Justin Fields, Trey Lance Considering Holding Second Pro Days?

In moving up to No. 3 overall, the 49ers shook up the draft late last month. They revealed the move was for a quarterback, and Kyle Shanahan added that he is already comfortable with three passers in this draft. The fifth-year San Francisco HC added that he could get there with the other two top QB prospects as well.

It is not known which members of this draft’s quarterback quintet fall into which category, but two prospects are considering adjusting their offseason itineraries as a result of the 49ers’ trade. Justin Fields and Trey Lance are considering staging second pro days in order to throw in front of top 49ers brass, Albert Breer of SI.com notes.

Neither Shanahan nor 49ers GM John Lynch attended North Dakota State’s pro day March 12, with the team’s top two power brokers not wanting to tip their hands ahead of the trade. Ohio State’s pro day occurred on Tuesday, overlapping with Alabama’s second pro day. Shanahan and Lynch opted to trek to Tuscaloosa for Mac Jones‘ workout, though it was expected Shanahan would meet with Fields at some point as well. Shanahan confirmed Jones is under consideration for the No. 3 pick, per NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport (video link).

With the COVID-19 pandemic nixing private workouts for a second straight year, any additional throwing sessions would need to be on campus and would be open for all teams to attend. It would certainly be interesting if Fields and Lance conducting additional pro days with the purpose of auditioning for one franchise, but the Jaguars and Jets have been heavily connected to Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. The 49ers’ direction is less certain, though Jones has recently been linked by multiple experts to go third overall. ESPN.com’s Todd McShay now mocks Jones to the 49ers. Prior to the trade, Mel Kiper Jr. had Jones falling to No. 15.

Should the 49ers draft Jones, Fields and Lance could fall out of the top five. But neither should be expected to drop too far, with several teams — both in and out of the top 10 — in need of a hopeful franchise quarterback.

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15 comments on “Justin Fields, Trey Lance Considering Holding Second Pro Days?

  1. IBackTheNats6

    Would probably be a good idea for lance considering his lack of college playtime this year

    • Polish Hammer

      Just the opposite IMO, his stock couldn’t be any higher at the moment and a second showing would only hurt him. I also believe he’s a tremendous reach and will be a bust where he’s expected to be taken.

      • Michael Chaney

        I agree with everything you just said. He seems like a huge bust to me, but there’s also no sense in jeopardizing his value right now because it can’t really get much higher.

        • Polish Hammer

          Everyone usually questions the quality of competition with an FCS player, but you also must question the quantity of competition as well. He played 1 FCS season, and he had tremendous stats, but are you going off 1 lower level season for a #1 or #2 overall pick and have to sit him right away to grasp the role? The offense they ran and the passes he threw did not require him to be Peyton Manning back there. I’ve actually seen quite a bit of his limited play and I wish him well, I just think he’s quite the reach.

  2. padam

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers draft Jones with the 3rd pick. They did it knowing for certain the first two picks are Lawrence and Wilson. And if Wilson for some reason falls to them, even better. I’m sure they had the Pats in mind when making the deal and just wanted to ensure themselves without stressing that they got one of the two.

    • j_butte

      It’s all a smokescreen , 49ers are taking Fields. Physically, he’s head and shoulders above every quarterback in the draft. They didn’t go to his pro day for a reason. Fields is a little bit like Jay Cutler and Kyle’s daddy loved him. Mike Shanahan also skipped Cutlers pro day before moving up to draft him.

    • KHE

      Why would they trade up to #3 and give the next 2 yrs 1st round picks for a player that almost every single Mock Draft had going between 12 and 30 in this yrs draft. That makes Zero Sense. I can see them take Zach “IF” he falls to #3 or maybe Fields (Fields is way better than Lance).

  3. MileHighFan

    A waste of time. The 49’ers didn’t throw away two 1st round picks (and swap another) if they didn’t already have their mind made up on who they were going to pick.

    • This trade was madness. The only QB here who is a sure thing is Lawrence and he’s not available at #3. The 49ers might get lucky, but that was a high price to pay for throwing darts against a wall.

  4. Buzz Saw

    Maybe they are trying too hard to appease all the couch QB’s who think Jimmy G is an awful QB who will never get them to a Super Bowl. Oh wait…

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      They did everything despite Jimmy G. The only thing that was because of was losing.

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