Seahawks, Russell Wilson Agree To Extension

The Seahawks and Russell Wilson beat the buzzer. Just before the clock struck midnight on the quarterback’s extension deadline, the two sides agreed to a historic four-year, $140MM extension, as’s Adam Schefter tweets. The deal, which includes a $65MM signing bonus, makes Wilson’s the NFL’s highest-paid player of all time. Wilson’s deal also includes a no-trade clause.

Wilson personally confirmed the extension in a Twitter video early Tuesday morning. The Seahawks have since announced the signing.

Hey Seattle, we got a deal,” Wilson said while getting ready to go to sleep. “Go Hawks. But I’ma see y’all in the morning. Time for y’all to go to bed.”

The new pact, which gives him a record-breaking $35MM average annual salary, ties Wilson to Seattle through the 2023 season. His signing bonus of $65MM is also the largest in NFL history, shattering the previous high set by Aaron Rodgers‘ $57.5MM SB.

Wilson’s contract gives him an effective guarantee of $70MM with the first three years guaranteed for injury, according to Jason La Canfora of (on Twitter). The deal also gives Wilson a favorable cash flow with $88MM over the first two years of the deal and $107MM over the first three years. All of that is guaranteed for injury, per Albert Breer of (on Twitter). Wilson has never missed a start in seven Seahawks seasons.

We’re all really pleased that we were able to take the next step to stay together and keep this moving,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. “Russ has been a huge factor in everything that has happened, and this allows us to stay on track with continuing to push to find that consistency.

… Obviously this is a grand negotiation, and they had to figure it out. They had to figure it out, it has all been a part of the plan — they’ve known it was coming for years. The fact that they were able to make it happen and connect with Russ on his plan to really commit his future to the organization and to the fans and all — he has done that—that all had to be orchestrated, and John (Schneider) and (VP of football administration) Matt (Thomas) did an extraordinary job.”

Wilson is now under contract through his age-35 season. Before the deal, the Seahawks could have conceivably kept Wilson under club control through 2021 through the final year of his deal and a pair of franchise tags, but that would have been a costly (and chasm-causing) proposition.

Last year, Wilson set a new career high with 35 touchdown passes and matched his career low of seven touchdowns. He’ll turn 31 in November, but Wilson has shown no signs of slowing down.

With a new deal in place for their franchise QB, the Seahawks can turn their attention to other matters, including new deals for middle linebacker Bobby Wagner and pass rusher Frank Clark. However, the size of Wilson’s deal could be a barrier to costly long-term pacts for both defenders and a Clark trade remains possible.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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59 comments on “Seahawks, Russell Wilson Agree To Extension

  1. Dan Bacon

    Lots of $$ yes but Wilson seems to be a high character guy along with solid football performances. I’d say it’s worth it to pay him if Seattle is your team.

    • compassrose

      I am surprised that this happened I was sure the rumors were true. I will admit I was wrong. Like they said in the article the no trade clause was surprising. To all you that say he isn’t worth it players are paid what the job demands just like your job. This contract in a year or so will not be the near the top and at the end will probably put him in they middle of the pack. Because you know the next QB to sign will want more. It will be interesting to see were Went falls in the pay rankings. He is a really good QB but before I pay him a ton of money I would like to see him play a whole year and win something. Doesn’t have to be the SB but a playoff game or two. Anyway for good or bad Seattle has it’s QB for awhile now they need to sign Wagner and Clark. You heard it here first well maybe not but John trades away the first round pick for more picks. He will be bored with only four picks. Then the big shocker they trade Wilson to the Giants in a deal that has already been made. That part is s joke. Trading away the 1st round pick is not. They will fill the roster with those picks because too many more FAs are too expensive.

    • Matthew Heywood

      Ok as a fan of the bears that has never had a good qb in the modern era to not pay for an established good qb is dumb in my opinion

      • bowserhound

        Using 20% of the cap on an above average QB is indeed an overpay. Good for him I guess.

        • TrollHunter

          I don’t get the Russell Wilson disrespect around here! He’s a top 5 QB hands down.

          Mahomes, Brady, and Brees are the only ones clearly ahead of him. Maybe Rodgers, but he’s slid back a bit IMO.

          The only other guys in that conversation are Luck and maybe Cam, but I put both behind Wilson.

          • troll_smasher

            As much as I dislike Rothlisberger, he throw for 5000 yards and 30+ TD’s, so he’s definitely still top 5 talent. Rodgers team performance maybe slid back, but his talent hasn’t gone anywhere.

            • Big Ben does this while throwing 200 more passes than Wilson. Russ is efficient with his opportunities. give him 200 more pass attempts last year and he equals Mahomes production last year

      • bigjonliljon

        As a Bears fan myself…. I’m glad the Bears haven’t spent 20% of there salary cap on an aging 30+ year old QB.

        • jjabrony

          No, instead your team is paying $140 mil for a guy that gets about 5 tackles and maybe 1 sack a game.

          If you’re going to overpay a position, let it at least be a QB.

          • bencole

            Eh… he’s the best defensive player in the league. I think either makes sense because even if it doesn’t add up economically, you can’t have that player unless you overpay.

          • DarkSide830

            theyre paying easily one of the three best defensive players in the game that money, as apposed to a QB who probably isnt even top-5.

          • Mikel Grady

            Exactly not like anyone has ever said defense wins ball games. Oh wait….

        • troll_smasher

          Yea… that’s a crazy statement. I guess musicians, actors & CEO’s don’t deserve that much money.

      • landis

        so, if someone offered you millions to do your same job, would you turn it down and say, “I don’t deserve this.” probably not. people don’t get paid what they’re worth, you get paid what you negotiate.

  2. steelerbravenation

    Now they won’t have enough money to fill the roster with good enough players to win

  3. Dreyes

    Come on he’s not the best Quarterback To get overpaid , Nick Foles is better than him and look how much he got from the Jaguars

      • 24TheKid

        They already extended Brown, resigned Fluker, signed Iupati, already extended Britt. Also, the Seahawks have had the worst offensive like in football during the Wilson era, and still made the playoffs all but one year.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The jersey relevancy comment was funny. I suggest Tom Savage jerseys if you want a complete wardrobe though.

    • davidkaner

      Jets & Giants both suck ass will continue to suck ass. People always say NY for leverage because every NY team in all sports have endless amounts of cash! Oh yeah, Buffalo who is really the only team that plays in NY is so bad they don’t even become part of the conversation when people talk about New York!

  4. davidkaner

    Well we in Detroit thought we just overpaid for STAFFORD last year when they made him highest paid QB now he’s nowhere near the top! Good QB’s are hard to find so when you have one, you pony up!

    • troll_smasher

      Dude, Detroit sucks also. Just in case you forgot to mention that while you’re saying other teams suck.

        • troll_smasher

          Look at the post from the same guy right up above this one. I’ll copy & paste if you still don’t believe it.

    • PK11

      “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”

  5. Rigs

    Thank god!!! Seattle can have him. Im just happy the Raiders dont have to pay this loser.

    Bet me how many SB’s they win during this contract, I’m all over ZERO!!! lolol

    • TrollHunter

      Yea ok! Even if it is ZERO, it’s still more than the Raiders might win. They suck sooooo bad, they might have to give back titles!

        • TrollHunter

          Wow if only your reading comprehension was as good as your math!

          I said the Raiders might have to give back titles.

          O is definitely greater than an negative number!

          Also it’s a joke!

    • InvalidUserID

      What does a Raiders fan have against the Seahawks? Should be kindred sports spirits since the mutual hatred of the Niners and the many Hawks/Raiders ties recently.

    • PK11

      I was wondering the same thing if they meant interceptions. They could have meant, career low 7 rushing touchdowns. I don’t care enough to go check his stats from last year.

  6. 12mancantpass3

    Well the 12th man should be happy Wilson is staying to help the 12 the man count pass 3 for those you don’t know how the 12th man got their names they would count 1 2 and say man what comes after 2 so that’s how they became the 12th man. That is why Wilson wears no 3 to help them count up to 3

  7. mitchrapp

    Lots of money but stuck in overtaxed Washington in really overtaxed Seattle

  8. Tankittothelimit

    If I was a seahawks fan I’d be ok with this. Have to overpay to get/keep the best players, what choice did they really have?
    Still, screw the seahawks ~

    • 24TheKid

      I don’t understand the hate for the Seahawks any more. I understood it when they had Bennett and Sherman, but they got rid of them. So shouldn’t that make you guys that hate them actually like the Hawks now? I

      • Tankittothelimit

        I don’t ever lose the underlying dislike for my team’s foes, even if it lessens at times. But who doesn’t hate the seahawks?
        BTW ~ = sarcasm

      • dalton2green22

        They are still arrogant and are given at least a win a year in Seattle with a home town discount

  9. dalton2green22

    I used to respect him until he began to try and talk black. It’s like he won’t fit in unless he says “homie” and “ya know what I’m sayin” 90 times in a sentence lol. He is good but that sissy slide……someday he is gonna get hurt. Cheating Pete makes me not like his arrogant team the most

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