East Notes: Bills, Barkley, McCoy, Giants, Dolphins, Herbert

It’s been a crazy season for the Bills. While the defense has been promising, the offense has been an absolute train-wreck. They’ve cycled through quarterbacks, and will now get their fourth new starting signal caller of the season this Sunday. Recently signed Matt Barkley will get the start for Buffalo over Nathan Peterman, according to a release from the team (Twitter link).

There was some hope that rookie Josh Allen would be able to return this week, but the Bills ruled him out with his elbow injury. Derek Anderson has still been unable to clear the concussion protocol, so he won’t be able to play either. That left Barkley, who was only signed ten days ago, and Peterman as the only healthy options. It’s been reported before that coach Sean McDermott risked losing the locker room if he started Peterman again, so it makes sense why the team is turning to Barkley here. Barkley hasn’t appeared in a regular season game since 2016, when he started a few games with Chicago down the stretch. In those starts Barkley was up and down, looking awful at times and competent at others.

Here’s more from the league’s Eastern divisions:

  • Top brass from both the Giants and Dolphins are at the Oregon-Utah game today to scout quarterback Justin Herbert, according to Albert Breer of SI.com (Twitter link). Eli Manning and Ryan Tannehill both have uncertain futures with their respective teams, so it makes sense why they’d be taking a look. Herbert is widely considered the best quarterback prospect who’s draft eligible, but is reportedly considered unlikely to enter the draft after this year.
  • The Bills’ season might be circling the drain, but star running back LeSean McCoy insists he is happy in Buffalo, according to Mike Rodak of ESPN.com (Twitter link). McCoy said that while “a lot of teams” wanted to trade for him at this year’s deadline, he is in the Bills’ longterm plans and is happy where he is. McCoy is getting up there in age, but still has his same burst and trademarked cutting ability. He’s hardly responsible for the Bills’ offensive woes, as opposing defenses completely sellout to stop the run.
  • In case you missed it, former Jets draft bust Christian Hackenberg signed with the upstart football league the AAF yesterday.
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9 comments on “East Notes: Bills, Barkley, McCoy, Giants, Dolphins, Herbert

  1. petersdylan36

    It’s a shame that Mccarren isn’t on the team still. I would really like to see what he can do with multiple games under his belt

  2. joefriday14

    Matt Barkley is the greatest quarterback the Bills have ever had. Allowing him to start will turn the team into instant contenders. He can pass, punt, plan and pacify the fans. This is the best move since Harvey Johnson and Johnny Rauch tried to turn OJ Simpson into a pass receiver.

  3. Michael Chaney

    As a Browns fan I shouldn’t have room to talk about terrible quarterbacks, but Nathan Peterman is comically bad

    • tank62

      We’ve seen real garbage come through Chicago, Moses Moreno, Craig Krenzel, Henry burriss and the list goes on. But Peterman is the worst QB I’ve ever seen. He’s not even CFL quality

      • SuperSinker

        Really makes you wonder how useful Kaepernick might be to a team like, say, Buffalo.

      • cka2nd

        Gary Marangi’s 1976 season with the Bills – 0-7 as a starter, and he played in four other games – has been called the worst season of quarterbacking ever in the history of the NFL, and yet Peterman’s 2018 numbers are actually mostly worse.

        Compl. % – Marangi 35.3%, Peterman 54.3%
        TD % – Marangi 3.0%, Peterman 1.2%
        Int% – Marangi 6.9%, Peterman 8.6%
        YPA – Marangi 4.3, Peterman 3.7
        QBR – Marangi 30.8, Peterman 30.7

        The big difference is that Bills fans had been clamoring for Marangi to start in place of Joe Ferguson, and finally got their wish when the latter was injured. Peterman got some could press in the pre-season, but I don’t think anyone was clamoring for him to start.

  4. dust44

    I heard the giants r at the USC game scouting JT Daniels. Since he’s not draft eligible for 3 more years. They can stick with Eli till then… (sarcasm obviously). Basically saying I don’t c the giants taking a QB early this draft again. They aren’t a well run franchise at this point and don’t c much self awareness. Giving Beckham that contract and him speaking out against the franchise constantly proves how clueless they are. They should of took Darnold last year. Now ur going to watch him show up at the same stadium and light on up the next 8-10 years…

  5. Braves&phins

    I believe the knock on Herbert is his accuracy. Minshew (Wash St) is the best QB in the P12.

    There is only one franchise QB in this yrs draft IMO…. that being Ryan Finley (NC State). I’m in the dark about the kid from Duke and totally mixed on Grier

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