NFL Waiver Priority For Week 4

Starting today, the NFL’s waiver claim order will be reflective of 2021 records, rather than 2020, as’s Field Yates tweets. As is the case with the NFL Draft, the order of priority is inverted based on win/loss record.

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In cases of ties – and there are many at this stage of the season – they are broken by the cumulative record of the team’s previous opponents. For example, the Jaguars and Jets’ (0-3) opponents have a combined record of 7-2; they have priority over the Colts and Lions, whose opponents have a combined record of 6-3. If two teams with the same record, and same opponent record, happen to claim the same player (as would be the case with the Jaguars/Jets, Colts/Lions, and so on), the dispute is settled with a coin toss.

With that in mind, here’s the full rundown of every team’s current waiver priority as we get set for Week 4:

  • T-1. Jaguars
  • T-1. Jets
  • T-3. Colts
  • T-3. Lions
  • 5. Giants
  • T-6. Bears
  • T-6. Steelers
  • T-8: Chiefs
  • T-8: Dolphins
  • T-8: Vikings
  • T-11: Eagles
  • T-11: Texans
  • 13: Washington Football Team
  • T-14: Falcons
  • T-14: Patriots
  • T-14: Seahawks
  • T-17: Buccaneers
  • T-17: Saints
  • 19: Cowboys
  • T-20: Chargers
  • T-20: Packers
  • T-20: Ravens
  • T-20: Titans
  • T-24: 49ers
  • T-24: Bills
  • T-24: Bengals
  • T-24: Browns
  • 28: Raiders
  • T-29: Cardinals
  • T-29: Panthers
  • T-29: Rams
  • 32: Broncos
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