QB Notes: Fitzpatrick, Kaepernick, Broncos

The Cardinals may play the Jets in mid-October, but Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer is still rooting for Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s pursuit of a new contract. The two signal-callers were teammates on the 2008 Bengals squad, and they remain good friends today. Palmer has been watching from afar as his free agent pal has been battling the Jets at the negotiation table.

“He’s a good friend of mine, he’s an ex-teammate of mine, and I know what he means to a locker room, I know what he means on the field,” Palmer said (via Dom Cosentino of NJ.com).

“He’s been a great player for them. I hope they take care of him the way they should because he means so much to that team, that team wants him there. They have a legit shot, with him at quarterback.”

Let’s check out some more notes pertaining to the league’s quarterbacks…


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4 comments on “QB Notes: Fitzpatrick, Kaepernick, Broncos

  1. json-api

    Gabbert is better. He’s more accurate and most importantly gets the ball out quicker which Kelly wants. We need to trade Kap. We will probably be one the three worst teams and we could draft Watson or the qb from Miami I think Brad Kaya. Or we can try to sign Tyrod.

    • qbwrecker

      Let’s not forget the QB’s that are currently working on the franchise tag that may or may not be extended. Cousins leads the way

  2. qbwrecker

    At this point, who would take him? His salary may turn some off and most teams are pretty set at QB. But for the sake of argument, who would trade for him? Jets??..if they were interested, he’d have been in green already and making the GF happy. Cleveland?? …see Jets. Denver??….that ship may have passed, unless all three QB’s don’t look good in preseason. So as of right now…if he loses the job to Blaine, he is a $14 million dollar backup.

  3. json-api

    I think the statement of Gabbert being a better fit is a bit of an understatement. As a Husky fan I hate Oregon but Marriotta seemed like a great kid. He is the anti Kap and can throw accurately on the move, or I should say just throw accurately. Doesn’t turn the ball over and made quick reads and the right reads. Now he had a little growing pains in the NFL which is to be expected but still much better than Kap. I don’t think Blaine is the long term solution and I truly hope you get a QB soon the rivalry was fun when talking to a fan that actually knew football and not the ignorant one that thinks we had no fans before we joined the NFC West. We did like all teams do when we started winning picked up some band wagon fans and they are annoying but the loyal fans that were there from the beginning are rabid. Our only downtime was when Behring owned the team and tried to take it to LA and the fans stopped the moving vans and the judge spotted him. Anyway hopefully you guys can get back to be competitive so we can get back the rivalry again and we won’t have to feel bad beating you in blue jeans stadium.


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