Bears, Mike Glennon Agree To $45MM Deal

It won’t be official until later today, but it sounds like Mike Glennon and the Bears have agreed to terms. When it’s all final, Glennon’s pact is expected to be a three-year deal at an average salary of $14.5MM per year, a source tells Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). Adam Schefter of (on Twitter) hears it will be a three-year, $45MM deal that includes $19MM guaranteed. Mike Glennon Bears (vertical)

The Bears paid a pretty penny to get their man and it’s not immediately clear who they were bidding against. The Jets reported interest in him, we learned, was apparently overstated, and the 49ers were not in the mix either. Regardless, talk of Glennon getting $14-$15MM per year has come to fruition. At the same time, the average annual salary puts him 23rd amongst quarterbacks, so it’s not that ludicrous of a paycheck if the Bears believe he can be their starter.

The length of the deal can also be advantageous for both sides. The Bears do not have to commit to Glennon beyond the 2019 season, and that’s probably the safe way to go considering that he has thrown just eleven passes in the last two seasons as Jameis Winston’s understudy. At the same time, Glennon will be able to hit the open market again before his age-30 season.

As a rookie in 2013, Glennon started 13 games, completing 59.4% of his passes for 2,608 yards, 19 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. All in all, he’s 5-13 as a starting quarterback, but one could hardly blame him for all of the Bucs’ problems in 2013 and 2014.

In addition to signing the former Bucs signal caller, Rapoport adds that the Bears still plan on drafting a quarterback in April. It’s not immediately clear whether that means taking a quarterback with their No. 3 overall pick. If that’s the case, top QB prospects like Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes could be in play. Other quarterbacks like DeShone Kizer, Brad Kaaya (who was once said to be a Chicago target), and Davis Webb could potentially be on the board beyond the first round.

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32 comments on “Bears, Mike Glennon Agree To $45MM Deal

    • mikeyst13

      Any separation from Cutler at this point was an upgrade. He had worn out his welcome and the split had to happen. The bigger question is he really any improvement over Matt Barkley or should they have given him another shot? There were no big free agents for them to target and no NFL ready QBs to take at #3 so this feels like a desperation move to me, but Glennon does have some good traits. Maybe he works out.

    • The Silverback

      Name a better option, Pace and company has to stay competitive until their guy is found. Bringing back Barkley or Hoyer is a step back. Neither guy can push the ball deep.

  1. Bizz

    Osweiler Part 2.

    how much is guaranteed is the real question.
    i would guess around $15 mil.. so it could essentially be a 1 year deal if he bombs like Brock.

  2. jkbuckets

    Bears got really unlucky. This was the year they need to get a franchise qb but of course this year has the weak qb class. Still don’t judge glennon until we actually see him play

  3. sufferfortribe

    Sooooooo………sit on the bench a few years and get paid big $$$?
    Dumb. This highlights what’s wrong with the NFL.

  4. The Silverback

    As I stated before, name a better option. Unfortunately that’s the going rate for a lower end starting quarterback in the NFL to think otherwise is unreasonable. For your information, that’s about what Hoyer or Barkley would have cost to retain them as your starter.

    • CobiEven

      For your information Brain Hoyer would cost $6 million per year. Stop trying to put lipstick on this pig you homer.

      • The Silverback

        Lipstick, I think not. Now you’re sounding like the person who pursue nothing but mediocre. If you read my original comment, you’d know that he’s being paid on the lower tier of starting quarterbacks. Hoyer is on the backend of his career and is nothing more than dink and dunk backup quarterback. Pace couldn’t afford to field more the same in the NFL North, come with a better option or shut up. Hint, it’s not Hoyer. He knew he wasn’t, that’s why he cleaned out his locker days ago.

        • forwhomjoshbelltolls

          “Now you’re sounding like the person who pursue nothing but mediocre.”

          Says the guy defending Mike Glennon getting $14 M a year.

          To be fair, it’s unclear whether Glennon is EVEN mediocre. He may well be substandard, at best.

          • justinept

            A better choice might be “settling” for mediocrity. We know Hoyer is mediocre. The bears are taking a one year chance that Glennon can be above average. If they’re right, great. If they’re wrong, they owe him $5 mil total over 2 years. That’s not going to affect their cap moving forward at all. This is a very low risk move despite the $45 mil figure.

        • Silverback … some people just cannot understand your clear logical points. I love when others always say his is bad bad but never say what should be done. You cant argue with people who know nothing.

          • forwhomjoshbelltolls

            They should hire Theo Epstein and cross their fingers he learns enough about football.

            What they have been and are doing is SO FAR from working, they have nothing to lose.

  5. James

    This is sad, the quarterbacks coming out of college have more potential then this guy. Why didn’t they invest in better intangibles like OL, TE, WR and CB just a start and draft a young QB . They are not making the playoff in that division.

    • Well James I guess you do not grasp the concept that this deal does not and will not stop the Bears from drafting a QB in the draft.

  6. justinept

    I don’t know what makes a great QB. But if it’s neck length, then the Bears got a steal here.

  7. Beardown

    Glennon deserves a chance before everyone bashes Pace. Pace knows QB talent and obviously wants this guy so trust him as a successful career talent evaluator and save your boohoo comments. This isn’t the old regime. Lastly, Cutler and Glennon comparisons are worthless. Cutlers finally gone. Hallelujah. If you ever stuck up for him just watch the TB game last year. He plays horribly and then just quits. See you later Bum!! Great QBs never give up!!! Ever!! Pace probably talked to Glennon after that game and told him to get ready!

  8. fannclub6

    Any reason why the Bears continue to be at the bottom? What a dumb decision. Wow.

  9. The money in this deal is really insignificant. Bears have 55 Mil available and won’t come close to using all of it. The deal is short term and they will still draft a QB in the draft and develop him during Glennon’s 1 or 2 years in Chicago.Regardless of what most posters here are saying, Glennon has more upside than Cutler and Hoyer. If Glennon is no better than who cares if your other options were retaining Cutler or Hoyer. Glennon gives the Bears, at worst, a stop-gap to their Drafted QB.
    And BTW, Glennon’s 2017 salary ranks him 27th for starting QBs. Not the end of the world.

  10. Priggs89

    Despite being for way too much money, I like this signing for 2 reasons:

    1) The Bears aren’t going to waste the #3 pick on a mediocre at best QB prospect like Trubisky or Kizer. This CANNOT be overlooked.

    2) I liked Glennon’s potential coming out of his draft. He was actually ok his rookie year, but unfortunately for him, he had to play under a QB killer (Lovie) his second year.

    I don’t expect much, but I’m interested in seeing how this plays out.

    • Bears plan on starting him and starters make that much. Actually 26 of the other 31 projected starters make MORE!!!

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