Seahawks Shut Down Bears’ Russell Wilson Push

The Bears made a move to address their uncertain quarterback situation Tuesday afternoon. It was not the splash most Chicagoans likely wanted, but Andy Dalton has a connection with OC Bill Lazor and nine-plus years’ worth of starter experience.

However, Chicago did begin a “very aggressive” Russell Wilson pursuit, Adam Schefter of tweets. Thus far, the Bears have been the team most closely connected to making a run at the somewhat disgruntled Seahawk, but Seattle has thus far rebuffed any trade inquiries. The Seahawks informed the Bears they are not trading Wilson at this time, Schefter adds.

The “at this time” part of this report certainly sticks out, but Wilson has not requested a trade and has spoken periodically with Pete Carroll during this saga. Wilson expressed frustration at points last season and made it known he would like the Seahawks to better address their offensive line. They have yet to do so during the legal tampering period, but the team did receive Wilson’s blessing when hiring OC Shane Waldron earlier this offseason.

Chicago now has Dalton and Nick Foles on its roster. While the team may well continue to try to acquire Seattle’s superstar QB, potentially including one of its veteran passers in a trade package that would need to be fronted by far better pieces, the Seahawks have put the Wilson-to-Chicago rumors to rest for the time being.

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20 comments on “Seahawks Shut Down Bears’ Russell Wilson Push

  1. Simmons>Russ

    What If you traded Watson or Wilson straight full contracts and everything with no dead cap and stuff.

    I bet Watson complains about the o line and looks average and Wilson would be a beast with a better line, 2 decent RBs and a couple receivers. They would probably want to find a TE but it would make for an interesting situation.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Texans would be huge winners but Seahawks would have a very bright future with Carson, Metcalf and Watson.

      • amk1920

        Texans would not be huge winners. Watson is 6 years younger and a better player.

        • And the Seahawks line is not as bad as Russell would have you believe. 25% of the sacks he took last year were deemed to be his own fault.

        • Simmons>Russ

          It would be in upgrade in the fact Watson has demanded a trade and desperately wants out. The team is in turmoil with every star player wanting out, it’s just a shambles. If you managed to trade Watson for a real leader like Wilson who’s actually the better player you’d be doing great.

          Wilson would have better protection in Houston, still a decent running game, not quite the same level receivers but more options. Plus if he could turn it around he would look amazing, would be a sure thing for MVP.

          Watson in Seattle would be crazy good for the future. He probably would end up sacked less than Wilson while still putting up amazing numbers too.

          Would be a win win situation.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah I couldn’t see him wanting to come that much either but in fairness there’s a better line, about the same level running game but slight drop in terms of receivers. Still the Texans GM could say he will get you one or two players whoever you want. Something Pete Carroll and the Seahawks aren’t quite allowing

  2. “The team did receive Wilson’s blessing when hiring OC Shane Waldron earlier this offseason”

    How nice of Russ. What an arrogant jerk “Mr. Unlimited” is. My god. You’re a player, Russ, not the GM or the owner!

    • Richdanna

      Always good to judge an athlete’s character based on a single line of a journalist’s article.

  3. Hound_333

    I get what your saying but if these three things happened today
    1. The owner sold the team
    2. the GM was fired
    3. RW decides to retire

    Of those three, which has the most direct impact on winning games.

    You take care of your talent

  4. ChiSoxCity

    Dumbest team in the NFL.

    How many decades do they need to figure this out? No QB—no championship.

    • PapiShango

      Sadly you are 100% right. They actually might be the dumbest owners in all of sports. Certainly near the top.

      • cubsnomore

        The only way this gets better is for every Bears to become Packers fans. As long as people show up to games and but merch, McCaskey has no reason to change anything.

  5. phillyballers

    They seriously offered 3 1sts 1 3rd and 2 players that could have been Mack and Hicks?

    Are the Hawks drunk? Take that deal today.

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