PFR Originals: 5/19/19-5/26/19

The original content and analysis produced by the PFR staff during the past week:

  • As part of our ‘this date in transactions history’ series, Ben Levine took a look at the Dolphins’ decision to sign cornerback Will Allen to a two-year, $16.2MM extension in 2009. His promising career was quickly derailed due to an arrest and an ACL tear, and he ended up not playing a single game under the terms of his new extension.
  • After his recent release, the biggest name left on the free agent market is Gerald McCoy. In a quiet period for the league, all eyes are on McCoy and where he will sign. Micah Powell ran through some of the options and asked readers in a poll where they think McCoy will end up signing. As of right now the Browns are in first place, with 22.49 percent of the vote.
  • Speaking of polls, Ben also examined the known candidates for the Jets’ GM job, the other big developing story in the NFL right now. The Jets have been taking their time with Adam Gase currently installed as the interim GM, and Eagles executive Joe Douglas won the vote with 36.4 percent.
  • Also as part of our ‘this date in transactions history’ series, Zach Links looked back on the Broncos’ signing of Jerry Rice. Rice’s career is so legendary, that people often forget he briefly spent some time in Denver. He signed with them back in 2005, but ended up retiring before the season started after realizing he wouldn’t have a huge role with the team.
  • Zach also wrote about the Cowboys’ signing of Randy Gregory to his first contract, and reflected on his tumultuous career. Gregory was viewed as a top-ten talent, but fell to the second round due to off-field concerns. Those concerns turned out to be valid, as Gregory has been suspended several times. He most recently was banned indefinitely after this past season, although the Cowboys are sticking by him.
  • Another big story around the league right now is the standoff between Chris Harris and the Broncos. The star cornerback is demanding a new contract and staying away from the team, and there’s been a lot of buzz about a potential trade. Sam Robinson asked readers how the situation will play out in a poll, and despite all the trade talk readers seem to think an extension will be reached at some point.
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