Eagles Will Pick Up Nick Foles’ Option

The rumors surrounding the Eagles-Nick Foles situation appear accurate. The Eagles informed the Super Bowl LII MVP they are going to pick up his $20MM option, Tim McManus of ESPN.com tweets.

Rather than hitting free agency, Foles remains under Eagles control. However, this is likely the start of an extensive process.

Foles is expected to pay $2MM to free himself from this option and become a free agent, but the Eagles in turn are then rumored to be planning a rare tag-and-trade strategy. Philadelphia’s target is somewhat modest: a third-round pick. But that draft choice would likely come in the 2019 third round, rather than the 2020 draft in a compensatory scenario. Foles, 30, is expected to sign the franchise tender immediately. It would be worth approximately $23MM.

This is a complicated scenario for a player who almost certainly will not be part of the 2019 Eagles, but the franchise is likely going to take the chance another team will part with draft compensation to acquire Foles.

The Jaguars make sense, possessing a veteran-fueled defense held down by Blake Bortles. Former Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo is now the Jaguars’ OC. The Jags will have to perform considerable cap gymnastics to make this work, though. A new Foles contract will be expected to be authorized by whichever team trades for him.

To some degree, the Redskins fit the profile of a Foles buyer — although, they might be aiming lower in a veteran pursuit — and Pat Shurmur coached Foles in Philadelphia. Neither of these teams will be sought as a trade partner, however, with the Eagles not eager to trade another quarterback within the NFC East like they did when they shipped Donovan McNabb to Washington in 2010.

The Dolphins are also moving on from their longtime quarterback, but they are not likely to be big spenders in free agency and are eyeing a rebuild centered around a 2020 first-round passer. Denver is in need of a long-term answer, too, after receiving below-average 2018 work from Case Keenum. But the Broncos targeting a first-round quarterback adds up better than replacing Keenum with Foles. Despite Derek Carr‘s presence, the Raiders might be a long-shot possibility, Eliot Shorr-Parks of 94 WIP writes, adding Mike Mayock is a “big believer” in Foles.

They of the NFL’s worst cap situation ($13MM over the projected salary ceiling), the Eagles will need to know they have a bidder willing to part with appropriate compensation before tagging Foles. The early consensus is the Jaguars will be that team.

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19 comments on “Eagles Will Pick Up Nick Foles’ Option

    • Then they can’t trade him, and he can’t sign with any other team. Basically it’d hamstring both player (he wouldn’t be able to play anywhere) and team (they’d have to account for the $23M cap hit).

    • kahnkobra

      then he won’t play and become a free agent in 2020 ala Laveon Bell and leave alot of money on the table

      • GabeOfThrones

        30 year old healthy QBs a year removed from winning a super bowl MVP don’t take the year off. Since $20mil is better than $23mil for the Eagles cap, and whichever team is acquiring him, it makes more sense to trade him before he opts out of the contract. Foles would leave $1mil on the table, but then obviously immediately sign a new deal, probably slightly below the Cousins range, with whichever team acquires him (Jaguars)

  1. troll_smasher


    The dog poop in his mailbox cost him a few squirts of Glade. The razor scars on his back door didn’t affect the security of his home, and he feels bad that his neighbor’s windshield got smashed.
    The death threats on social media? They made him more angry than scared.

    Still, Joe Santoliquito had to call the cops. Twice.
    Today, though, the sun shone bright in Santoliquito’s world for the first time since he published a piece for PhillyVoice on Jan. 21 that used anonymous sources to paint Carson Wentz as a selfish bully who played favorites this season. Why?

    Because Wentz admitted in an interview published Monday morning that the sources weren’t wrong: “I’m not going to sit here and say it was inaccurate and completely made up. … I can be selfish. … Maybe wasn’t the greatest teammate at times.”
    Wentz stopped short of agreeing that his shortcomings short-circuited the offense, and he downplayed the depiction of conflict between him and his teammates and coaches. Nevertheless, the tenor of the interview was that Wentz realized that, as the face of the franchise and the most important player, he at least needs to be more inclusive.
    Santoliquito is relieved.
    “I feel like my credibility is back. I feel validated,” Santoliquito said Monday morning.

  2. CoachSantoni

    This deal is already been discussed Foles and a 5th rd pick to Jacksonville for Fournette and a 3rd round pick. He’ll sign s 4 year 60m 30 guaranteed. A win win win for all three parties.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Thats awful for Jacksonville. Foles outside Philly is a major gamble. Fournette is a great running back, dont let Tom Coughlin being salty fool you

    • ziggy13

      Nope. Philly’s not paying one a top RB salary for an overrated injury prone headache. Foles for a 3 straight up would be enough, doesn’t have to be complicated

      • Polish Hammer

        Foles nets a 3 straight up, so any deal would have to be better than that.

  3. jyosuckas

    I’ve been wondering this since I don’t quite understand, but Foles HAS to pay $2 million out of his own pocket to get out from the contract?

  4. bush1

    I know it’s a business and all, but it’s doubtful they’re getting anything higher than a 4th round pick. Kinda shady to treat the guy who led your team to its first Super Bowl In forever. Doesn’t seem worth it for the business upside. Let him walk on good terms.

    • washington_bonercats

      I’d don’t think a 3rd is out of the question at all. I could even see Gruden throwing one of his seconds to ensure he gets him if they feel desperate enough

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