roster by the Seahawks in December, but ultimately his personal issues got in the way once again. Of course, he never ended up playing in a game for Seattle in 2020. He played in six games with the Patriots and five with the Seahawks in 2019.

The team appeared committed to developing him into a new weapon for Russell Wilson at a low price, but it never worked out and included plenty of hiccups along the way. Never say never with Gordon, but it appears likely at this point that he’s played his final NFL down. It feels like a lifetime ago that he had his 1,646 yard and nine touchdown season with Cleveland back in 2013.

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18 comments on “Seahawks Release Josh Gordon

  1. stryk3istrukuout

    I’d say go to the Rams, but he clearly just doesn’t want to play

  2. nentwigs

    Gordon needs to address his personal issues and bury his personal demons BEFORE thinking about playing football.

    • DarkSide830

      and to be honest with the fact that they’ve reinstated many players but not him, it seens like they are taking a stance here. what I interpret this as is they will give you another chance if they really believe you’re taking the recovery thing seriously, but if you arent making progress they arent going to just cave and say “forget it, you’re good.”

      • compassrose

        He was reinstated to practice with the team and the week he was supposed to be able to play he skipped a drug test. I don’t think he failed a test just skipped it. It was the same as him failing one at the point he was at.

        I was not all that excited when I saw they signed him. He failed too many tests. Then he was supposedly doing so well in Seattle maybe the guys were helping him. Then he was suspended again at the end of the season and I was done. Then they signed him again to never play a down.

        It wasn’t they refused to reinstate him he was going to be reinstated and screwed up again. This is not on the league it is all in him. The point they should not be testing for pot is another discussion. I still remember Goodell saying they would have to study pot more because they don’t want players putting something harmful in their bodies. Unlike the synthesized heroin they hand out like candy. I wonder if they get as kick back for the drugs they give out.

  3. MileHighFan

    Gordon is now 29 – which is about the time receivers start to fall off in performance. He has played 83 games – less than half of the games possible during his career. But the biggest knock going forward is he hasn’t shown anything resembling his rookie/sophomore performance in the last 6+ years.

  4. bhd360

    I’d say this is the final chapter for Josh. It’s a damn shame the league did what they did to this guy. Heaven forbid he smoke some weed instead of chugging pain killers like the league is completely alright with.

  5. rusty.coqbern

    No drug tests in Manziel’s league I guess (sounds like a fun league actually).. hahaha

  6. compassrose

    Johnny Douche Bag the face of a league that will last a couple years maybe.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    There aren’t many NFL players that can make a career out of having no career. Looking forward to his book tour and impending movie.

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