Poll: Which Top 10 Pick Has The Highest Bust Potential?

The NFL Draft is just barely in the rear view mirror, which means that teams are full of hope for their young rookies. But, of course, the NFL Draft is largely a crapshoot, and not every player will realize their full potential. 

This year’s draft had talent, but lacked a true consensus on the top player. Many evaluators pegged defensive end Nick Bosa as the player with the highest ceiling in the 2019 class, but other saw Alabama’s Quinnen Williams as the “safest bet.” The 49ers pounced on Bosa with the No. 2 pick while the Jets (and former GM Mike Maccagnan) were delighted to land Williams at No. 3 overall.

Leading up to the draft, much of the attention was on Oklahoma quarterback (and one-time MLB hopeful) Kyler Murray. When Murray announced that he would ditch the Oakland A’s, his stock exploded – Murray was considered a borderline first-round prospect in the winter, but wound up as the Cardinals’ choice at No. 1 overall. Murray has the speed that teams crave at the QB position, but questions persist about his size and overall lack of experience as a full-time starter.

The Cardinals’ long flirtation with Murray brought us the expected result, but the Raiders gave us the real first shock of the draft when they tapped Clemson defensive end Clelin Ferrell at No. 4 overall. Not to be outdone, the Giants snagged Duke’s Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall. Heading into the draft, neither player was thought to be anywhere near Top 10 consideration, but Mike Mayock and Dave Gettleman were unwilling to trade down and risk losing out on their guys.

The domino effect created by those picks allowed the Bucs to grab inside linebacker Devin White (No. 5 overall), the Jaguars to land outside linebacker Josh Allen (No. 6), the Lions to snag top tight end T.J. Hockenson, the Bills to draft defensive tackle Ed Oliver (No. 9 overall), and the Steelers to finish out the Top 10 with linebacker Devin Bush. Most of those picks were warmly received, but nothing is certain in the draft.

Which Top 10 pick do you think has the highest bust potential? Click below to cast your vote (link for app users) and back up your choice in the comment section.

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18 comments on “Poll: Which Top 10 Pick Has The Highest Bust Potential?

    • eaterofbirds

      Yep, all day Murray. he did everything he could to hide his “shortcomings”, and while he is good, scrambling qbs in his style, much bigger, just don’t last. I’m in the corner that believes his 5’10” stature is inflated…5 7 is more like it. I’ve seen the photos standing next to players that are 5 10, I’ve heard the hanging from a chin up bar “Greg Brady style”, to elongate pre and during the combine. and why go through all that?—- because he was going into a chance of a lifetime, multi million dollar career opportunity and a few shady people protected him to line their own pockets. If it works out for him, so be it. I say we will know right out of the gate how well he is received in the big boy leagues.

  1. JoeBrady

    I went with Murray over Jones because, even if both are busts, the Murray investment is a lot higher. And, if he busts, and Rosen plays well, my Raiders can suck, and it will still be an entertaining season.

    Ferrell can disappoint, but I think is floor is pretty good.

  2. wellyou'rewrong

    Lol at anything other than Jones. Cornballs coming out of the woods with their tin foils now.

  3. Matthew Heywood

    Jones has the higher chance but any qb including Murray has a good chance to be a bust just because most QBs fail in the nfl

  4. crosseyedlemon

    A bust is someone who fails badly while having solid support from teammates and good coaching to assist him. Murray is going into a situation where he will have neither of those so he shouldn’t even be on the list.

  5. paly2124

    Devin bush isn’t very good. He’s fast and doesn’t make plays. He runs away from contact, which isn’t good for a Mlb. He plays more like a free safety then a Mlb.

  6. Begamin

    I said Murray since he is paired up a crappy o-line and is also depending on a first year coach who wasnt even that successful in college. Murray has the tools to be great but he needs to be put into the correct environment to realize his potential and I have my doubts that Arizona wont stunt his development.

  7. dfr3y

    the last “safest pick” that I remember on defense was Aaron Curry. I dont think Williams will be a bust, but the draft can be a total crapshoot sometimes.

  8. tallyosfan

    1st round qbs with his metrics have an extremely high success rate historically

    • Matthew Heywood

      It more depends on the team, coach and front office around him that will factor in if he is a bust or not. It isn’t a coincidence that bad franchises seem to have more busts

  9. jnlaughlin

    Ha ha clearly Jones and Murray… Murray would have been an easy pick if the Giants hadn’t shocked everyone picking Jones!

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