Dolphins Notes: Morris, Shelby, Moore, Jordan

The Dolphins expressed interest in free agent running back Alfred Morris before he signed with the Cowboys, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Miami, of course, signed Broncos restricted free agent C.J. Anderson to a four-year, $18MM offer sheet, only to see Denver eventually match the deal. The club has also eyed free agent options such as James Starks and Chris Johnson, and is now said to be exploring the trade market as its search for a back continues.

Let’s take a look at a few more items out of South Beach…

  • Morris wasn’t the only free agent whom the Dolphins initially targeted, per Jackson, who reports that Miami also showed interest in cornerback Patrick Robinson before he joined the Colts. Additionally, the Dolphins might have more strongly gone after fellow corner Josh Robinson had they known they’d have cap space available once Denver matched the offer to Anderson.
  • Among their own free agents, Miami reportedly did not contact defensive end Derrick Shelby “for months,” according to Jackson, before calling him at the last minute to ask if he’d accept $3MM. Shelby ultimately signed a $21MM deal with the Falcons.
  • Like Shelby, quarterback Matt Moore received the cold shoulder from the Dolphins as the club met with Brandon Weeden and, per Jackson, showed interest in Luke McCown before he re-signed with the Saints. Moore eventually re-signed with Miami after being endorsed by head coach Adam Gase, reports Jackson.
  • The Dolphins weren’t fans of this year’s class of free agent corners, which explains why they didn’t target any of the top-rated players on the board at that position.
  • Miami does still need secondary help, however, and as Jackson explains in a separate article, the Dolphins are studying the top cornerbacks available in the draft.
  • Jackson believes that former third overall pick Dion Jordan would make the Dolphins’ roster if he’s reinstated from his yearlong suspension.
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2 comments on “Dolphins Notes: Morris, Shelby, Moore, Jordan

    • Dick mangler

      Yep. That is glaring to me… Plus the whole transition tagging of OV when you’re telling me the top rated edge rusher in the latter part of last season would be able to score w a team a bonus over $50 MIL but wouldn’t trade at least a 2ND round pick for him!? Idiots. Just freaking incompetent when it comes to maximizing anything, just any freakin’ thing at all that you do. It never happens. Never goes the way a smart team has it go. And don’t even get me started on Lamar Miller & the cold shoulder they showed him his entire career here just so it could really just benefit the next team for whom he was to surely play for, and will peak for, and probably win for. But yes, the trade down from 8 to 13 is catastrophic in terms of the quality prospect you are now set to walk away with. For 2 players whom Philly couldn’t rid their roster of quick enough. For who? Demarco Murray? To switch 4th’s for?? Nope. Leave that to the Titans who look like geniuses next to our front office family of diverse serenity…. aka “losers”. Dawn Apponte is about the only one who does her job well. The rest are all set up to fail by the man whose got his fingers in all kinds of baked goods, Stephen “I think I own the Lakers” Ross. No, Stephie, this isn’t even the same sport of which you’re thinking….

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