Jets Notes: Quarterbacks, Mangold, Revis

Geno Smith hasn’t shown the ability to lead a team during his four years in the league, but you can’t knock the quarterback’s confidence. Talking to Fred Kerber of the New York Post, the 26-year-old said he agrees with his mother when she says the signal-caller’s best is yet to come.

“My mom told me something that was pretty special,” Smith said. “She’d been going to my games since I was a kid and never missed a game. And these past few years, I missed more games than I missed in my life and she said, ‘There’s always a time for that, there’s always a season where you feel like things aren’t going right. And then what comes after that is usually the best part of your life.’

For what it’s worth, ESPN’s Rich Cimini (via Twitter) wouldn’t rule out Smith sticking around with the Jets in 2017, but he ultimately believes it’s “unlikely.” Smith is set to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

Let’s take a look at some more notes out of the Big Apple…

  • Speaking of quarterbacks, Cimini can’t envision the team cutting bait with Bryce Petty (Twitter link). Furthermore, even considering Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s impending free agency, the writer can’t see the team selecting a quarterback in this year’s draft. Instead, Cimini points to a pair of veteran quarterbacks the Jets could pursue: Mike Glennon and Jay Cutler.
  • Jason Fitzgerald of believes the Jets could cut veteran offensive lineman Nick Mangold this offseason. However, the writer cautions that the team could offer him a “token pay cut” like they did with D’Brickashaw Ferguson.
  • Ralph Vacchiano of SNY writes that it “remains possible” that cornerback Darrelle Revis could return to the Jets next season. Fitzgerald tweets that the Jets are on the hook for $6MM of Revis’ salary, so they might as well get some return on the investment. Earlier this week, the veteran cornerback dismissed reports that he’s ready to retire.
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3 comments on “Jets Notes: Quarterbacks, Mangold, Revis

  1. I Call it like I See It

    Wow, what a mess the Jets have become. Personally I think it is because they refuse to just tear the team down and start over. Always trying to plug in that aging veteran for big money, feeling they are 1 or 2 players away is not the answer. The QB position is a joke, not only to the fans, sports writers but also the rest of the league. I understand bringing back Fitzpatrick on a 1 year team friendly deal in order to ‘redshirt’ both Petty and Hackenberg, but now that the season is all but over, let’s give those guys some playing time to see what they are, or can be. The problem in my mind is they either feel both are not worth giving playing time to. In which case they have no future with the team. Or, more likely the HC and GM are trying to win as many games as possible to to save their jobs.
    Either way, they must look forward to next year and develop young talent, look at aging, under producing, expensive veterans and see if they are worth it going forward. Until the Jets finally decide to break the team down in order to build it up they will continue their cycle of being just another 8-8, 9-7 team and always playing for the wild card spot behind the Patriots.

    • noone12345

      What a mess they’ve become? They’ve been a mess for a while…

  2. Dual Vet

    A complete rebuild isn’t necessary. They need to flip one of their defensive ends for a 1st (next years draft)n a 3rd (this years draft) if they can, if there is lil interest, take what they can to fix the o line this year, or add another player or lower round draft picks to get that 1 and 3.I’m gonna catch heat for this, but, release Fitz, resign him at value, yeah he has blown donkey Richard, this year, but a lot has to do with having little time to throw, and bc of that receivers are not open, and Fitz is forcing his throws. Now hopefully the o line is more stable and can buy Whoever is starting qb (Fitz, Petty, or Hack, hopefully petty or hack and let Fitz mentor them.) more time, and create better gaps for the backs. I’m even for taking a RB with this years 1st n using the later rounds to fix the line. Now for those two 1st round picks, use those two 1st round picks to move to the top to grab a qb, next year. Now at the very least they have a young line that can grow with there qb and rb, while they already have an interesting bunch of young wrs that’ll hopefully continue to grow and carry said young qb.

    I’m not saying this is what they should do, this is what I’d like as a fan, Some may disagree. The jets have been in every game this year except that kc debacle. Its not all Fitz fault, a play here and a play there they win most of those games, either way whoever the qb is next year they’ll have an easier schedule and folks will forget about this year.


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