Jaguars Mulling Joe Flacco Trade

The Jaguars no longer view Blake Bortles as a viable option, and they are exploring the idea of adding another recently demoted passer.

Jaguars brass has discussed the prospect of bringing in Joe Flacco via trade, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports. Flacco is open to this potential opportunity, per JLC.

They are also discussing Nick Foles and Ryan Tannehill, La Canfora notes. Foles is not certain to be available, though the current Eagles starter is expected to be. The Eagles are expected to attempt a trade, and the Dolphins are going to explore a Tannehill trade. Both could also hit free agency.

John Harbaugh has now openly broached the subject of a Flacco trade, saying the Ravens’ longtime starter will have a market. But rival GMs do not expect a team to part with anything more than a mid-round pick for the 33-year-old quarterback, La Canfora adds, though pointing out Tom Coughlin and new Ravens GM Eric DeCosta have a strong relationship that could accelerate a deal.

Flacco’s contract runs through 2021. He is due $18.5MM in base salary next season and is set to carry a $26.5MM cap number, though renegotiation could adjust the latter figure. The Jags are likely going to have to eat a $16.5MM dead-money hit on Bortles. The team is projected to be over the cap, so a Flacco trade would need to be accompanied by roster adjustments elsewhere.

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27 comments on “Jaguars Mulling Joe Flacco Trade

    • TheTruth12

      Wait?????? WHAT? No really you said he retires by 35, he’s 33 and his current contract is for 3 more seasons so no need at all for an extension. Not to mention Harbaugh basically said there’s no chance Flacco comes back. Your whole take lacks any intelligence

  1. RockHard

    Jacksonville is going to turn into a trash roster quickly.. it’s a shame because they were exciting to watch last year..

    • mrpadre19

      They will lose a couple,quality players on the DL but they have a lot of depth there already.
      That Defense will be at minimum a top 10 Defense next year even after any losses.
      Plus the off season will be mostly devoted to improving the Offense.
      If you look at the quality of players who will be back next year simply from returning from the DL you wouldn’t say something so far off base.

    • dorfmac

      But I’ll have a lot more fun at Ravens games knowing that Joe is playing like trash somewhere else.

    • yoyo137

      Lol did you go to a game this year?? Blake Bortles and Cody Kessler are such better QBs than Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco

  2. KevDrew

    Ugh not flacco. Invest in a freaking real quality o line, tight end and wr please!

    • E munchy

      Sounds familiar. Ravens fans have wanted the same thing you said for years. Crazy how some issues just never seem to get addressed. Ravens can’t draft a decent WR to save their life.

  3. tsolid

    Hope he’s better at avoiding the rush next year. He’s dangerous when he has time to throw. If he has to move his feet, the. Not so much

    • slpdajab55

      Flacco still has some juice with the right team .. I would almost take him over Dalton in Cincy

  4. Phattey

    I blame the lack of WR talent rather than bortles being bad .. he’s basically in the same situation dak was before the cooper trade

    • crosseyedlemon

      Nice theory but your ignoring the fact that the WRs aren’t responsible for the high turnover totals. Bortles managed that on his own.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Presumably Eli will be reunited with Tom Coughlin? Giants wouldn’t be able to afford both those contracts.

  5. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!! Can’t be made since it’s not the start of the new league year.

    • yoyo137

      No way Flacco retires. Even if nobody trades for him and the Ravens cut him, there is going to be a team that needs a QB and is willing to pay him good money. Jay Cutler got $10 million last year on a 1 year deal. Plus that’s not how Flacco would want his career to end. Being benched for a rookie and then retiring isn’t exactly the best look for his legacy.

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