PFR Poll: Will The 49ers Trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

There’s an old saying in the business world: “Don’t tell them ‘no.’ Tell ’em how much it’ll cost.” That seems to be the 49ers’ approach when it comes to Jimmy Garoppolo. There’s at least some level of interest in the quarterback, but the asking price has been set at a first-round pick, according to one recent report. Meanwhile, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler has heard similar chatter of a first or high-second round pick (h/t Bleacher Report). 

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The Niners only gave up a second-round pick for Garoppolo back when his stock was at its peak, so it seems unlikely that any team will be willing to cough up more. Last year, the Niners went 3-3 in the six games he started, and Garoppolo completed 67.1% of his passes for 1,096 yards and seven touchdowns against five interceptions. That’s a far cry from his best work two years ago, when he was under center for the Super Bowl. In 2019, he racked up 3,978 passing yards and 27 touchdowns (with 13 INTs) en route to the NFC title.

Even after trading up to the No. 3 pick, the Niners are insistent that Garoppolo will be in the fold for 2021. Beyond that, the job will probably belong to one of this year’s top QB prospects — Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, or, perhaps, BYU standout Zach Wilson, if he gets past the Jets.

No one’s going to send a first-round pick to SF for Garoppolo – we can say that with confidence. Would a QB-needy team offer a third-round pick for him? That seems possible, especially since the Patriots are far from sold on Cam Newton as their starter. The Bears could also give that some thought, even though they insist that Andy Dalton will be their guy in 2021.

Assuming that no one meets the 49ers’ initial ask, do you envision the Niners trading Garoppolo between now and September? Cast your vote below (link for app users) and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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13 comments on “PFR Poll: Will The 49ers Trade Jimmy Garoppolo?

    • Stabby McShank

      Lol. No. You all stuck with Suck Newton and 8/9 this year. Stop you all’s fantasies….

    • Should have to trade him back to the Pats for not more than a second (what they sent as a trade). 49ers got a few years free use of Garoppolo, it would be fair.

  1. martevious

    They won’t trade him, simply because no one is going to give up anything for him.

  2. rdcortes80

    I don’t think they will trade him before Sept because they want to see first the rookie QB running the offense during training camp. However, after Sept, a team needed of a QB (because a season ending injury) could pay the 1st round tender. Also, if the rookie QB translate well into 49ers offense, Jimmy G won’t last after the trading deadline if someone comes with a 2nd round offer.

  3. case7187

    Not if they don’t change their asking price and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s any team other than the pats I think they will wait till he’s cut next yr and just use Cam this yr

  4. real_ttebow_

    i think he stays put. in my eyes darnold was a more valuable asset, without the injury history and with age and draft pedigree playing a big role. the niners wont drop their asking price from a first to a darnold-like package

  5. tedtheodorelogan

    Whoever the Niners draft should sit and learn for a year, or at least until Jimmy gets hurt.

  6. coach_cadillac

    The Jets traded Darnold. SF is going to trade JG to the Jets and they will swap the number 2 and three picks. Atlanta will trade Matt Ryan to SF and next years first round pick for the number 2 pick this year. Both NY and the Jets only move back one position, and can still pick up one of the top four QBs who can then sit behind JG and Ryan until they are ready to start.

  7. bubbs

    it all depends on how quickly which QB who ever they pick hopefully it’s Justin Fields but who ever they pick if he is picking it up great he will be gone sooner rather than later

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